David Archuleta Lets His Fans Know “I’m Still Alive!” – VIDEO


Two years away on a Mormon mission has not made American Idol season 7 alum, David Archuleta, any less adorable than he already was. But he has grown up quite a bit.

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In this new video blog, the first lengthy message to his fans since returning from his mission last month, David talks about how much he learned as he spent time serving people in Chile. He was a people pleaser before. Always worried about keeping folks happy, especially the “higher ups.” But now, he’s learning who he is and forging his own path.

For the first time, he has taken a minute just to sit and breathe! And there was so much catch up after being away for two years. There’s new technology. Like that Instagram! Coming face to face with self-absorbed people on a recent trip to Los Angeles had him running back to Utah, where he’s discovered great, world class musicians right in the area. He’s been playing music and working on ideas. Watch out for new music.

Check out David’s new blog, titled “I’m Still Alive” and I DARE you not to smile. Like all the way through.

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  1. Can David just start selling pocket-sized Archuleta’s?
    We all need a little more David in our lives. Adorable as hell and just…
    Ugh I love the kid.

  2. Nice to hear from David A – sounds like he is working at his own pace, and has a pretty good idea of what he wants to do. Like make his own mistakes, not mistakes that other people made ‘for’ him.

    Good to see the self-confidence…it will be interesting to hear what he has decided to do.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sorta intrigued by this mildly unfiltered/sarcastic Archie, but is he trying to distance himself from his “Other Side of Down” cd when he refers to doing it his way from now on? Because that was 100% his blandy mcbland mistake.

    Besides that I laughed out loud when he flat out said he hates vlogs and has noticed fans hating on his short hair. I have no illusions about a DA who grows into someone who truly couldn’t care less what people (fans, labels, Mormon higher ups) think, but he’s about 25% less saccharine now, and that’s a good start.

  4. He’s so cute. What great insight. He should make friends with other kids who have traveled a similar road. I have some in mind for him. :)

  5. Nice house! It’s great to see David happy n taking that time to walk his own path. As for self absorbed people. Unfortunately that is a condition in most industry. It’s the way the game is played in any rat race.

  6. Lol if you guys knew even half the fan wank around David the past month or so. Glad he finally spoke up! The new, more assertive Archie is maybe my favorite thing ever. Hope it’s a sign of things to come :)

  7. He’s still adorable but it’s obvious that he’s matured. He’s less timid and shy, and more articulate. Good for him. I’m glad he’s not letting anyone pressure him. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

  8. Such a good and earnest fellow. He’s become more outspoken as well which is just great :) Will be here once he is ready to let us hear some of that music he’s been working on.

  9. I know some fans took David’s prolonged silence as a sign that he was no longer interested in his music career but I never did. A person that releases 3 CDs and 5 music videos and that works with multiple labels including Sony Asia and E1 Music during his mission, is interested in a music career. He just likes to make announcements in his own time. There are some artists who like to announce projects months or years before their release. That is not, and has never been David. Projects are coming. People just need to be patient.

  10. wow the new david. I loved it he is now more matured, confident and blatant.. i am excited for what he’s going to do in the future but i am loving the new david…keep it up david do it ur way. i support u all the way no matter what..gosh i hope there are more artist like u to be idolized in this world.

  11. Yep, impossible not to smile through an Archie vlog. lol Archie seems like he’s grown and matured a lot (still adorable though), and knows what he wants to do with his life as a singer/musician. Good for him!

  12. Yeah, Archie sure ranks at the top of the “likability meter”. lol

  13. wow loving this new David.. especially loved how he is doing music his way now
    LOVED the spunk!! thanks mj!

  14. I smiled throughout lol. Loving the confident and grown up David. I’ve loved voice since his AI audition and most what he’s put out but i’m excited to hear what comes next from this take charge David.

    Rumor has it he’ll be heading out to Nashville, he loves it there.

  15. How can anyone not like him? I wish him well with whatever the future holds for him. I hope whenever he comes out that he has a good support system in place to help him through it.

  16. He could go and beat up the Queen of England and I’d still find it all adorable.

  17. Another thing…the boy has perfect skin.

  18. Regarding David’s mention in the video of going somewhere he loves next week to work on music, while it’s just a guess I think he’s likely talking about Nashville. Only because he spent time there in the past and mentioned how great the people were and what a different experience it was than songwriting in LA. He worked quite a bit with Joy Williams (from the Civil Wars) so wondering if he might be working with her again. He even stayed with Joy and her husband while he was in town.

    If it is indeed Nashville he’s talking about, I hope he gets to catch up with some other Idol peeps! There are a few there now. I especially hope he can meet up with David Cook. I do love a good reunion and S7 has my heart ;)

  19. Yup! I think that was all his. I don’t like it. He’s trying to be quirky which does not suit him or at least that is not what he’s known. I bought his first album, i like it. He should have stayed Pop. I hope his next music is like John Legend’s “All of Me”. I think that music suits him well.

  20. Upon reflection, I’m going with the theory that, while TOSOD was Archuleta’s blandy mcbland mistake, it was also his response to label pressures to be commercial at a level that covered the runner-up’s sizable advance. So without that pressure, he’d make different decisions. I literally could not get through the album, but it was screamingly obvious that he was trying to Mraz himself as a means of coming up with something in a super-commercial vein that wasn’t teen pop.

    My tolerance has something to do with my having exhausted my store of outrage on other Idols’ Dance of Disavowal, and also something to do with the sizable amount of evidence that Archuleta has musical tastes that aren’t really aligned with TOSOD and that his engaged fanbase would be happy to see him explore.

  21. I’m curious,why TOSOD is considered bland mistake?? I love every songs on that album. Pity that the album didn’t get the promotion that it deserved.

  22. Hey, there are going to be fans who completely love TOSOD. I freaking adore Bryan Ferry’s Dylanesque which should probably be a cause of massive shame except that I feel none.

    If I get into everything wrong with Archuleta’s efforts to sound quirkily Jason Mraz-like, I’m inviting a fight and I have to listen to bits of it again, neither of which suits my mood on a beautiful Sunday morning. Having Archuleta be possessed by the spirit of Colbie Caillat wasn’t his best look, and pop radio felt the same way about the first single.

    Better promo would probably have reached more people who’d like the album, and Jive really did give up when radio didn’t cover that first single with sloppy kisses. Anyway, it’s safely in the past; Archuleta’s gonna do whatever he does.

  23. ohh it’s alright. Haha. I’m just wondering because when that album came out,I didn’t follow up closely regarding how much the label pushed which single etc etc & the fans opinion of that album. I thought that album sounded current at that time,which has dance quality in some of the songs. Oh well,I hope he’ll release better album next time (finger crossed that it won’t sound like his cover album).

  24. Wank is an understatement lol The supportive fans out number the naysayers. But they all have one thing in common, passion for the David Archuleta.

  25. This is so funny because that was my favorite album from David. I love every song on that album. That is the go to cd when I’m in the car and want to jam to a little Archie. “Who I Am” is my favorite track on that album. “My Kind of Perfect” was also done beautifully. It’s cool though. If David is headed toward writing more tracks like “Broken” from his “BEGIN” album I wouldn’t be mad. He is definitely maturing in his writing and as a person. Love the new and more confident David. Great vlog….I had to lols when he mentioned “hairgate” hahaha…. Go David!

  26. I kind of wondered if he meant Nashville, and actually wondered if he’s writing with David Cook the way he kind of laughed when he said he was going to write with someone in his favorite city.

  27. Yes to all this….Maybe a little jam session with D and D and Kris. lols I had to throw Kris in there. They can sing “Let Her Go” or even “Let it Go” for fun. ha

  28. I always thought Other Side of Down was Archie’s rebellion against his label who wouldn’t let him go on his mission. He made records that were militantly non-commercial, and fulfilled his contract with Jive, and was OUT of there.

  29. I loved TOSOD, especially the songs he co-wrote with Joy Williams. It was that CD that solidified his fame in Asia and allowed him to release CDs through Sony even after he left Jive.

    His mistake in 2010 was letting the “adults” put all the blame on him for the lack of success of TOSOD. No way that was fair. No way the label and his manager were blameless.

    I know he is a fan of Kelly Clarkson. I really wanted him to do what Kelly did after Clive and gang refused to support My December. Some said it was stupid of her to take on Clive but it really showed that she could not be pushed around. David just never stood up for himself.

  30. I finished watching this video and instantly responded with, “Oh David, go you”!

  31. I love the new David! He speaks his mind now!. You go David! You still have many fans supporting you! Good for you!

  32. David doesn’t seem like he’s changed to me… still wishy washy and a whiner.

  33. It will be great to see what David does next. I will definitely support whatever he does. I, also, think he is going to Nashville. He seems to be very relaxed and comfortable there. It is a very different atmosphere than LA.

  34. MJ, I can’t for the life of me figure out why this vlog has you smiling “like all the way through”. This is basically his first direct communication (sans Kari) with his fans in 2+ years and this is how he talks to them? Sorry, but I don’t get it.

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