DWTS 21 Week 8 – Nick Carter & Sharna Burgess – Contemporary – VIDEO

Sharna gives Nick pointers about his dance last week- what was lacking. Nick’s icon is his wife. They have been trying to have a baby and it has been difficult. They had a miscarriage. But smiles… SHE’S PREGNANT. 16 weeks! So this dance is special to Nick. This is the contemporary I was looking for from Alek earlier in the night. A mix of emotion and lots of dancing. Julianne should be pleased with the side by side dancing too. Nick and Sharna are, if you will excuse me, painting very pretty pictures here. Very good routine. Best of the night thus far. Nick goes to plant a kiss on his wife. And his wife is joining him for the judging. Odd. But okay.

DWTS 21 Week 8 Live Blog and Videos

Bruno thought it was a love poem visualized through dance. Carrie Ann is crying. But she thought tonight was Nick’s best dance ever. Julianne thought Nick showed that he is a dancer. Nick’s wife is joining him now backstage with Erin. This is all a tad awkward as she just stands there throughout the whole thing. Poor girl. Nick is in tears.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
Total: 30/30
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