David Cook on His Album and Tour Set List – New Release Now Available at Amazon for Pre-Order

The 4th and 5th installments of David Cook’s Idolatry interview for Entertainment Weekly has some fun little tidbits that are worth noting.

The Tour Set List: David reveals the set list to Michael Slezak, and it’s basically a mini-concert of his Idols Greatest Hits, including “Billie Jean, ” “Hello”, “Always Be My Baby” and “Time of My Life” (which Jessica Shaw makes him call “Magic Rainbow”-Har). The fifth song is “not yet set in stone, ” according to David. Duets and collaborations may include Carly Smithson performing Heart’s “Barracuda” with David backing her on guitar and Jason Castro on drums. That has the potential to be all kinds of awesome.

About the Upcoming Album: David says he’d like to “acknowledge as much of the music I wrote before this as possible” but realizes that it’s a give and a take compromise between artistic integrity and mass appeal. However, he insists, “If I listen to a song and I don’t feel like it’s me, there’s no reason for me to sing it, I’ll fight for that.” For the record, he claims to really like “Time of My Life” even if the “magic rainbow” lyric isn’t one he’d have written himself. “I like the 6/8 time signature” he says, “I think instrumentally it’s a great song.” Choosing his battles carefully, I say.

“I feel like I started the season with a 5 card hand, ” says David, “And I maybe showed everybody 3 of those cards.”

A Change of Plans for Rock Night: David originally planned to sing “All Along the Watchtower” for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show, but changed it after he worked up a slower arrangement for “Baba O’Riley.” The original arrangement for “Baba O’Reily” was closer to the Who version, and after he changed it, he decided that he didn’t want to perform two slow songs. He finally settled on “Hungry Like a Wolf” as his second song. Tis a pity, I think.

The Album is Available for Pre-Order: By the way, it appears that “Time of My Life” will be featured on David’s upcoming album. That’s according to Amazon.com where the album is already available for pre-order and is currently ranked #2. You cannot fight the power of the Magic Rainbow! lolz!

Corrected: “Baba O’Reily” and “Hungry Like the Wolf” were sung During Rock week, not IGB night.

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