David Hernandez is a Born Again American

Producer Noman Lear (All in the Family, has put together a “We are the World” type video to promote his activist causes. The song, “Born Again American” is an initiative of Declare Yourself, “a national non-partisan, organization dedicated to increasing young voter participation and civic involvement.”

Lear has asked David Hernandez from Season 7, along with others, including Keith Carradine, and, uhm, a bunch of people I’ve never heard of to sing on the record.

Here’s what David had to say about his involvement, from his My Space:

A few month’ ¹s ago I was asked’ ¹ by Norma’ ¹n Lear and Decla’ ¹re Yours’ ¹elf (www. decla’ ¹reyou’ ¹rself’ ¹.’ ¹ com) to be a part of an incredible’ ¹ song title’ ¹d “‘ ¹Born Again’ ¹ Ameri’ ¹can”‘ ¹.’ ¹ We recor’ ¹ded the vocal’ ¹s and my porti’ ¹on of the video’ ¹ in 1 hour right’ ¹ in front’ ¹ of the Red Rock Mount’ ¹ains in Color’ ¹ado.’ ¹ The video’ ¹ inclu’ ¹des many other’ ¹ talen’ ¹ted and unkno’ ¹wn music’ ¹ians from acros’ ¹s the Unite’ ¹d State’ ¹s and sends’ ¹ a stron’ ¹g messa’ ¹ge about’ ¹ what it is to be an Ameri’ ¹can.’ ¹ Obama’ ¹” ¹s campa’ ¹ign is behin’ ¹d the proje’ ¹ct and I know it will inspi’ ¹re so many peopl’ ¹e as the inaug’ ¹urati’ ¹on appro’ ¹aches’ ¹.’ ¹

David will be performing the song, along with 4 other musicians in the video at the Inauguration Kickoff Celebration in Washington DC, hoste’ ¹d by Jessica Alba.

The video will be released on iTunes later this week and will air for the first time nationally on Bill Moyers Journal on PBS stations, this Friday.

Check it out after the jump. David’s segment is near the end. Warning: The song is long, and boring, even for a “message” song.

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