Tamar is from Maryland. She loves the memories of her hometown and her family. She isn’t so thrilled with the thrusting in rehearsals because she doesn’t want to thrust while thinking of her family. Well, I guess they came to an understanding because the thrusting is there. And this is fabulous. A really strong cha cha cha. Tamar is in this with a passion. Damn. Great movement. Great performance quality. I love the old style type theme that Val choreographed. This was a really strong dance and I actually felt it was stronger than the previous dance when it comes to pure dance quality. Tamar has that super difficult job of mixing the dance with acting as if you are putting on a show down. And that combo usually equals success on this show.

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Julianne says Tamar is in her element in this dance. She feels when the two get together, the energy is lost a bit. But she loved it. Bruno loved it as well- especially the finishes that Tamar did. He curses and is bleeped. Carrie Ann says Tamar is in a class of her own. But in hold, her eyes go blank. She wants her to work on being in hold.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 8
Total: 24/30