Carlos felt he made a lot of mistakes last week and was scored too high. He wants to earn the right scores. He feels the paso is the hardest dance he has had to learn. He actually asks Witney to make it easier but she isn’t going to do it. He also finally realizes Alexis is his competition and she could potentially knock him out. Absolutely perfect paso music. The smoke though. Good grief. It is actually hard to see some of this because of it. But it looks good. Very passionate paso with the usual and proper steps. Carlos is strong here both in hold and on his own. He was worried about the cape work but no signs of weakness here with that. A really strong routine.

DWTS 21 Week 7 Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

Bruno loved the operatic feel. He loved the cape work. Carlos lost balance at the beginning so it was almost perfect for Bruno. Carrie Ann felt the mask made Carlos excel. She did feel Carlos anticipated the beat a bit much. Julianne was surprised Carlos said he felt his scores were too high last week. She thought he nailed it.
Carrie Ann- 9
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 9
Total: 28/30
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