David Archuleta – Christmas Album Sneak Peek

Lovers of traditional Christmas music, here’s an album for you!

David Archuleta’s upcoming album, Christmas of the Heart is full of traditional Christmas carols such as “O Holy Night”, “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night.”   There’s a traditional Spanish tune, “Riu Chiu” and a duet with Charice–“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.   The album ends with a contemporary track, “Melodies of Christmas”

Head to Amazon.com to listen to 30 snippets.   While you’re there, you can also pre-order the album:

David is currently working on his sophomore studio album, set to be released sometime next year.

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  1. I have listened to the 30 snippets and David’s cd will become part of my Christmas cd collection. I have always loved David’s voice and he does a wonderful job on this cd. I think that picture is just adorable of him.

  2. he’s a sweet kid…but still too cheesy and slightly creepy for my tastes. but you cant go wrong with a holiday album. should be a modest hit for him.

  3. Oh my gosh a spanish song AND a latin song? He’s going to kill us! David you sound so wonderful! Thank you from a latino fan!

  4. I cannot WAIT to get this album in 2 weeks… uggg its gonna be forever.

  5. I know, LCT. And if I remember right, there may be French on the Pat A Pan song? Not sure, but I do remember that with the pop album, the snippets really aren’t indicative of which songs I’ll like best.

    So far, his Silent Night is the one that’s killing me.

  6. these snippets are setting the right tone for the anticipation of hearing the full releases… the charice duet sounds great, ave maria in latin has me thoroughly intrigued, and melodies of christmas also sounds like a winner… after his performance on the alma’s, the thought of hearing david sing once again in spanish is thrilling… i’m with you frogcooke… are we there yet?

  7. Haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m so glad he went with mostly traditional songs. His voice can really get to the heart of those songs.

    I bet he does a great version of Silent Night on the album. He performed it at the Houston Jingle Ball a capella and it was amazing. The djs for the radio station even used it to close out their final show before the holiday break and raved about it.

  8. I really like these snippets. No overproduction here. David’s voice is clear and prominent, just the way I like it. He is soooo talented.

    So far my favorites are the duet with Charice and Ave Maria!

    Spanish and Latin……….just WOW.

    13 days to go!

  9. That Pat-A-Pan song sounds so much fun! LOL I want that one the most.

  10. I just love Baby David. I wish Santa would deliver him to my house for Christmas.

  11. me too leome… christmas is all about having fun too, and i’m glad to see a song like pat-a-pan incorporating that spirit on this album… i think we’re all in for a huge treat here…

  12. I love David and I was expecting this Christmas CD to blow any Christmas CD in existence out there solely based on how Richard and Bestor kinda hinted on it but honestly, I am disappointed. It does not have the power I was anticipating. It sounded a bore to me, nothing special. I was expecting a full orchestra backing and the voice in its top form. It seems that David is holding back something not giving his all on this CD, too bad as he can do so much better than this.

    David should have David Foster produce this CD, it would have been epic. oh well…

  13. kinda off topic but since its a david thread.. dude twitpic’d him at the dentist:

    These are low quality clips so I wouldnt judge the vocal/orchestration mix too harshly based on this. It also familiar parts of the songs used for the clips as well. He changes songs up in places and they may not be prominently displayed on these clips.
    For example we heard there was some choir backing him up for one of the songs, yet its no where in any of these clips. I would wait till the whole thing comes out in good quality, before judging them too much. Some of the songs are also 4 plus minutes, 2 pushing close to the 6 min mark. 30sec isnt alot to judge them by.

    Theres also french on the cd but its not in the clips either.
    “kbestor: On the CD – not only french, but spanish, & latin. Who would have thought – a multi-linguist!”

  14. I somewhat agree that a full orchestra would be great, but the special thing about David is that he is able to get INTO these songs emotionally and I think with a full orchestra, we wouldn’t get that emotional effect from him and his voice. I don’t know…just an opinion.

    I, for one, am thrilled with this CD and am really looking forward to hear the whole thing. It’s tough to get a full feel of what it will be like with just 30 seconds. I’m excited and will be buying a lot of these CDs to give as Christmas gifts.

    Good luck to David, I wish him success.

  15. wand3rful
    September 29, 2009 at 3:43 pm
    he’s a sweet kid’ ¦but still too cheesy and slightly creepy for my tastes.

    I’m so glad it’s not just me! David A gives me a serious case of the creeps, for some reason; always has. I wish him all the best, but *shudders*

  16. David is a genius, but this is crap. Crap, I say! I awoke from my slumber only to find a cup’s worth of drool on my chin. It’s as if somebody has his balls in a lock-box or he’s on heavy meds. Very sad! He can do so much better.

  17. 30 seconds is nothing to judge a song on.. lol just a small sample of low quality.

  18. & latin

    Could that be on “O Come, All Ye Faithful”? I had never listened to that song, but going by the clip I realized it’s a translated version of Adeste Fideles. Maybe he’ll get some latin in that one.

    His voice doesn’t sound that strong in the clips, but even the music sounds kind off, maybe cause thes are just 30 second clips. I wouldn’t judge the album and full songs based on that yet.

  19. I will wait full judgement though ’til I hear the full album. Based on the 30- secs snippets, I don’t like what I hear.

  20. leome I think ave maria has the latin, you can hear some of it in the clip

    angels we have heard on high has some latin too. But thats part of the song.

  21. Wow. That takes Easy Listening to a whole new level. Whoever produced this must have been born in an elevator.

  22. I believe David Osmond did backup vocals on “Melodies of Christmas”?? That would probably the only song, I can hear him in the background, or sounds like him.

  23. Color me totally disappointed…at least with the 30 second snippets. I feel like I went to my high school choir Christmas show…all the standards, all done in the traditional way.

    David is marketed to the Tweenys and the younger audience for a full year and then his Christmas album has none of the joy and light heartedness that makes a youthful Christmas. It’s like now the tables are turned and the mature set is the focus group of these songs. It’s not an album someone will play during a fun Christmas get together…it’s the album that will be played during the candle lit Christmas Eve dinner when everyone is somber and trying their best to remember the “true” Christian spirit of the holiday.

    Other than David’s sweet vocals there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that is “special” about this album. It sounds like it was made on the cheap and I find that really, really sad.

    Unless somebody (David himself) finds out where he wants to be in a few years he is going to be the King of Easy listening and will probably end up being this generations Andy Williams.

  24. Well i wouldnt judge song arrangements soley on these 30 second clips, tess. There’s just no way to know from that. Alot of times he sings the first verses pretty straight and then changes up the sencond one etc etc. But I do like that its mainly traditional. Pop xmas albums tend to get dated real quick.

  25. I think it’s beautiful and timeless. Although I can’t wait to hear the full songs to hear the entire effect. 30 second clips will never give you that. I love traditional Christmas music!

  26. Right, frogcooke, David’s songs usually build. We’ve all heard what he does with Oh Holy Night, and it’s obvious they didn’t capture the best part of it in the clip.

  27. Sea same here. I love the more traditional stuff but then again i guess Im used to that. My dad used to play them on the piano and stuff. Dont get me wrong I like my rockin around the xmas trees too. and I love me some trans-siberian orchestra. But I like traditional as well.

    One of my fav clips so far is Oh Come All Ye Faithful I just love that song. Also Angels We Have Heard On High.
    I think Pat-A-Pan and Riu Riu Chiu could be fun and those are the ones i wanna hear in full the most right now. I’d never heard them before. lol

    Sea: yeah OHN thats the begining of the song so its obviously not going to be as dramatic yet in the clip. And you are right his songs usually build nicely.

  28. I never judge anything on these little snippets. I also don’t usually buy xmas music. I think I may get David’s though. Good production, bad production, cheesy, not cheesy (isn’t xmas itself in america kinda cheesy?)his voice is clear and resonant. I also like that Pat-a-pan song. Ave Maria in it’s entirely just might make it worth it on it’s own.

    I am not sold on making his second cd an xmas one. I still have my reservations…..but it seems like the fans have been clamoring for it. I want another pop cd, asap.

    it’s the album that will be played during the candle lit Christmas Eve dinner when everyone is somber and trying their best to remember the ‘true’  Christian spirit of the holiday.

    Funny thing is that might be exactly what he was going for, and that also might make this one of those xmas cds that keep selling into the future. That btw is why I have reservations…..it’s a double edged sword.

  29. Can’t wait for his CD ..WOndering if he is going to have Xmas concert tours. I always find he is better when he sings live.

  30. I’ll have to pass. I have 3 (and only 3) Christmas albums I play and only one is traditional (Philadelphia Brass Ensemble). The other two are Emmylou Harris’ Light of the Stable and Joe Pass (a jazz guitar album). I don’t see this replacing any of those, and I’m not interested in adding to my collection. I only play them on Christmas day anyhow. He does have a beautiful voice, however.

  31. Traditional is the way to go. I have TONS of very dated “hip happenin'” (at the time) Christmas albums that I never play anymore. But the traditional ones always get spins from me.

    If I remember correctly, there was lots of hand wringing by the fanbase over his pop album snippets. People HATED certain songs that when the full album came out suddenly became their favorites. (snicker)

    I’d wait until the full songs are out to decided on whether it’s purchase- worthy or not.

    Of course I’m a huge fan and will buy it regardless. lol

    But so far, I’m encouraged by what I heard of the snippets.

    I’m sure the latin is on Ave Maria. It’s the Bach/Gounod version. That’s my only slight disappointment so far. I was hoping for Shubert’s version. However, the B/G version is a much tougher piece to sing and is also pretty.

    The French is either on Pat-A-Pan or The First Noel would be my guess.

  32. I haven’t listened to the clips because I want to be surprised so I can’t give any opinions on the clips. I do think a more traditional sounding Christmas album makes more sense then a Christmas pop album. There was a time when those types of albums sold. I love Nsync’s Christmas album. They had a lot of original songs on there and that album did very well. But that was back when people bought pop albums. I imagine that those who would be interested in buying a Christmas album would want a more traditional one. I think it makes sense to make a Christmas album for that audience. It doesn’t mean that all of David’s albums are going to be like that. It doesn’t mean that David’s second pop album is going to be an easy listening one.

  33. Kris, I think the traditional route also reaches to more people that may not buy his pop album stuff.

  34. OMG! the snippets alone gave me goosebumps already…how much more if i hear the whole album…ugghhhh, can’t wait to get that cd in my hand….my whole family and friends would be very happy cuz they will get the most epic christmas cd of all time….,,nuff said!and that is my opinion…! hearing david’s voice during this special season of the year is such a blessing to me……he gives a calming and soothing feeling….that i cannot get from the other artist …again, that’s imo!

    thanks mj for posting!you’re the best!

  35. Me too Frog.

    I have no idea what my favorite will be after the full album is out…but my fav of the clips is “What Child Is This”. Hmmmmm…..

  36. Oh WCIT is the song the sound person commented on in the studio, that richard tweeted about. But I could tell that was the one he was refering to when I heard the clip. I’ve never really been a fan of the song, but im really interested in listening to it, the clip sounds good.
    I think the only song Im not enthused about is Ill be Home for Christmas.

  37. Thank you Mj for posting snippet’s of Archie’s Christmas tunes. I can’t wait to hear all the tunes cause I know Archie will not disappoint. :)

    Gosh, how can you begin to judge Archie’s music from snippets. There is no way. Archie is a master at building a song. You gotta listen to the whole thing guy’s. lol

    Anticipation, time passes soooooo slow. ha ha

  38. I agree ercheers.

    He’s also good at singing the melody straight up in the first verse and then he starts playing with it. It’s kinda fascinating actually.

  39. Still loving Silent Night and Ave Maria is really growing on me, but that darn Riu Riu Chiu is totally stuck in my head already.

    About judging an album based on 30s clips: I imagine if I picked 30seconds toward the beginning of David’s “Contigo En La Distancia” at the ALMA awards, I might not have known the greatness of that performance. Glad I got to hear the whole thing. (I think. The durn song has disrupted my entire life in the best way for weeks on end.)

  40. I like the Pat-a-Pan snippet! I don’t think I’ve heard this song before. I’ll have to listen to the full songs to decide about the rest, however, since I love Christmas carols it was so nice to listen to these. Was he on the “Have Yourself a Merry…” at all? I thought he may have come in at end of the snippet a little, but wasn’t sure.

    I hope this is a top seller for him! He’s such a good guy!! :)

  41. Yeah he came in on the end of the hyamlc clip. His voice was kinda high so…. lol

  42. Your soooo right JRB5776.

    Archie shows us this over and over again. We see it in so many of his performances. These snippets of his tunes are only a glimpse of the beginnings of the tunes. I know that the tunes will build and in the end Archie will put his fingerprint on each tune. :)

  43. Unless somebody (David himself) finds out where he wants to be in a few years he is going to be the King of Easy listening and will probably end up being this generations Andy Williams.

    Andy Williams made a pretty good life for himself, which I suspect is what David would like to do, so that is not as bad of a prediction as it appears. Any musican that can support themselves in the some form of the music industry can be considered a success. But seriously, the kid is just 19, he’s got an entire lifetime before him, so he still has a big chunk of time in which to define himself.

  44. Hearing the snippets just makes me that much more excited to hear the full songs. I’ve ordered 10 so far as I know they will make great gifts of timeless Christmas songs sung by a fabulois singer. Can’t wait to hear the full songs,because I know the beauty of the songs will build. Hearing David singing Christmas songs accapella last Christmas season gives me faith that these songs will expand.
    This is an album that many fans have been begging for for two years.
    Some of the backgroud music will be from an orchestra in Prague. There also is backgroud from a boys choir. Kurt Bestor who is a musican from Utah helped with the production. I;m more that pleased with David’s qualities and recent support of fellow artists and his Latin culture. He is gaining respect from around the world.( all ages) We have fans in my family ages 10-71. Only two weeks for the full songs!!!!! Can’t wait.

  45. I found the choice to sing traditional stuff refreshing. Usually, when I buy Christmas albums, the original material or more current stuff become the songs I skip over. I want to hear stellar voices sing beautiful melodies and the traditional songs have that. Plus, I really think THESE songs communicate something very personal to David about Christmas.

  46. it’s a christmas album ‘“ snippets from a christmas album ‘“ that in no way can give anyone cause to relegate the whole shebang to elevator music or andy williams status yet, or much of anything else really’ ¦ hahaha’ ¦ it’s human nature i reckon’ ¦ everyone from fans to fence sitters to detractors seem to always have high expectations for him, with very little wiggle room’ ¦ goes with the territory, so no biggie’ ¦ sometimes its wiser to undersell and overdeliver, because expectations for many with david, with every song he sings, album he releases, concert he gives, is seemingly one of ‘ perfection’  ‘“ and nobody is perfect.. too much of an expectation and burden for anyone to live up to’ ¦ granted, he has given us much cause to believe in the concept of perfection, in a vocal sense [see ”contigo en la distancia”] but sometimes i wonder if it is a burden for him to live up to and produce under these kind of expectations’ ¦ give the guy some wiggle room, and see what happens’ ¦

  47. I’m not in the Christmas spirit today – at all – so I almost didn’t listen. I also don’t like my laptop speakers or snippets. Despite this, I am sure I will love this album. Warm, inspiring and brilliantly performed, as usual. That Archuleta is a gem.

  48. Ave Maria gives me goose bumps! Pat-A-Pan does sound like a lot of fun. And I’m pleasantly surprised at how really good Charice sounds in her duet. I also love his Angels We Have Heard On High, Silent Night and What Child is This. I remember his rendition of O Holy Night from last year’s Holiday of Hope Tree Lighting so I know he will really power through the big belting notes towards the end of that song as well as those of the other songs. He has a talent for the gradual build up. We don’t get the full thunder of most of the songs from these brief snippets. I can’t wait to hear all of the songs in full.

    Someone put the clips all together into a YouTube which makes it more convenient to listen to…

    I’ve been replaying it over and over even though they’re just very short snippets! Knowing me, I can already picture myself playing that disk on a daily basis, the moment it arrives in October, in the car on my way to and from work, and it isn’t even Christmas season yet! Haha! :lol:

  49. I wasn’t sure about 30 sec snippets because most of songs showed familiar parts with his lower ranges. They certainly hid best parts of songs. It’s like America the Beautiful at US Open tennis. It starts out low and generic, but then builds and builds to the climax and then BANG, it ends. David always changes the second and third verses and he is very good at changing parts.

    When I heard Josh Groban’s snippets from NOEL, I wasn’t sure about his album either, but I think it’s because these songs are so well known that people try to find something special out of ordinary even for 30 sec.

    This album will be in the market every year during Christmas time because these songs are timeless and I am sure his team is going for the long term effect of the album with traditional songs.

  50. I will buy the cheese from Archie, sometimes you need a little cheese along with the taco. Actually you really can’t tell from the 30 second snippets that much but I will probably pick it up anyway. Yeah David likes to build his songs and I am sure we will get our emotional rollercoaster when we can listen to a the full songs. I hope it will do relatively well and I think it will. Archie has a strong fanbase.

  51. I can’t wait for his album! Snippets never give me a good idea of what they will be like, but I am sure they will be good.

    I was fortunate enough to go to Kendra Lowe’s concert last night (David’s pianist from tour) in Provo, and he showed up and sang an amazing “To Be with You”. You never know. With a Christmas album and another album coming out, this may be the last time he ever sings this, at least with Kendra. You never know. Boy was it a great one to go out on…..


  52. Notice that David Album’s bestseller rank number in Amazon has moved up. It was 76 this morning, now it is 49..

  53. I can’t believe people are discussing and buying (!!!) a Christmas album in September. However, his voice is absolutely beautiful and perfect for this kind of music. From what I can hear from a 30 second clip, I think the Christmas album will showcase his voice more than the pop album did and hopefully attract an older audience. I can’t wait til a full song is leaked.

  54. Ok, I just listened to the snippets, and I loved them all. I ordered mine through this site.

  55. Lk09,
    Thanks for the video. His voice is as strong as ever. Kara indeed wrote a beautiful song.

    But seriously, the kid is just 19, he’s got an entire lifetime before him, so he still has a big chunk of time in which to define himself.

    He is 18. heh. But I agree that he doesn’t have to define himself right now. Personally I want him to explore more different genres and styles of music because I enjoy all of them. I even love his rock songs like One (U2 cover), Save the Day, Desperate.


    BTW, Richard who is one of the producers for the album mentioned this morning that these short snippets did not do justice compared to the entire album.

  56. Oh boy. I really love Save the Day.

    I can’t believe I’m eagerly anticipating a Christmas album, either. I mean, I get into the spirit fairly early, but I’m not generally THIS bad.

    I’m going to bet that Richard is not overstating things. I know they worked with a boys’ choir and there was no evidence of this on the snippets. Can’t wait.

  57. lol havent heard the sneak peeks… but can I said I love his tweet today… and Cook and Shontelle twittering back about teeth… pure gold lol

  58. Yeah. I guess Shontelle is next on the list of getting her wisdom teeth out. I’m not sure he did anything to ease her fears, however. LOL

  59. Wow, just wow – Ave Maria gave me chill too… Beautiful voice. Oh, our boy can sing…

  60. Gee, everyone who has commented really liked it. Ave Maria does sound beautiful, and David has a magnificent voice, but I don’t know. Most of these song snippets just sound slow and heavy and sung better by Nat King Cole and Bing. And the original song, Memories of Christmas, sounds like it belongs on a 1970s Carpenters Christmas album.

    I mean, even MJ got the name of the album and the title to one of the songs wrong. Good luck to David–he’s a great talent and I’m hoping for the best on the album next year, but if this album sells well, I’ll be shocked. I mean, with that cover? I know, I know. It’s just the wrapper, but what’s with this label?

  61. Can’t wait to hear this album while I’m putting up the Christmas ornaments, my mom and grandma adore David, so they should be happy with it too :).

  62. I have 3 (and only 3) Christmas albums I play and only one is traditional (Philadelphia Brass Ensemble). The other two are Emmylou Harris’ Light of the Stable and Joe Pass (a jazz guitar album).

    If you run short on Christmas Day, the Herb Alpert Christmas album is also a really good one. The Tiajuana Brass never gets old.

  63. I saw a few comments that stated that Archuleta is “creepy,” but they did not say why they feel this way. I have seen that term on other sites with comments and have to conclude that it is just another conspiracy to degrade Archuleta’s pure talent. Todays magic word: ‘creepy’! Monkey see, monkey does…

  64. I liked it a lot, especially Silent Night, the duet, Pat-A-Pan and the original track “Melodies of Christmas.” Everything sounds promising though. Word to whoever said that if anyone were to judge “Contigo” on thirty seconds, it would sound good but not nearly as epic as it actually turned out. Two of the producers claim the snippets really do not do it justice at all so that has me even more excited to listen to the full versions and in the best quality possible.

    Gee, everyone who has commented really liked it.

    Not at all. Definitely mixed reviews on the song snippets and David in general. Hopefully David is still firm on not reading most things about himself. Lol

    Anyway, I know this CD will fit right into my eclectic collection. :)

  65. In Ohio, we usually have a white Christmas. Can picture this album sounding beautiful on a snowy evening while winding down from a busy day…in front of our glowing fireplace during the season…ahhhhh.
    (excuse the sap, lol). Obviously, I enjoyed the song snippits. I believe it’s going to be quite a good album when we get to hear the full songs and the full sound. Anxious to get my hands on the album. (still don’t like the particular pic they chose for the cover, but what’s done is done I guess)

  66. an artist who performs stroking themselves is cheesy and creepy to me.

    can’t wait to listen to the whole cd. snippet does not do justice to David’s A cds.

  67. I saw a few comments that stated that Archuleta is ‘creepy,’  but they did not say why they feel this way. I have seen that term on other sites with comments and have to conclude that it is just another conspiracy to degrade Archuleta’s pure talent. Todays magic word: ‘creepy’! Monkey see, monkey does’ ¦

    Don’t bother. I see quite a few creepy singers even among idols who would say one thing in public and do all kinds of creepy and weird things behind the scene. These people make me yakkk. David is just David.

    BTW, Ave Maria reminds me of my childhood memories. I loved that song when I was a kid listening to classic Christmas songs with family. If you knew the song, you would know it slowly builds to the max with power in the end. It will show David’s powerful vocals in full swing. Anticipation….

  68. Good for some of you for trying so hard to make this boat float, but I fear the worst. I’m with Tess on this one until further notice. Here’s hoping for the best!

  69. I’m afraid I agree with SBC who commented earlier in the thread. I’m a David fan, but am disappointed in the song previews. Seems the production value is not good, it doesn’t seem to capture the voice or the feeling we’ve witnessed in the past. Hope Jive didn’t skimp on production quality. It would be a shame if David doesn’t do well in this genre.

    I’m also speculating how David’s album will fare in sales alongside Andrea Bocelli, Bob Dylan, Barry Manilow, etc. Of course, they are huge and established artists. I’m thinking modest sales, and not sure if he’ll capture new fans as he already has the older set under his wings.

    Let’s hope the album does well enough for him to retain his contract with his label and get the next album out.

  70. :) I don’t think there is anything, really, to get all concerned about here….this album will be and do just fine imo. And, I don’t see his label dropping him over a Christmas album at ALL, lol. Needless worry. (again, my opinion of course).

  71. How I wish we can all be as creepy as Mr. Archuleta. For me, he has a sweet and darling personality with an extremely pure and angelic voice – if that’s creepy then I’ll take creepy any day.

    I want a full version of Silent Night right now, his voice just soars in that one. He touches my soul!!! *SUPER CHEESY*

  72. Fans of David is reporting that mp3’s will be available for download at Amazon on October 9th!…

    Sutty has been working the phones and spoke with the Amazon.com (US) download supervisor. He said that ‘Christmas from the Heart’  will be available for download on OCTOBER 9th!! He went on to say that it will be $8 as it stands today. Stay tuned for updates! THANKS SUTTY!

  73. Me too, fearbear. If David Archuleta is creepy, I pray for a world full of creepy 18 year old guys. LOL.

    I guess I’m not surprised by comments. Usual suspects and YMMV and all that jazz. Know I’m not supposed to comment about commenters, but sometimes the risk is worth it.

  74. Davidlove, he’s already been working on the next pop album, has been and will be. He has writing sessions coming up shortly as well. Daniel Bedingfield already mentioned he’d be working with him.

  75. Suzanne
    September 30, 2009 at 12:14 am

    I have 3 (and only 3) Christmas albums I play and only one is traditional (Philadelphia Brass Ensemble). The other two are Emmylou Harris’ Light of the Stable and Joe Pass (a jazz guitar album).

    If you run short on Christmas Day, the Herb Alpert Christmas album is also a really good one. The Tiajuana Brass never gets old.

    Actually somebody upthread made me remember that I also have Nat King Cole’s Christmas album. It’s a bit dated, but I could never get enough of that man’s voice. So make that 4. I think if I were to go with a 5th, it would have to be Archie or Jack Daniels, one.

  76. I’m also speculating how David’s album will fare in sales alongside Andrea Bocelli, Bob Dylan, Barry Manilow, etc. Of course, they are huge and established artists. I’m thinking modest sales, and not sure if he’ll capture new fans as he already has the older set under his wings.

    The thing about a Christmas album, though, is that it can be a perennial seller. I doubt that too many people put these out with the expectation that they’ll make a killing the first year. The Josh Groban thing was a really strange exception, I think. (Huge exception, also!).

    But this album by David can sell to some fans this year, then come right back next year and sell some more to people who have just found out about him or didn’t buy the first time because it won’t go out of style the way some other music can.

    As long as the artist keeps him/herself visible in other ways, the Christmas cd can bring in some bucks, it seems. Plus, they can be cheaper to produce than other albums because you aren’t paying a bunch of writers and so on. The songs are already out there. I think you put these out with a quite different expectation saleswise than with regular pop albums.

    I have to say I could kind of live without the elf face, though. Seems to me one of David’s more mature looks would have been a better choice. This kind of makes him look silly to me, which is ridiculous because he’s a very nice-looking guy.

  77. Hmmm, I didn’t even think about itunes Cruz. Does itunes usually carry Christmas albums/singles as the holiday gets closer? Curious…as I can’t remember.

    ETA: David’s Christmas album is at 44 right now on Amazon overall, Bocelli’s My Christmas is at 41, and Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart is at 46. Nice to see him running right along with the big dogs, for now anyway, lol.

  78. Its a christmas cd, its not going to sell ‘zomg tons and tons’ especially in october. It should pick up more sales the closer it gets to christmas. You know if there is adequate supply.. of course…

  79. I’d think it would pick up later. Only the big fans (or Idol fans who stay Internet-informed) know about the album now. And it is not yet October, for Pete’s sake. Whenever I tell people I’m almost finished with my shopping around Thanksgiving every year, they act like I’m a lunatic. Hopefully, the album will be present in the stores when the masses make their purchases. I have several relatives who are more casual Archuleta fans.

    ETA: I doubt too that David expected this album to rack up the huge sales. He seems to have a very good handle on what to expect and not to expect with his career.

  80. who but david could generate this kind of interest, in august and september, for a dingdang christmas album… in the midst of other idol debut releases, new pop product from ex idols, fans, fence sitters and detractors alike just seem to gravitate toward his offerings, like moths to a flame… he’s doing a great job holding the interest of those three groups mentioned, and continuing to build upon that… the alma award performance was a success for him, and could have begun to open the door to another huge market of customers and fans for him in the latin/spanish market and demographic…

    nope, not overly concerned about the success of this album, and his future prospects… there are no guarantees, but he has many avenues available to him that bode well to sustain a long term career… and more christmas albums thrown in the mix to spice things up – fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa….;-)

  81. latest amazon usa rankings…

    Bestsellers in Music ‘“ #35 in overall music bestsellers

    Bestsellers in Holiday Music
    #2 [overall]
    #3 hot new releases
    #4 most gifted
    #4 most wished for

    Bestsellers in Opera & Vocal

    #1 [overall]
    #1 hot new releases
    #2 most gifted
    #1 most wished for

    Bestsellers in Music, Miscellaneous

    #2. Ranking has gone up in the past 24 hours, 42 days in the top 100

    Hot New Releases in Music, Miscellaneous


    Most Wished For in Music, Miscellaneous


    Most Most Gifted in Music, Miscellaneous


  82. I love what I’ve heard so far~we’ve been looking forward to this from David since LAST Christmas! Like I’ve said in other posts…David embodies Christmas Spirit 24/7, 365… and he sings EVERYthing from the heart.
    This is sure to warm our holidays. :)
    And I agree with others here…let David sing it ALL and not box him into a “genre”. Though standard marketing practice makes a good case for “defining” him, I think David’s talent and personality are so unique and will ultimately define him in ways unique to him.
    He IS only 18, plenty of time to explore…and with his all-encompassing gift of music, his LOVE of it all, and such a broad spectrum fanbase…why limit this huge talent. Go David!

  83. Thanks for the replies to my worries about this album. I tend to worry about my favorite idols :p, as I’ve seen Jive part ways with them in the past.

    I will surely be buying David’s album and hope the songs are better quality than the snippets.

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