Andy loves this show and thinking about his mom. Andy is from Upstate New York and is talking about being a hard working musician who was on a subway platform and had to keep pushing for success. LOL at Andy’s crazy faces during this. A bit distracting. Some really nice kicks and flicks in this jive and a nice bit of choreography from Allison. The problem? Andy needs to practice, practice, practice. You can tell he has so much potential and the moves are there but it needs to be perfected. If he can somehow nail the steps while keeping up his performance quality, he will do something special out there.

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Bruno loved the attack. But Andy went off so many times. He wants him to be more precise. Carrie Ann wants him to stay with the music. He is a musician after all. Julianne thought it started strong but then got off. The performance somewhat outweighs the technique.
Carrie Ann- 7
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 7
Total: 21/30