DWTS 27 Week 7 Recap – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Hey Dancing Fans,

Welcome to week seven of season twenty-seven of Dancing with the Stars. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews returned as hosts, while Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli returned as judges. Check out all the song and dance style spoilers HERE.

Tonight is country night and the couples will dance two dances because it’s also a team dance night. They are dancing a style not yet danced by them.

Tom just confirmed that there will be a double elimination tonight.

There will be many live performances by country superstars while the couples are dancing.

The pros are opening up the night with a country hit.

First up tonight is John and Emma with a jazz. I think this might be John’s final week on here. That was just mediocre.

Len: That’s the way to open a show. Full of energy. I’m full of admiration. Bruno: Country brought the best out of you. Custom made to make you shine. Timing was better. CAI: All you do is do your best. You were good tonight. I don’t know what they were watching.

Scores: CAI: 8  Len: 9    Bruno: 8   Total: 25 out of 30

1-800-868-3407 is the number to call to vote for them.


Next up are Evanna and Keo dancing to a rumba.  First, I love her outfit. Second, EVANNA CAME TO STAY! She is rocking it.

Bruno: What a transformation. You have shape-shifted into an irresistible woman. That was a pure rumba. It was perfectly in tune with music and lyrics. CAI: What you’re doing is so good. You are making a true transformation. You have embodied a true dancer. Len: There was lovely articulation through the feet. Your hands were gorgeous. Erin said for two people who didn’t know anything about country music, that was amazing!

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10    Total: 30 out of 30!

Keo just kissed Len for his 10. First perfect score for Keo I am pretty sure. I am so proud of both of them

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Dancing a Charlestown next is Juan Pablo and Cheryl – That was cute, not his best, but still not bad. He always rocks it

CAI: Is there anything you can’t do? You hit everything so perfectly. Len: Great mix of Charlestown and country. Bruno: Always deliver. The timing was insane. Looked effortlessly.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10    Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30 

The second perfect score in a row for them!

1-800-868-3408 is their number


Next are Joe and Jenna dancing a tango. If Joe doesn’t go this week, then I call rigged. I can’t watch that anymore.

Len: a little bit unstable. Footwork was poor. Bruno: if Mad Max had to tango into an explosion through a forest, it would look like that. CAI: I appreciate the way you don’t give up.

Scores: CAI: 7  Len: 7   Bruno: 7   Total: 21 out of 30

If you vote for them, call 1-800-868-3406


A Foxtrot is next for Milo and Witney. LOVE Witney‘s dress. Milo always shines on the dance floor but I don’t think the foxtrot was one of his best. He looked a little stiff.

Bruno: No messing around. Dance a proper, classy foxtrot. You surprised me every week. CAI: All I can think when I watch you is “You’re the one to beat.” Len: You dance with a maturity that expands your years. I admire your dedication. Would have liked slightly stronger leg action. You are so talented. Well done.

I am not agreeing much with the judges tonight.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 9    Bruno: 10  Total: 29 out of 30 

1-800-868-3410 is their number to have them stay in the competition.


DeMarcus and Lindsay are dancing the Viennese waltz next! That was as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey. DeMarcus‘ turns were a little stiff but it was great.

CAI: You dance with full expression. You use the space. It was so dynamic and poetic. Stunning. Len: You dance with a sort of gentleness. It had great lines and shape. Lindsay, you need to give it a bit more content. Bruno: That southern charm is irresistible, and so is your dancing. You did exactly what she wanted. You took care of her so well. You dance like a true gentleman.

Scores: CAI:  Len: 9    Bruno: 9   Total: 27 out of 30 

Call 1-800-868-3404 to see them in the semifinals


Alexis and Alan are dancing a samba – THEY KISSED IN THE PACKAGE! I’M DEAD. That seemed like such a long dance. It was cute. Alexis is really improving each week.

Len: There was so much samba in there. That was the best routine of the night. It was fantastic. Bruno: You teo are a match made in samba heaven. You guys went in and out of the steps in synchronization. CAI: You are the sweetest sambaing couple in the world. Alexis, you were just ahead of the beat. Let your body weight go into the floor. Still a great number.

Scores: CAI: Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 29 out of 30

1-800-868-3401 is the number to keep them in the competition


Dancing last tonight is Bobby and Sharna with the Viennese Waltz. Bobby looks like a little kid dancing in his basement. He is probably going tonight. Very stiff and clumsy.

Bruno: Top notch for effort. You had the correct footwork and delivered a proper VW. CAI: I appreciate the way you were trying to maintain body contact but you were a bit tense. Len: When you’re scared, you lift your shoulders a bit. What a great time to do your best dance in the semi-finals.

Bobby announced he will be the full-time mentor for American Idol next season.

Scores: CAI: 8   Len: 8   Bruno: 8  Total: 24 out of 30 

Bobby kissed Len for that 8. Len is getting kissed a lot tonight haha, more than Alan ;).

Call 1-800-868-3402 is the number to call to keep them safe


The team dances are next. These scores will be added to their first scores from tonight. Then the double elimination happens. This season, the team captains are the ones who scored the lowest last week instead of the highest, which were Joe and Jenna and Bobby and Sharna.

So far, Evanna and Keo and Juan Pablo and Cheryl are in the lead with 30 points and Joe and Jenna are at the bottom with 21 points. That can all change after the team dances.

Team HayNow is Bobby and Sharna, John and Emma, Evanna and Keo, and Witney and Milo dancing a country freestyle. 

That was mediocre. Evanna being the only non-pro girl really stood out. She did great. The men were ok.

Len: You went from Hollywood to Dollywood. Loved the song and performance. Bruno: TRIUMPH! You were all in sync. The ensemble and the individuals were amazing. CAI: Bobby you didn’t miss a step. You all nailed it.

Scores: CAI: 10: Len: 9   Bruno: 10   Total: 29 out of 30 


To end the night, Team JoeDown take the stage next. Joe and Jenna, Alexis and Alan, Lindsay and DeMarcus, and Juan Pablo and Cheryl make up this team.

That one was more interesting and had more variety of styles in it. Joe just stood in the background again.

Bruno: I need to hose down my self after that. Alexis, you looked like one of the professional girls. The number was smoking. CAI: You were on fire. There was so much going on so it was hard to see what was going on but Joe had a few mistakes. It was a harder number than the first. Len: I had a ball tonight. I enjoyed both of the teams.

Scores: CAI: 9    Len: 8    Bruno: 9 Total: 26 out of 30


At the top is Evanna and Keo with 59 points and the bottom is Joe and Jenna with 47 points.

In jeopardy is John and EmmaDeMarcus and Lindsay, and Evanna and Keo.

Evanna and Keo are SAFE!

That means DeMarcus and Lindsay and John and Emma are eliminated. I am shocked and upset and am writing a letter to ABC about how rigged this is.

Next week is the semi-finals with six remaining couples. Make sure to vote for your favorite(s) by going to abc.com/dwts and by phone. You get 8 votes through each method.

Get voting if you want your favorites to stay in the competition.

See you back here on Monday. Remember this week is only one show.

The finale will be on Monday, November 19. No Tuesday show either that week.

Have a good week.

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