DCD’s Memphis Season 6 Idols Tour Recap

9/13/07 Memphis, TN

So Koolmomma and I were on the fence about going to this show for a couple months…it was a busy time at work for the both of us..the concert fell on a school/work night and I was concerned about the expense between the kids starting school and 2 of my daughters having birthday’s back to back. Mom ran across great floor tickets for $20 each and we decided that was a sign…we had to go.

We got to the Fed Ex Forum a little before 6 and there were a few people lined up waiting for the doors to open. We took our places in line and were almost immediately met up with a Fanjaya! There was a woman who loved Sanjaya dressed in a Sanjaya shirt with a name tag who introduced herself as the reporter for the show that evening for the Fanjaya site. She was giving everyone orange glow stick bracelets so mom and i figured what the hell and wore them proudly LOL.

We got inside and found our seats 16th row center..GREAT view. While we were waiting for the show to start we took in some interesting sights…there was a girl with Gina’s short hair cut who had dyed her hair with the pink streaks for the occasion, a couple of girls with airbrushed pics of themselves with Jordin on them, a couple Blaker girls tshirts, a mother and daughter wearing Clay Aiken tshirts and carrying a homemade sign for Clay(i guess they didnt get the memo that it was the season 6 tour ;) ) and last but not least…a 40something year old white male with his hair done in a pony hawk.

The show began and it was cheese at it’s finest..surprises of the night for me were that I loved Chris R and Gina whom I didnt like on the show…and that Haley wore clothes most of the night! When Chris joined Melinda and Kiki for I Heard It Through The Grapevine..Koolmomma and I looked at each other and said ‘Now why didn’t he sing like THAT on the show?” I enjoyed all of Chris Richardson’s performances, I have to admit. As for Gina..on the show I only liked Smile and I’ll Stand By You. Lady Marmalade showed that Gina has some pipes that I didnt know she had. I loved Who Knew and the It’s Your Love duet with Phil.

Melinda and Lakisha were fantastic..I’d love to see a good soul/r&b/motown cd from them. I would purchase it in a heartbeat..say no to urban and hiphop Mindy and Kiki!! Phil and Sligh have great voices..I really enjoyed them. Phil’s soulful rendition of America The Beautiful was just that..beautiful. It didn’t seem as cheesy to me last night but all the 9/11 footage this week also had me in a reflective mood. I’d love to see a country cd from him..I would buy it.

Sanjaya..love him or hate him the kid was having a blast entertaining. He was a joy to watch.
Blake sounded good..his loop machine worked perfectly and he was having a blast on the stage. The scream-o-meter last night was a tie between him and Chris R. Lots of screaming preteen and teens…lots of people Koolmomma’s age that were enjoying the show but not screamers. I didn’t notice many people my age though which shocked me! It was a great crowd..the venue was about 3/4 full.

Jordin was in good voice…I still have to say my favorite Jordin performance is I Who Have Nothing. To be honest, I don’t think the show was too much Jordin as some have said. She won the competition and I think it’s only fair that the winner gets more stage time.

Oh! I forgot to mention that Gina, Chris Sligh, Phil and Melinda were excited to be back in Memphis at the Fed Ex Forum as it is where they auditioned..it was a special reminder to them of how far they have come.

Anyhow, it was a great show..I am glad that we went..love or hate season 6..they are a talented group and I wish them well. I can’t wait for season 7…More cheese please! :D

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