Paula is really hurt about last week. She didn’t think they would be so hard on her. Come on Paula. You don’t want them to judge you on a curve because you are older, right? Anyways, she is from Savannah Georgia and loves her hometown. She wants to redeem herself. Well, I have two positives to say here. The first is that she looks nice. They did her up well with the hair, makeup, and dress. The second is that this is better than last week. It isn’t exactly a great rumba- Louis still holds and moves her for deal life at times and she can get very “tipsy” at moments. But put it this way, she is doing actual rumba steps and making good shapes with her body. The choreography is rather easy but I expect that from Louis considering who he is dancing with.

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Bruno thought it was a lovely journey. A bit off at times but he liked it. He wants her to be careful because a rumba is supposed to have continuous movement. Carrie Ann was very impressed. She thought Paula needs to work on her turns. Julianne thought Paula showed her true self. She mentions how it was a bit off but she commended Paula on her legs.
Carrie Ann- 7
Julianne- 6
Bruno- 6
Total: 19/30