DWTS COVID Crisis: Cody Rigsby Tests Positive, What’s Next?

Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby. (ABC/Maarten de Boer)

After his pro-partner Cheryl Burke tested positive for COVID-19 last Sunday, now Dancing with the Stars contestant Cody Rigsby has tested possible as well.

“I have some news I don’t want to be sharing, but here it is,” Cody reveals in an Instagram video. “I have tested positive for COVID again, the second time this year.”

Cody is experiencing mild symptoms, credits the vaccine

The star Peloton instructor continued, “I have really mild symptoms, congestion, a little bit of a headache, cough.” However Cody says that “in comparison to when I had COVID earlier this year, it is like night and day.” He credits the vaccine for mild symptoms this time around. “The antibodies are working, so we are super-grateful for that.”

As far as his fate on Dancing with the Stars is concerned? “We are still trying to figure that out right now, so please be patient with that answer.”

If Cody spent the week rehearsing with a sub, now SHE will need to get tested and may be positive. Originally, Cody assumed he would dance with a sub for the live broadcast. But the show’s health advisors were basically, “UHM NO YOU HAVE TO QUARANTINE TOO.” Because even if he didn’t test positive immediately, he still could be carrying the virus. Which, now we know he was. 

Cody then jokes about how he made sure to shower and do his hair, despite feeling under the weather. “Ain’t no way you’re plastering this video all over the internet and I’m going to look a busted mess!” He also offers that he still has his taste buds. One symptom of COVID is losing the senses of taste and smell.

Alongside the video, Cody posted, “To properly rest and recover as well as avoid exposing others, I will be taking a break in the coming days.”

What happens next?

The original plan was for Cody to rehearse with a sub, while Cheryl coached them via Zoom. If Cheryl tested negative 3 times in a row for COVID by Monday, the two would dance together. But if not, Cody would dance live with the sub.

But, if Cody can’t step on the dance floor, and had to stop rehearsing for Monday’s performance, it seems that him dropping out of the competition altogether is a strong possibility. Would there even be usable rehearsal footage at this point? Would two weeks of using rehearsal footage be fair to Cody’s fellow competitors?

UPDATE: Cody and Cheryl WILL DANCE Monday

Unbelievable news. Cody and Cheryl will STILL dance next week, but from completely SEPARATE ROOMS FROM HOME! GMA reports that they will each be alone from separate homes “regularly monitored to ensure they can dance safely.” 

Dancing separately from home is not ballroom dancing, though. It seems the thing to do at this point is to eliminate them both. Allow them to come back next year. But ABC is probably thinking the drama is good for ratings. 

With Cody and Cheryl BOTH testing positive for COVID, who else did they infect? A COVID domino effect could mean disaster for the landmark season 30 of Dancing with the Stars.


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