Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson, Others Join DWTS 19 Cast


The Dancing with the Stars cast won’t be announced until September 4, but US Magazine has revealed that Duck Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson, will be on the roster.

The 17 year old joins previously revealed competitors, Pretty Little Liars star, Janel Parrish, Olympian, Lolo Jones and General Hospital alum, Antonio Sabato Jr.

Dancing With The Stars 19 Pro Dancers Announced! (VIDEO)

Sadie’s mother, Korie, told US a few months ago that her daughter has always wanted to be on the competition show.

You might remember that American Idol season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery, performed at Sadie’s sweet 16 party last summer.

Dancing with the Stars premieres on ABC September 15.

ETA: More DWTS stars joining the lineup, according to TMZ

  • Betsey Johnson – Legendary fashion designer
  • Bethany Mota – Has 7m Youtube subscribers on her fashion, hair and makeup channel (a bid for young viewers, obviously. Keep trying, DWTS)
  • Lea Thompson – She starred in Back to the Future and other iconic 80s movies.
  • Jonathan Bennett – From “Mean Girls”
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  1. Betsey Johnson….interesting. This might be the only setting in which her clothing might actually fit in.

  2. Yep, won’t be watching. Not only do they have no one of note, to consider a less-than-D-list teenager from a lunatic, fraudulent reality TV family a “star” is beyond pathetic.

  3. I’m still pretty young and I have absolutely no clue who Bethany Mota is… I thought she might have been the one in the Pepsi commercials but apparently not.

  4. I think Sadie is a good idea. DD is very popular. Her and her brother were special guests at Scotty’s The Farm concert.

  5. Sounds like a boring cast…I thought Antonio Sabato had already been on DWTS but I guess he’s been on other reality shows that feature have been d-listers. Same with Lea Thompson. Some of these folks are so interchangeable – They’ve wife-swapped, dove off high boards, sung etc.
    Im surprised they don’t cast one of those teen boys who are super popular on Vine/Twitter/Instagram. I don’t know who any of them are but they are Twitter trends almost every day. If you want to get a young demo, those are your key. I guess a duck dynasty girl is the Palin/conservative role. You always have your athletes. There has to be at least one or two ringers with a professional advantage.

    Id like to see Laverne Cox
    another site reported kandi burruss. They’ve had 2 housewives in a row so it wouldn’t be surprised if they got someone else. Kim Biermann would be good since she’s had all those kids and would have the whole weight loss storyline. Please no more Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants – but thats the other rumor…either the woman who was just on or her and her new fin ace. Oh the drama!

  6. Bethany Mota is huge on Youtube, has her own fashion line at Aeropostale, and has been a guest judge on Project Runway.

    I’m not in her target audience and don’t have kids the right age, either, but she’s gotten media coverage in the business press.

  7. I recognized the name from her frequent Twitter follow sprees, but I had no idea who she was.

  8. All I know is she is a reality tv star… and a cute kid. I don’t watch DWTS but if I did I wouldn’t mind seeing Sadie on there. I may have to tune in a few times to see how she does. :)

  9. Due to Julianne becoming a permanent judge, I wasn’t inclined to watch this season. If these names are confirmed, I haven’t seen anyone yet that makes me want to change that decision. It really is a shame. I have enjoyed this show since the beginning.

  10. Same here. I haven’t watched the show in ages, but now I’m curious to see how she does. It would be cool if she won.

  11. Who are these people? If these really are the “stars” who are going to be on the show, then they are running out of people. None of these names make me want to watch. Really, a Youtube star? That’s beyond the barrel, isn’t it?

  12. .

    Aren’t Duck Dynasty’s ratings dropping? And they are a very polarizing family, because of the racist and homophobic comments made by the father (I think it was the father).

  13. Just being on a popular show is never enough to help you on this show nor does it help ratings. Then last year they brought Cody Simpson on because they thought he would have his millions and millions of Twitter followers follow him to DWTS, he barely last 4 weeks. You have to be a good dancer and you have to connect to the audience in some way.

  14. Their ratings took a major dive last I saw. This was after all the racist comments made. Before that, it was a popular reality show.

    I’ve never seen the show so I’m not sure how Sadie’s personality is & whether she’d do well on DWTS.

  15. I’ll tune in for Antonio’s dancing then I’m out. (I’m a GH fan.) I usually don’t make it through a full season of DWTS even when they have a bunch of stars I like. This cast will ensure low ratings though. Seems especially weak. I do think the girl from Duck Dynasty will win unless she’s klutzy.

  16. After watching a few seasons of DWTS, I think most of its core audience can probably do a decent Cha Cha and a not so bad waltz…need a little more practice on the Others. Just wish it wasn’t so boring to watch unless someone moving across the floor like a piece of furniture.

  17. Don’t count Betsey out….she has been dancing her whole life,,She had her own dance school when she was in high school ( I know cuz I was one of her students,,,and at 72 ( doesn’t look it ) she can still do flips ,splits, hand springs, cartwheels, backbends etc… she is a very unique personality…

  18. Actually, I wasn’t referring to her dancing, I was referring to the fact that I find a lot of her dresses to be gaudy and “over-the-top” which is why I thought they would be perfect for a DWTS setting!

  19. oh yes,,,they sure are a bit outrageous,,and I’m sure she’ll come up with something crazy,,but boy ,,the teens love all her clothes ,shoes etc,,,and I’m sure they will all be watching……

  20. Don’t know why my post was deleted before, but I’ll repeat… it’s quite simple… don’t watch. :)

  21. There was nothing racist or homophobic about his comments. He simply quoted scripture from The Holy Bible. People are easily offended these days. They are quick to take things out of context.

  22. I remember that mess, girlygirl – for a while, it was everywhere. I read more about that family of yuppies with beards than I ever cared to know – and the comments from the patronizing patriarch of the group were Racist, Homophobic, AND Sexist. So the show is still on the air – and DWTS wants to capitalize on the polarizing elements for ratings? – what else is new. smh. Hope the young lady can dance, at least.

  23. He called gay people murderers and said that blacks were “happier” before the rise of the civil rights movement (when, according to him, he saw no racism in the South) .

    He can claim he’s quoting or interpreting the Bible if he wants. But No one took anything out of context.

    I don’t know if his granddaughter holds the same views. I hope not.

  24. If Sadie holds the same views on gays and AAs as her grandfather, then I’d rather have Bristol Palin back. lol

  25. He quoted scripture which says gay people are “sinners” JUST LIKE murderers, liars, etc (just like me). He did not single out gays. Also Phil grew up in a different time, worked with black and white in the fields. He is not a racist. I’m from the South and yes there was racism, there still is to some extent, But it doesn’t just exist in the South.

  26. The Huffington Post is a liberal/left commentary outlet and alternative to news aggregators such as the Drudge Report. In other words “opinion”.

  27. Yes, esther macha, he did. And opinions don’t get quotation marks – plus there exists video of him saying the same drek. And worse.

    We had that whole conversation here at mj’s last year – and DWTS would like us to have it again if it will keep their ratings up… Instant replay – except – No Thanks.

  28. Straight people, stupid people, loud mouths and bigots are sinners as well. We are all just a bunch of sinners so no need to single out gay folks as some exception.

  29. There is a video that clearly shows him saying this stuff. No one is misquoting him. This is not “opinion” it is a factual report of what he said.

  30. Not to mention he continues to reaffirm that he still believes it to be true. He also is on video stating that girls should be married off young (as in, before 18) so they don’t form opinions of their own. Frankly, this ass is doing nothing for the world other than breathing a good man’s air.

  31. The latest rumor, per PureDWTS is Alfonso Ribeiro and he’s allegedly paired with Witney. If thats true? Welp there’s the annual ringer. Dude actually said once that he would love to do the show but feared he would be called on for being too experienced.

  32. Alfonso Ribeiro is a ringer?? The only dance I can recall he is famous for is bad. The “Carleton” crazy two step to Tom Jones “Its not Unusual” from the Fresh Prince.

  33. He’s not professionally trained but many years before Fresh Prince he became known for dancing with Michael Jackson in a huge Pepsi commercial. There’s video floating around now on the DWTS boards of recent shows of his where he performs and he looks to be an incredible dancer.

  34. she’s a star from the A&E popular show duck dynasty along with her family

  35. it was actually her grandpa Phil who said those bigotry comments when he’s doing the GQ interview

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