David Archuleta Previews ‘The Other Side of Down’ Part 3 (Plus Radio Appearance at B98.7)

David Archuleta’s Central Park tour of his upcoming album continues, with 2 more songs.

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“Who Am I”, a song David co-wrote, was sparked by a really long cab ride. And in “Falling Stars, the songwriter suggested David try a few new things with the vocal.  David was hesitant at first, but he ended up really liking the result.

Watch: Part 1 and Part 2

Watch the sneak peek after the jump.

BONUS VIDEOS:  A four-part interview and performances from today’s appearance at B98.7 in Salt Lake

Video after the JUMP…

David Radio appearance at B98.7 in Salt Lake

Part 1 (about fans and grocery stores, funny stuff):

Part 2 (where he wants to be in 10 years):

Part 3 (the use and overuse of autotune, this is good):

Part 4 (dating and holding hands, this is funny as well):

Something ‘Bout Love


1000 Miles


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  1. if anyone has trouble with the vid, heres some youtubes(the quality isnt the greatest though)

    falling stars:

    Who I Am:

    Undecided on Who I am so far haha.

    Falling Stars sounds interesting and I like how the falsetto was used here. But I think this is one of the songs you need to hear fully to get. Eman said its not a ballad, it starts out slower but it picks up tempo.

  2. Love the idea of telling how the songs came about and anxious to hear the full songs. Eman thinks Falling Stars is the best on the album and features drums with a lively beat.(Of course Eman might be biased).

  3. Even though it’s only a small bit, “Falling Stars” sounds amazing. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds like it’s going to be really good. “Who I Am” sounds like it could be pretty good too. So far from these album previews I haven’t heard one I didn’t like! And for most of them I really like them!

    I cannot wait for the album so we can hear full lengths…is it October 5th yet?!!

  4. Yeah I’m really curious to hear the whole thing. I really love his bridges in songs and I’m anxious to hear them. Sometimes its hard to judge from a clip too.

  5. I liked them both but “Falling Stars” sounds like it might be really good. Need to hear the whole song.

  6. I’m really liking these insights into the development of each song. You can really feel his connection to the songs, and it makes me really curious and excited to hear the whole finished product. The snippets we are hearing are all so different, and yet, I’m really liking them.

  7. David is in our faces so much these days and yet i find it impossible to overdose on him. he is a love.

  8. Really liking what I am hearing in this album. You have to really respect David’s commitment to staying true to himself. Those Q&A’s are priceless! He is the poster child for anti-ego.

    And have to say, his voice sounds amazing as ever in those performances today.

  9. David is so funny! LOL.. I FLOVE the “Falling Stars” clip. Now that would make a great single. Love the whole interview.

  10. It’s hard to tell how Who I Am will be in its entirety, so i’m still on the fence about that song, but I’m definitely loving Falling Stars.

    I’m also really enjoying the stroll thru the song development. I think that was a really good idea for David to speak about his song writing experiences and I love that it’s so casual.. as if we’re on that carriage ride with him. :) I just wish it wasn’t so spread out! I can’t wait for all of the clips. I’m enjoying that album story he’s weaving for us.

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