DWTS 21 Week 9 – Nick, Sharna, Tamar & Val – Rumba – VIDEO

Tamar has arrived back from the hospital. She IS going to dance. 

Footage is shown of Tamar is arriving backstage. Damn. Tamar wants to compete. She has moments I guess to get into costume for this as we head for the rehearsal package. The four saw the “LOVE by Cirque du Soleil” and they are performing some crazy stunts mixed in with rumba in order to pay tribute. Nick is concerned because he doesn’t want to let Tamar down seeing as how they are the only male/female partnership out of the three teams. Lots of rehearsal because they want to look good- as good as the real show, not just competitors copying. Tamar and Nick get their solo over with early and while it is okay, you can tell Tamar is a bit out of it. And that becomes more evident when the four dance together. What can you say though? She just came from the hospital. Expecting perfection or close to it would be crazy. I wish some more rumba was included here. It is kind of jarring and I question the producers decision to even give them a rumba to this. Why not a jazz routine? The rumba is slow and sexy and more grounded and this is well… a spectacle- as it should be. I don’t know. I feel for Tamar. Nick is doing what he is supposed to do. A shame that Tamar isn’t at one hundred percent because if so, I’m sure this would have been received with rave reviews just like the previous routine.

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*Tom says had Tamar not shown, she would have been eliminated. Now to the judges…

Carrie Ann says it was a fantastic performance. She didn’t feel either Nick or Tamar let the other down. Julianne says everyone supported Tamar and Nick stepped up like a leading man. Bruno calls it magical.
Carrie Ann- 9
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 9
Total: 27/30