David Archuleta – Orla Fallon Celtic Christmas

The Orla Fallon Celtic Christmas special featuring David Archuleta is now airing across the country on many PBS stations.

After the jump, check out a couple of performances from the special. David sings “Pat-a-Pan” and a duet of “Silent Night” with Orla.

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Videos after the JUMP…

Silent Night




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  1. Pat-a-pan is one of my favs on the album I love this song!! Love the way orla and david sound together on silent night.

  2. Same here exactly, Froggie. Love Silent Night just by David on the album, too. This time last year I had a David Christmas concert to look forward to, and man, do I wish now I had the time and resources to get to one of the David/MoTab concerts.

  3. Beautiful performances!! DVD and Cd available. If you’re looking for the PBS schedule in your area http//www.pbs.org/tvschedules/ was a big help to me.

  4. David performed beautifully here, I would have loved to hear and see Melodies of Christmas.

    So looking forward to MOTAB performances.

  5. There’s been so much discussion about David not fitting in any genre and I tend to agree. You can’t shove him into one box when you hear him above, or saw him with the symphony last year in Michigan or singing Somos el Mundo with Spanish artists, or doing a duet with Jordan Sparks, or the upcoming MOTAB choir… He’s so talented and diverse. I don’t think Jive knows how to promote this teenager! I respect him so much for being who he is!

  6. Two beautiful voices, simply brilliant. I’m gonna have to check out more Orla Fallon music. Nice receptive crowd for David.

  7. That was beautiful performances. David’s voice shines best when he sings that type of music.

  8. I really love David’s ‘Pat-a-pan’. I had never heard that song before he sang it last year. I think I’ll need to buy it.

  9. His voice is really haunting. My family gets Orla’s CD/DVD for this Christmas. I have never had a Celtic CD and the whole show on PBS was very soothing and peaceful.

  10. Aw, he sounds great! And I gotta say, Archie just makes me smile :)

  11. That really was a beautiful performance. Their two voices sounded great together.

  12. I had never heard Pat-A-Pan before last year either and have to say, it turned out to be my favorite on his Christmas album, but they all are quite good! David is flawless in the above performances. Beautiful singing by a beautiful soul.

  13. Beautiful perfomances! I love Pat-a-Pan too! David & Orla sound beautiful together! I appreciate the videos since my PBS station isn’t planning to air this special…so thanks alot!!

  14. I loved the performances. David and Orla sound really good together.

  15. David is just amazing. I looked back on some of the singers who have been chosen to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and other than Natalie Cole many are renown opera singers. For David to be chosen at just 19 from all of the talented singers out there is certainly a feather in his spiked hair. He is so respectful in a duet, too. I noticed that in the AI group #’s. Some seemed to be trying to out sing each other, but although we know how David can project, he held back unless he had a solo.

    The choir is not going to have to worry about any antics from David either.

  16. Pat-A-Pan is one of my favorites as well. Riu Riu Chiu is another favorite. I would love it if either of those songs were played on the radio.

  17. Gorgeous. I hope a higher quality version of the final group song surfaces. David’s small part is the highlight. Sounds amazing.

  18. That was da bomb! You go David! I like how some of the audience gave him a standing O. That boy, oops no, young man sure has some pipes on him. :)

  19. Pat-a-pan is also one of my favorites on the album!!!

    I don’t think Jive knows how to promote this teenager! I respect him so much for being who he is!

    We will only be able to call him a teenager now for less than a month.

  20. i wish radio stations would spin pat-a-pan. It’s great that more people are hearing it with this special.

    David and Orla sound great.

    It’s kind of an old fashioned Christmas show, eh? People just singing, no dancers. Kind of expect Andy Williams or Bing. (Not criticizing David; he sounds great. Just wondering how big an audience this show is drawing.)

  21. It’s kind of an old fashioned Christmas show, eh? People just singing, no dancers.


    I missed this yesterday my daughter surprised me with a hot-air balloon ride for my b-day. Fortunately it comes on again tomorrow night. I like that they kept the focus on the music.

  22. Call me old fashioned but I like my Christmas music sans dancing. haha!!

  23. Loved the rift…is that the right word?…near the end of Pat-a-Pan! Loved her harmony as he sang! Loved what she said about him and his talent. Love that he was invited to perform on the show!

    What was the final group song?

  24. The Silent Night duet is available on the Orla Fallon Celtic Christmas album at itunes. I just bought it as a single. Use MJs link to itunes (at the top right) to order a copy for yourself if you want :) Just do a search for the album at itunes and the song is on it.

  25. If you order a physical CD/DVD at Orla’s website, it’s a lot cheaper than the one your PBS station sells. Itunes has a digital CD, too. I downloaded Silent Night there and looks like many David fans downloaded only that song on iTunes, lol.

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