DWTS 21 Week 9 – Alek, Lindsay, Carlos & Witney – Paso Doble – VIDEO

The four went on a cruise to get inspiration from the show “We Will Rock You.” It is about Queen and is straight rock and roll. Rehearsals are tough because well… the four are enjoying themselves on the cruise so rehearsal is coming in second. Carlos and Alek want to have some fun. Witney and Lindsay need their boys to concentrate. They have been brought together as a team but they need to practice. OH. This is awesome and fun to watch. It is almost like an opening routine on the show where everyone dances together. And Alek (who I was worried about) is definitely keeping up with Carlos. Some really fun choreography here and I love the big feel of the dance. Awesome lifts. Strong men. Fierce women. Alek and Carlos must dance together for 30 seconds. Decent stuff. For the show’s first ever routine where two teams must dance like this, the two are doing well.

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Julianne loved the lift. But she felt there was an opportunity for Carlos & Alek to do something more when they were together. She found it a bit stale. Bruno did enjoy it but he thought some of it needed to be more ballsy. Carrie Ann doesn’t think the shoes were filled for that song. And they were a bit out of sync. She thinks the moves did not match the song.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 8
Total: 24/30

*Ouch, I thought the judges were kind of harsh of the foursome there all things considered. I can kind of agree with the “needed more power” critique but still, I found it to be better than what the judges are making it out to be.