Ellen Degeneres Extra Interview: On Hollywood Week and Tension with Simon Cowell

Ellen Degeneres shares her thoughts on joining the Idol judges panel and Hollywood Week with Extra

English Conversation About A Celebr...
English Conversation About A Celebrity

Like her interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning, she hints at tension with fellow judge Simon Cowell. She also says that she’d be happy with a 3 judge panel once Simon leaves, but that a decision on a 4th judge will depend a lot on the chemistry of the remaining judges.

Ellen has a few candidates in mind, but is going to keep those thoughts to herself.

Watch the interview, after the jump…

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  1. I love Ellen so I really hope that she’ll be awesome but I’m scared she’s gonna become Kara 2.0

    Ellen has a few candidates in mind, but is going to keep those thoughts to herself.

    Shaina twain, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kristen chenoweth better be among them.

  2. Ellen is sweet. I bet this is hard for her because she is such a “feeling” person.

  3. She did fine last night though, being honest. She tells people they’re bad without calling them honey or sweetie like Kara does (which bugs me). I think she’s very honest and she will tell them the truth, without being mean but without being a kissy face either. No way do I think she’ll be like Kara.

    Kara seems over-eager to have people like her, she bends over too far backwards and feels too sorry for the contestants. I think Ellen has more backbone, even though she’s a kind person.

    As for rumors that Ellen is rude to work with, it may or may not be true, but she’s running a business (her show) and isn’t going to be “nice” all the time. Some people don’t like working under a woman. She has a lot of pressures on her and probably isn’t sweetness and light all the time, which doesn’t bother me if “sometimes rude” is the worst that anyone says about her.

    Last night, first night of Hollywood rounds, Ellen seemed perturbed towards the end of the show, I wonder if that had anything to do with Simon.

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