DWTS 21 Week 9 – Alexa Pena Vega & Mark Ballas Eliminated – VIDEO

Carlos is a crying mess. He wishes it was him. Alexa is in tears as well. She is happy that she ended doing so well. Mark is very proud. Tom says it is so true that Alexa left going out so strong. Carlos is still really upset. This is exactly what the show wanted of course- to see the tears and drama but still, it is rather touching to see the love between Carlos ans Alexa. Who knows if Carlos was really in jeopardy or if the show just wanted to milk the married angle but whatever the case, it was obvious Carlos was gutted by Alexa’s elimination and a shame for us that she was indeed eliminated because she had improved so much in recent weeks, especially tonight. Bummer.

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What a night. Between the duet dances, Tamar being out and then in, basically dancing minutes after being released from the hospital, to a really sad elimination, this one was tough. Yes, an enjoyable night of dancing with some great routines but tough still. I will have polls up in a little while in a new post and I hope you guys enjoyed watching. Till next week…