Victor is proud of how he did last week. He is from a town outside of Mexico. He is really thankful for things he has gone through in his life and what he became. Oh man. You know, I really like Victor. He is charming and seems so sweet. But his dancing. His dancing is just…so not there. The kicks and flicks are almost non-existent. They are definitely not even close to matching Karina. Victor has a smile from ear to ear which makes me smile but I don’t think even practicing harder can really help him out. He just isn’t a very good dancer. But he has a likability factor for sure. I do look forward though to seeing how he does with a slower dance. He has a rumba tomorrow (if he stays), so we shall see.

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Carrie Ann wants to score Victor on only enthusiasm. Julianne thought it was festive and fun. But yes, Victor was off time. Bruno said La Bamba went bananas. He thought Victor was like a jumping bean and he doesn’t know how to judge it.
Carrie Ann- 6
Julianne- 5
Bruno- 6
Total: 17/30