Nick is from Tampa Florida. We hear about his childhood, a neighborhood that wasn’t so great, and a teacher that really helped him in life. This is a good jive, especially in terms of the choreography. Sharna really went all out with the theme of the dance, which was nice to see. A few odd hand movements from Nick from time to time. Those arms just need to be more on point. Whoops! Nick slipped. And damn- that is affecting him as the dance goes forward. You can tell that the fall is throwing him off a bit but to be fair, he is still keeping up with Sharna as best as possible and giving it his all. His dance last week was definitely stronger but again, this was a good jive for me.

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Julianne mentions Nick slipping and how it might have got in his head. She mentioned it was a bit messy and not as strong as last week. Bruno felt like Nick was buzzing so much that he forgot some of the footwork. But he liked the confidence. Carrie Ann calls it rough. She felt perhaps nerves got him and felt it was out of sync from the start.
Carrie Ann- 7
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 7
Total: 21/30