DWTS 27 Week 4 Recap – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Hey Dancing Fans,

Welcome to week four of season twenty-seven of Dancing with the Stars. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews returned as hosts, while Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli returned as judges. Check out all the song and dance style spoilers HERE.

This week is trios week! It is done a little bit different than normal. Usually, a pro joins the pair or a former contestant of that pro. This season it is either past contestants (not all with the same former pro) or other celebrities. It is sure to be an interesting night.

The troupe is opening up the show with “Faith.”


Up first are Juan Pablo and Cheryl dancing with DWTS alum Melissa RycroftCha-cha – It’s so great to see Melissa back in the ballroom! She was paired with Tony Dovolani on season 8 (3rd place) and the all-star season and won.  Hot, hot, hot as always! This is an amazing trio. They looked like three pros

Len: Three was terrific. Lovely mix of steps between three of you. Bruno: Dead sexy. Wrong foot one time. Fantastic routine. CAI: Sexy. Holding back a hair. A little controlled. Held the center.

Scores: CAI: 8    Len:   Bruno: 8    Total: 24 out of 30

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Next up are Tinashe and Brandon with Amy PurdyTango – Amy was partnered with Derek Hough on season 18. She placed 2nd. Tango is very hard with three people. That wasn’t the most exciting tango I’ve seen.

Bruno: Created wonderful images and going back into a tango was superb. CAI: Innovative choreography. Tinashe was the star in the number. Sexy for all the right reasons. Len: Handled it well. Lost neck in hold sometimes. Well done

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Scores: CAI:     Len:   8   Bruno:  9   Total:  26 out of 30


Dancing third is John and Emma with *NSYNC member and DWTS alum Joey Fatone!- Argentine Tango – Joey is great. So funny and talented. He was on season 4 (runner-up) and 15 (eliminated 2nd) with Kym Johnson.

That was pretty good. Interesting. Joey is on the floor hahaha.

CAI: Started out rough. All of the energy went to Emma as soon as the violins came in. Len: No messing around. Straight into the dance. Love the way you interacted. Passion, attack. Bruno: Music was hard to keep up with but they did a good job in spite of it all.

Scores: CAI:   Len:   7  Bruno:  7  Total:  21  out of 30

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Artem, Gleb, and Val are dancing with flags and I’m not hating it. 

Evanna and Keo will be dancing next with Scarlett Byrne (Pansy Parkinson in “Harry Potter“)- salsa – Good friends bring out the best in you! That was fun.

Len: A lot of salsa content. More hip action. Great routine. Bruno: More confident, livelier. Off sync at one moment. Push hips. CAI: Blown away. Seemed really relaxed. Love watching her expand.

Scores: CAI: 8   Len: Bruno:  8  Total: 24 out of 30

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DeMarcus and Lindsay are joined by Rashad Jennings!-paso doble – Rashad was one of the best! He won season 24 with Emma Slater.

DeMarcus hurt his finger. Rashad accidentally kicked it. The dance was great, however. Passionate.

Bruno: Found it hard to concentrate. Clash of the Titans. Can’t lose artistry. CAI: Showcased physique and physicality. Open arms and extend movements. Len: Got the guns but not always the ammunition. Attitude and attack were great.

Scores: CAI:  7 Len: 7  Bruno: 8   Total: 22 out of 30 

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Dancing the Charlestown next are Mary Lou and Sasha with Nastia Liukin – Nastia danced with Derek Hough on Season 20 and placed 4th. She and Derek danced with Sasha on their season for their trio night. That was cute. Gymnasts do so well together. Very lively

CAI: Better this week. All shown so brightly. Len: Fun, snappy. Bruno: Invigorating. In sync. Well done

Scores: CAI: 9 Len: 8 Bruno: 9   Total: 26 out of 30

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Milo and Witney are partnered with Riker Lynch and dancing a salsa next! Riker was a fan favorite on season 20 where he placed 2nd with Allison Holker. We also miss Allison. BEST. OF. The NIGHT! Holy wow. Riker and Milo looked like they were one person.

Len: Fast, plenty of attack, clean and in control. More hip action. Wonderful. Best dance I’ve seen tonight. Bruno: Sal-sational. Electrifying. The details in the choreography were delicious. CAI: Teamwork makes the dream work. Unique. Together. Perfect.

Scores: CAI: 10 Len: 9 Bruno: 10  Total: 29 out of 30 

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Joe and Jenna are dancing with Jordan KimballSalsa – Jordan is a fellow “Bachelor Nation” contestant. Well, These guys definitely didn’t get picked for their dancing skills… I was more distracted by Gleb in the background.

Bruno: Unique experience. “Tragic Mike.” Timing was non-existent. CAI: Jenna gets MVP. Joe, you’re having fun. Len: It’s hard to put into words what he thought.

Scores: CAI: 5   Len:   Bruno:  Total: 15 out of 30

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Alexis and Alan are dancing the tango next with Maddie Ziegler – Maddie is from “Dance Moms”  and Sia music videos. That was great! Tango is hard with three people but this one was amazing.

CAI: Didn’t think they all came together as one. Len: Good mix of tango content and beautiful, attacking tango. Keep head to the left in hold. Bruno: Alan empowered the girls. Strong, elegant, sophisticated. Brilliant.

Scores: CAI: 8  Len: 8   Bruno:  Total: 25 out of 30

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Lindsey Stirling is back and she is dancing with Bobby and Sharna next- cha-cha – Lindsey placed second on season 25 with Mark Ballas (I know, it still hurts.) That was cute. The girls were great. The pants were a little distracting on Bobby.

Len: Need a bit more finesse in technique. Bruno: Took a sledgehammer to the cha-cha. Always fun watching you. CAI: Foot articulation needs to be worked on.

Scores: CAI: 7   Len:   Bruno: 7   Total: 20 out of 30

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At the top are Milo and Witney with a score of 29 points and Joe and Jenna are at the bottom with 15 points. 

Elimination is next

In jeopardy is Evanna and Keo and Tinashe and Brandon. The crowd is not happy. The couple leaving tonight is Tinashe and Brandon. So, so sad to see them go. I am shocked.

Please, please vote. It’s weeks like this that make you really vote.

Make sure to vote for your favorite(s) by going to and by phone. You get 10 votes through each method. Get voting if you want your faves to stay in the competition.


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