Team “Nightmare” (Tamar, Nick, Andy, Hayes & professional partners)

Nick believes his team is the strongest. Hayes doesn’t want to screw up because then you screw up for the team. Allison and Val are having a tough time coming up with the routine. Tamar just wants to know what they are doing. Nick feels they are in a serious bind due to time and all. Hayes doesn’t want to get eliminated due to this dance.

1. Great opening sequence with the table.
2. Good pairing dances. I thought Hayes and Nick’s sections were the best. That being said, Tamar and Andy did well too.
3. Very fun choreography. The makeup, costumes, and song adds so much.
4. Really great in-character performances from everyone.

DWTS 21 Week 7 Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

Julianne loved the concept and choreography. She felt Hayes stood out. She felt it was one of the best team dances. Bruno calls it a monster smash. He thought it was a Broadway show. He loved it. Carrie Ann thinks the other team should be nervous. She thought it was amazing.
Carrie Ann- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10
30/30 for the team.