Kara DioGuardi

Platinum Hit – Wheels Up – Recap & Video

So…who out there is watching Kara DioGuardi’s songwriter competition reality show Platinum Hit? The contestants are mildly interesting–my favorites being the ones I knew already from Idol–Jes Hudak and Jackie Tohn. But Kara and co-host/judge Jewel? They are like botronics from the planet bot. I swear, I miss Kara at her neurotic worst on Idol as I watch her perfectly edited and boring remarks to the contestants on this show.

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Platinum Hit – Week 1 – Recap and Videos

Based on the premiere, which aired tonight on Bravo, Platinum Hit, the new Kara DioGuardi reality show has some potential.

The show pits 12 aspiring songwriters against each other. At stake–$100K, a publishing deal with Sony and a contract with RCA/Jive.

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