David Archuleta – Sun Bowl Performances – VIDEO

David Arculeta sings a beautiful National Anthem and God Bless America at yesterday’s Brut Sun Bowl. Check out the off-key singing during the National Anthem. So patriotic!

21 October 2021
21 October 2021

After the JUMP, David sings “Crush” and “Don’t Stop Believing”


Don’t Stop Believing

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  1. David ArcHuleta sounded great yesterday. Wish I could’ve been there. My dad loved OU fiercely for all of his days. LOL.

  2. Archie’s voice is just stunning on both of these. I’m often disappointed and a bit annoyed when pop stars sing the National Anthem, but he really does it beautifully.

  3. No one sings the Star Spangled Banner & God Bless America like David Archuleta…he’s one of a kind…brings tears to my eyes every time I listen! The audience “sing-along” was a tad bit “off-key” but I’m sure they were moved to participate by the angelic sound of David’s voice that surrounded the stadium yesterday! Happy 2010 Everyone!

  4. Hadn’t listened to David A recently, forgot how powerful his voice can be. Not quite as strong in the lowest notes of the NA, but overall really really nice job.

  5. David did a fantastic job as usual on both SSB and GBA. It’s not easy to sing in such a large stadium. I’m happy that as Americans the audience sang along with our National Anthem. Not everyone has the amazing voice like David, and so be it. I also have listened to Don’t Stop Believing many times. I love it! David Archuleta really can sing anything.

  6. Gee, I hope some better videos pop up soon! these are just not cutting it for me!
    And, I do like the plaid flannel on David. But I know he said it was much colder out there singing than he expected. How do you sing when your teeth are chattering? Hmm! He should have brought his Walmart coat!!
    I guess Ray wasn’t there to help on that one. Hee!

  7. Thanks for posting this MJ.

    There is no one who can sing those patriotic songs acapella better than David. His voice is so powerful.

    The crowd is really getting into “Don’t stop Believin”. It can be annoying, but I do like to see when the crowd loves singing along with him.

  8. Dang, David is the best! i love his passion when he sings those patriotic songs. When he sings the National Anthem and he sings “gave prooooooof” that word, proof, just hits me everytime. That is sweeeet!

  9. I feel proud every time David performs SSB and GBA. Awesome rendition! Thanks for posting.

  10. Great performances’!!! Only disappointment was none were shown on the telecast but thank God for You tube. Just saw a review of performances of the Star ‘Spangle Banner and Kelly and David both got 4 of 5 stars. Yeh! I of course would give 5 out of 5 ha! ha! first time hearing David sing Don’t Stop Believin-the fans really got into this one!!!!Oh Boy as David would say. All in All great performances and great reviews. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  11. David, stellar as usual. Thanks for the post Mj. Happy New Year everyone!!!

  12. Still can’t believe there are not better full vids yet. >:(

    Here are two clips from the ABC news affiliate from yesterday.



    There were also a couple of partial up close vids from side stage but the girl’s singing (and SCREAMING) was louder than David and you couldn’t hear him at all. LOL!

    And I like “Pooooooof” too. lol But I missed “Waaaaaaaavvvvvve” in this one. It think it was too cold to go for that one. haha!

    And yeah, it was colder than he expected. David twittered right after the NA/GBA performance.

    Man it’s not so warm out there lol. But finished singing the National Anthem and God Bless America! So cool having military there!
    about 23 hours ago from txt

    The reporter blogging from the El Paso Times twittered:

    American Idol star David Archuleta is belting out the big Journey hit “Don’t Stop Believing.” Steve Perry would be proud.
    about 21 hours ago from txt

    Happy New Year’s everyone!

  13. Wow. David sounds great on these!! He sounds in fine form. Hope he had fun down here in Texas! Wish I could have been there.

  14. He sounded really strong on the NA and GBA. I’m glad David got the opportunity to sing both those 2 songs and the pop songs at halftime. It helps to draw in the 2 far ends of his fan base, those who prefer the impressive and lofty power ballads and those who prefer his lighter, poppier side. A little something for everyone.

  15. Another strong performance from David.He certainly sounds in great voice ,considering he just finished another tour.Really hoping 2010 brings him much deserved success.

  16. Wow…his rendition of NA gave me chills. Love this kid. I feel like a proud mom.

  17. I always wonder where his power comes from. His vocal power is one of the strengths that set apart him from other artists. He can go on and on with that power for a long time, which was a surprise for me at his concert.

    Happy new year, everyone!!!

  18. Awesome “Don’t Stop Believin” :).

    David is just sooo surprising. I wish we could have gotten a recording of that song complete with jumping :) :)

    I was hoping for a tune I hadn’t heard and now I am hoping for a better vid. ha ha

  19. David did a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and God Bless America at yesterday’s performance at the Brut Sun Bowl. Loved his performance of Crush, Zero Gravity and Don’t Stop Believing as well. DSB seemed like a perfect fit for him. I hope he has songs similar to this on his next album and love the R&B feel to his songs as well, they seem to really suit his voice.

  20. Ahh I hope a full version of DSB pops up even though im sick of that song.

    ^^Pam I’d love to see some songs with an R&B feel to them.

  21. My favorite patriotic song that David has done is the U.S. Open – America the Beautiful with the flag being unfurled and the Broadway pianist (Rick Hip-Flores) on the piano. Very powerful and David just builds and builds that song to the powerful ending. I have listened/watched it many times:

  22. David’s versions of GBA and SSB was just beautiful. Yeah, there was definitely off key singing though. Heh

    I hope a full version of DSB pops up too. I just did a quick youtube search but I didn’t find any.

  23. ooh!! WOW!
    please let there be a longer close up version of ‘Can’t Stop Believing’!??
    And David does is again for us at a concert…with stellar video champs in attendance!!
    What there was of it was amazing!

  24. David Archuleta wows his fans at Brut Sun Bowl performance and meet and greet

    David Archuleta, the very talented 19-year old pop crooner, once again wowed his fans, during a half time performance at the Brut Sun Bowl Game between Oklahoma and Stanford on Thursday, December 31, 2009 in El Paso, Texas.

    Playing to a sold out stadium crowd of 50,426 ticket holders, had brought Archuleta face-to-face with his largest audience ever, other than his television appearances on American Idol.

    The Sun Bowl’s stadium was filled to capacity and tickets for the game had been snapped up almost as soon as they were made available. This was only the third time the in the stadium’s history that the venue has sold out since it was remodeled and expanded from 30,000 seats in 1983. More significantly, even in this tough economy, it was the first time in the stadium’s 76-year history that the game was sold out in advance of the actual game day.

    The ABC Television Network affiliate station, KVIA, Channel 7 in El Paso captured (for their news broadcasts) not only an excerpt of Archuleta performing the cover of Journey’s classic, ‘DON’T STOP BELIEVIN, ‘  but followed with a brief interview and a video of the after-performance meet and greet with his loyal fans.

    For the half-time performance Archuleta also sang two other crowd-pleasers, his own composition ‘ZERO GRAVITY,’  and,’  CRUSH,’  from his double platinum single.

    Enjoy all three videos below, courtesy of KVIA.


  25. No one sings more beautifully and from the heart than David Archuleta! We wish we could have been there in El Paso to hear David perform live his moving renditions of the National Anthem and God Bless America, as well as Zero Gravity, Crush and also Don’t Stop Believin, that would have been a first hearing him sing his cover of DSB!

    David’s absolutely AMAZING and truly the best, and we are so excited for his next pop cd & also his book “Chords of Strength”, both to be released sometime in 2010!

  26. I love the guys dancing to the Zero Gravity song. I’m still hoping for “Don’t Stop Believin” . That little bit sounded so grand. David sounded so good!

  27. ooh cmom yes I like that version. My favorite patriot song that David has sang is the SSB at the 2009 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. It had the flag sliding down in the stands and on the field, the fireworks, and the helicopters flying overhead. It was just glorious especially at 1:26.

    These are the only patriotic songs I remember David singing:
    Star Spangled Banner
    God Bless America
    America The Beautiful

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