DWTS 21 Week 9 – Carlos PenaVega & Witney – Argentine Tango – VIDEO

Carlos was really scared about last week’s near elimination. Witney is having a tough time during rehearsal coming up with a good routine and she is freaking out a bit. OH. Carlos says he wants to beat his wife. I’m not too sure I love the decision Witney made to use the door in this routine. It is taking away from the flow of the argentine tango. It feels like the pair just get into the good stuff and then it sort of stops for this door thing. I mean, the argentine tango material is good but let’s be honest, we have seen better routines like this, with more passion and better choreography. I don’t see any glaring issues or mistakes with technique, so that’s a positive. Witney is one of those choreographers who love to incorporate new things into the dance and many times, it works. This time, a bit of a distraction.

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Carrie Ann thought it was good, clean, and nice but it didn’t touch her. It lacked impact. She feels it didn’t do Carlos justice. Julianne says Carlos is an amazing dancer but the dance is about passion and emotional stuff and that was lacking. Bruno disagrees a bit. He wants Carlos to be careful of his feet though because they need to be sharper at times. The concept though, he enjoyed.
Carrie Ann- 9
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 9
Total: 27/30
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