David Archuleta Tells Fellow Hurting LGBTQ: “You Are Not Alone”

After baring his soul on social media last week, David Archuleta is reaching out to those folks who may be struggling with the same issues that he is, but may not have the same platform to connect to people.

“I’m so grateful that there are people like all of you who are so much more compassionate than me. More compassionate to me than I am to myself. Thank you,” David wrote on Instagram Sunday (Jan 23).

“If you know someone in my situation that doesn’t have a way to be heard like I have with a public platform, please reach out to them,” David asked. “The silence and loneliness can be terrifying and maddening.”

David shared his struggles over remaining a faithful Mormon, while being a member of the LGBTQ community

Earlier this week, David posted a 50 minute video in which he shared his struggles over remaining a faithful Mormon while living his life as a member of the LGBTQ community. When David came out last summer, he shared that he considered himself bisexual, and might end up marrying a woman. But now, David realizes that he’s more likely to marry a man than a woman at this point. And that so far, he’s felt like an imposter in his female dating relationships.

If David were to enter into a gay relationship, the Mormon church, of which he has been a faithful member for years, would not approve. And right now, he is beginning wonder why relationships between two people who love each other, even if between members of the same sex, are so unexpectable to the church.

“You are not alone,” says David “Please reach out to someone”

David is struggling. But he worries about people in his shoes who may not have a social support system to lean on. 

“If you are that person who doesn’t have compassion for yourself. I just want you to know I love you. You’re not alone. I hope you read the comments on my video from 1/15 I’ve been able to read of compassion. And know that those words are for you too.”

Alongside David’s 50 minute video are thousands of supportive comments from friends, fellow Idols, fans and strangers.

“If you are feeling the way I have been feeling, please reach out to someone. Even if you don’t know them. Before my video last week I spoke to a woman I didn’t even know on the phone. And that helped me have courage to continue forward speaking out,” David added, “Maybe I needed to speak to someone I didn’t know and could tell I needed help to realize I couldn’t keep it in anymore. You are not alone.”

Resources if you need help are available

“If you need help or someone to talk to not sure what to do if you’re gay or Igbt+ you can check out TheTrevorProject.org. They have a hotline so you can talk to someone, and even have a quick out if you are afraid someone will see. If you need to talk to someone about suicide prevention call 800-273-8255. Cheering you on.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune: Be true to his faith, or true to his feelings

The Salt Lake City Tribune recently posted a piece regarding David’s video. They talk to members of the LGBTQ community who are also Mormon, like David. The paper reached out to David for comment, but he didn’t respond before the piece went to print. Read it here.


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