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‘Dancing With the Stars’ continues with week seven of the competition tonight and its Eras Night, which will see the remaining seven couples will perform a different dance style to songs from different eras including a Quickstep from the 20s and a futuristic Jazz routine.

In a slight twist, the highest scoring couple of the night will earn immunity from elimination, while the other six compete in a dance-off to earn more points from the judges and potentially save themselves. At the end of the night, another couple will be eliminated – leaving just 6 remaining.

AND HERE WE GO… Some of the eliminated professionals and members of the troupe kick off the show with a dance, before Tom and Erin welcome us to the show.

Riker Lynch with Allison Holker (1920s QuickStep)

They were at the top of the leader board last week and really want to get the immunity prize tonight. They are taking it back to the 1920s and using baseball as their them. It’s a nice routine and Riker handles the fast moves greatly, but I still wanted more. Len essentially calls it a home run, Julianne says they are so innovative together, Bruno says it was “absolutely brilliant” and Carrie Ann thought last week was better.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Julianne-9, Bruno-9 = 37/40
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Chris Soules with Witney Carson (1940s Foxtrot)

They felt like last week was his breakthrough. I didn’t. She feels like having a story to connect to brings out the best in him, so she creates one about a sailor asking for a last dance. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Chris is nice to look at, but he is simply not a good dancer. I also thought Witney did him a disservice by adding the troupe members, because it highlighted how less than perfect his footwork is. Julianne thought it was awesome, Bruno says he is turning into dancer, Carrie Ann believes he is the underdog and Len says he does see improvement.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-7, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 31/40
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Rumer Willis with Valentin Chmerkovskiy (1960s Jive)

She was disappointed by the major decrease she took last week and wants to step it up this week. Bruce Willis, her dad, pays her a visit and admits that he couldn’t handle doing a show like this, and even she is having some difficulty handling the intensity of the competition and Val’s choreography. As usual, that difficulty doesn’t transition onto the dance floor, because she kills it AGAIN. Bruno loves her different interpretations of characters, Carrie Ann says the dance felt a little too safe, Len loves the mix of technique and Julianne thought it was awesome.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-9 = 35/40
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Noah Galloway with Sharna Burgess (1970s Jazz)

He took issue with the package and I don’t blame him. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think people tune into this show for drama and it would be nice if the producers realized that. As for the dancing, I admire what Sharna was able to do with him. There are some awkward moments here and there, but Noah handled this like a pro. This guy never ceases to impress me! Carrie Ann goes “overboard” (according to Len) about how much she loves it, Len says it was strong and clean, Julianne is obsessed with them both and Bruno calls them “bad-ass”.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-8, Julianne-9, Bruno-9 = 36/40
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Robert Herjavec with Kym Johnson (1980s Argentine Tango)

They thought they were going home last week, but since they didn’t, Robert says it gave him a new lease in life. Hopefully, that means better dancing. They are a bit stagnant at this point and it would be great to see them have a breakthrough, because I really do feel like he is committed. It’s good. Not great. Mainly because the lifts are a little too sloppy for my taste. Len says his dancing is up and down, and this week he was up. Julianne thought the timing was so much better, Bruno says he knows exactly what he wants out of her and Carrie Ann said she felt like Kym was a little too much woman for him. Ouch! That was kind of below the belt.

Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 31/40
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Nastia Liukin with Sasha Farber (Modern Charleston)

Derek is out this week with a foot injury, so Sasha is stepping in for him. It is a downgrade, but at least Derek still has a hand in the choreography. He is such a dancing genius that he still finds a way to incorporate himself into the performance. It is a fun routine. Julianne says she killed it under the circumstances, Bruno calls it the best subway ride he has ever taken, Carrie Ann gives her hug and says tonight she was dancing, and Len gives it a thumbs up.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-10 = 38/40
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Willow Shields with Mark Ballas (Futuristic Jazz)

They are playing ninjas in their routines and Willow really hopes the judges appreciates the creativity they bring to their routine. I give Willow props, she has really blossomed into a true contender, but I’m not bouncing off the walls for this. Honestly, I thought the music brought it down considerably. Bruno says they were perfectly in sync, Carrie Ann thought they executed it well, Len thought it was a bit too pose heavy and Julianne thought it was fantastic.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-10 = 37/40
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With a first round score of 38 out of 40, NASTIA AND DEREK/SASHA WIN IMMUNITY. Now, it is time for the dance off. The highest scoring couple will choose who they want to dance against and the competitor will choose the dance style. Riker Lynch get to choose first and choose Willow and Mark, who choose the Salsa.

Riker Lynch versus Willow Shields (Salsa)

Riker starts off strong and picking Willow shows that he wants to compete against a contender. Once she hits the stage, it is quite uncomfortable to watch. Some of the moves are inappropriate for her age and when they are not inappropriate, they are awkward. For me, Riker easily wins this one. Len says it was very very close, Julianne says they were very tight and very different, Bruno says it is like choosing between chocolate and vanilla, and Carrie Ann says Riker went for over the top and Willow took and understated approach. Twitter users gave Riker the win with 60%, but all of the judge choose the opposite. WILLOW WINS.

Noah is up next and chooses Robert, who chooses the Cha Cha as the dance style. This means that Chris and Rumer will battle and take on the Fox Trot.

Noah Galloway versus Robert Herjavec (Cha Cha)

Noah struggles with hip action, so it was quite a smart dance style for Robert to choose. Unfortunately, his isn’t much better and he loses timing. Noah wins this one for me. Julianne says their hip action was great (What?), Len , Carrie Ann says one was tight with minimal content and one was messy with a lot of content, and Len says it is very difficult. Twitter users choose Noah with 69% of the vote and the judges are split. Carrie Ann and Bruno choose Robert and Len and Julianne choose Noah. Len has the deciding vote in the event of a tie, so NOAH WINS.

Chris Soules versus Rumer Willis (Fox Trot)

I feel bad for Chris. Rumer is so good and glides across the floor with ease. It comes natural for her and doesn’t for him. This has to easy victory Rumer has ever won. Bruno says they were both good, Carrie Ann says one was easily superior, Len says if Chris didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any, Julianne says it was tighter than she thought it would be. RUMER WINS.


40: Nastia Liukin
39: Willow Shields
38: Noah Galloway
37: Riker Lynch, Rumer Willis
31: Chris Soules, Robert Herjavec

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