David Cook/Kara Dioguardi Co-Write, ‘No Reply’ by Frankie Negron Now Available on iTunes

While you can’t download new music from David Cook at the moment (he’s currently in the studio recording his next album) you can download the next best thing…

“No Reply”, the new single from pop/salsa recording artist, Frankie Negron was co-written by David Cook and Kara DioGuardi and is available now on iTunes.

It’s definitely got that Cook sound, doesn’t it?

Download “No Reply” here:

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  1. I’ve listened to it several times and keep imagining Cook singing it. (Wow, I need some music from him.) The rhythm guitar so exemplifies Cook’s touch. Also, I really like the section where they bring in the strings in addition to the electric guitars. It brings back memories of Season 7 and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” with David Cook. ;)

  2. While you can’t download new music from David Cook at the moment

    my exact problem..

    anyways, thanks MJ for this post.. i didn’t expect you will, but thanks a lot..

    now if only he’ll release his own…

    good timing for frankie negron to release now, while there’s a big thirst for david cook music…

  3. It is a nice song. I like the way Frankie sings it. I can hear David in the lyrics. Thumbs up.

  4. Who knew what to expect back when we first heard about this song being used – but this is working fine for Frankie Negron’s voice, I think.

    – Pretty darn good review on iTunes too, the first so far, and compliments both the writer(s) and the singer with a very adept touch – it was worth reading, IMO.
    “Negron has to convey Cook’s lyrical style of complex and ambivalent pain almost entirely with his vocals.”

    And – “Negron knows how to build a narrative: in the second verse, he hits the needed note of snarling ardent emotion. The song’s frankly enigmatic enough to pick up a Gabriel Garcia Marquez feel of vaguely understood symbolism somehow combined with repressed violence, and Negron’s voice has the right combination of suppressed passion and lovely, husky tone to make it work.”

    Good fortune to everyone involved! Thanks much for the follow-up thread on this, MJ.

  5. I like it (and not just because it’s a Cook song.) It’s easy to listen to, and I like the chord change during “why”. I also like the instrumentation as the song is coming to an end( was actually hoping it would fade out at that point, just because that would sound cool!). I also think it is sung well by Mr. Negron.

  6. Disclaimer: I’ve only heard the sneak peek snippet that came out a while ago.

    I can hear the potential in the song, but it doesn’t sound like it quite got there to me. Some lyrics are clunky, and the chorus feels too shouty for the melody of the rest of the song. And while I liked Frankie’s voice on his other songs (via his myspace) this song does not sound like a great fit for his voice – in the chorus he sounds like he is straining and in the verses (which I actually liked a lot musically) there is this odd sounding salsa flair to his vocal delivery that feels too melodramatic.

    That said, I don’t hate the song and I think it is exciting to see Cook have others start to sing his songs. I hope someone puts a full version up on youtube because I’d love to hear it in full and am intrigued by the strings comments I have read.

    I wish Frankie the best of luck with his single (and I’m curious where on radio they plan to send it cause I can’t picture it on the air).

    I like the chord change during “why”.

    Me too :)

  7. I can’t listen to this right now since I am at the office. Does it sound easy listening-ish, like the snippet did?

  8. OMG… anything to do with David Cook and his music is great Even if it has something to do with Kara (yuk). Hurry up David we need saving.

  9. not from the US so I have no access to the song whatsoever but i enjoy reading the comments.
    i wonder if cook (YAY!) or kara (hell NO!) is singing on the demo version that Frankie Negron received.

  10. *Sniff*, if I ever get paid I’ll drop a buck on it (because David hasn’t gotten enough $$ from me, after all, hee!) and give it a listen. I don’t ever seem to get the full picture from snippets.

  11. Does it sound easy listening-ish, like the snippet did?

    I don’t believe you will think so, Tinawina, when you get to hear it – big chorus, and big on the instrumentation at the end – it’s more like some of AH, to make a comparison. But that’s just my opinion. It’s moving up on the chart….hasn’t stopped yet.

    As the OP said – there’s the Cook sound in there – (and I also agree w/some of the lyric being clunky, Joyed) but it really just causes jonesing for the DCTR2 moment. KWIM? ;)

  12. I don’t believe you will think so, Tinawina, when you get to hear it – big chorus, and big on the instrumentation at the end – it’s more like some of AH, to make a comparison.

    OOOHHH, AH sounding you say? Now I can’t wait to hear it… will download shortly, my hours are almost up! Thanks.

  13. it’s more like some of AH

    Well that alone will make me download it, looking forward to giving it a listen. Hopefully this is the first of many for Cook the songwriter :)

  14. not from the US so I have no access to the song whatsoever but i enjoy reading the comments.

    Justic, apologies, I don’t recall where you are posting from – but I was just visually deafened (if that can happen) elswhere, by a poster who discovered 11:59, with 3 bonus tracks, “No Reply” and DCTR had all shown up on Italian iTunes today, – Maybe there is yet hope?

  15. It definately sounds like one of David’s songs, I could hear his influence. And the thing is, even if I didn’t know it was written by David, I would have liked it. I would have liked it better than some of the other songs that did make it on DCTR.

    It does show me that even when David does have cowriters, that a lot of the work is his. I hear a definate progression from his earlier music even in this song.

    Frankie Negron did a great job, but I would love to hear David sing it himself.

  16. What, no lyrics yet? :) Just kidding. This is great. I can’t wait to listen to it tomorrow. Kudos to DC.

    I can’t help thinking of the Beatles song “No Reply” though, always one of my favorites, written by John. Well nobody better to do another than David Cook.

  17. Yeah, so I broke down and picked up the song on iTunes, even though I don’t know Frankie Negron from the hole in the wall that was probably left behind after he got knocked through it. Musical methadone while I waaaaait for more of the real thing, you say? Yeah, sure, why not. I’m shameless that way. Gonna chalk it up to being curious to hear the whole song after listening to the snippet a few months ago and trying to figure out how much Cook sneaked in there. Purely an academic exercise. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    This dude’s voice aint half bad. Good on him. Heavy on the melodrama, which is probably why the vocal reminded me a tiny bit of Adam when MJ first posted the snippet. Hmmm….

    *whispers* Despite the dorky first verse (which I still assume is heavier on the cowriters than the Cook), I just realized I actually like No Reply better than CBTM. Lyrically, same kind of idea, ish, but moody and angsty and slightly angry >>> sad sackishly waiting around all hopeful like and stuff. I think I just miss me some Angry(!)Cook. Here’s hoping some random douche cut him off in traffic or something on the way to one of his songwriting sessions for DCTR2.

  18. OK, I’m gonna buy the darn thing. I’m very curious! Now to find time to listen to it…

  19. OK, I finally listened. Not bad – but I want Cookie and his smished up money note face to be singing it, haha. I gots problems. Dammit, Cook.

  20. Lyrics, you really want them? Ok, here they are.

    No Reply (D Cook, K Dioguardi, J Fields)

    I get in the car
    Turn the radio on
    Every song that they’re playing
    Is saying not to go home
    Had to turn back around
    Cause the moment is now
    To tell you this feeling I’m feeling is taking me down
    And on the inside I’m screaming

    I wanna say something
    Instead of this nothing at all
    The words I wanna shout
    Are knocking me straight through the wall
    And it’s me who’s confused
    Who doesn’t know what to do
    And I’m asking myself why
    No reply, there’s no reply.

    We’re decades apart when we’re in the same room
    That look on your faces and this space is making me crawl
    Then it feels like the end
    But then we start again
    Instead of leaving it broken I keep going these scars are my fault
    And on the outside I’m screaming


    No reply, etc

    All of the things left unsaid
    They’re floating around in my head
    With all of the love that I meant in goodbye


    LOL! :)

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