DWTS 21 Week 9 – Alexa, Mark, Bindi & Derek – Charleston – VIDEO

Bindi/Derek & Alexa/Mark – Charleston

The four saw “Chicago” in New York. I must say, I have seen this show on Broadway numerous times and it is fantastic. If you never have and get the opportunity, see it. The movie is amazing as well. Just a complete masterpiece. Okay, back to the package. Alexa is worried about missing steps because if she is dancing with Bindi, she doesn’t have Mark to pull her though. Derek is a bit frustrated during rehearsal. He and Mark having somewhat of a tough time. Time is of the essence and that is what is frustrating Derek. OMG. So much fun. They are totally paying tribute to the show with this. You can’t expect them to look like they are ready to step out on a Broadway stage but they most definitely are doing more than an acceptable job. Bindi is playing Roxie. Alexa is Velma. Absolutely love the Alexa/Bindi dance alone time. Perfection! This is such sheer joy. Again, if you have seen the show and/or movie, you will see how true to form this dance is while still being original and exciting. Kudos to Derek and Mark, though one must give the most kudos to Fosse for the original choreography.

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Bruno is over the moon. He loved the style and feel. He calls it wonderful. Carrie Ann calls it reinvention at its finest. She loved the teamwork. Julianne wishes she was in that number with them.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30