Sharna is from Australia. Nick is of course bummed and worried about his slip. Sharna gets really homesick. Sharna’s dad and grandma are on dialysis and can’t make the trip to LA to see her so she is quite emotional. Aww. I might be a bit taken back by Sharna’s story and the rehearsal package but this is really fabulous from a performance standpoint. It is also pretty damn good from a dancing standpoint. Nick totally redeemed himself. Gorgeous dance from the two.

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Bruno says Nick is back. He loved it. Carrie Ann felt it was magical. Julianne says Nick got out of his head and was there for Sharna. She critiques that Nick’s chest goes in and if he improves that, it will be a game changer.
Carrie Ann- 8
Julianne- 8
Bruno- 8
Total: 24/30