David Archuleta and Ruben Studdard Perform ‘Skate For the Heart’

Joannie Rochette and David Archuleta photo: @joannierochette

The Skate For The Heart event was taped Sunday night in Youngstown OH for broadcast in January on NBC. Both David Archuleta and Ruben Studdard performed for the skaters performances.

David sang “My Kind Of Perfect” for Joannie Rochette and “Something ‘Bout Love” for pair skaters.

Christopher Jackson, Anthony Ramos ...
Christopher Jackson, Anthony Ramos Perform '96,000' Up Close!

I’m not sure what Ruben sang, but he had two songs as well. David, Ruben and the band Straight No Chaser were part of a group number at the end.

After the jump, check out David singing “My Kind of Perfect”, “Something Bout Love” and David and Ruben joining a group finale for “Soul Man”.

thanks musicgirl78 and frogcooke
Video Source: PastelPastel

David Archuleta – My Kind of Perfect

David Archuleta – Something Bout Love

David Archuleta – Ruben Studdard – Soul Man

Ruben Studdard – “Flying Without Wings”

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  1. RT @jeremyabbottpcf: Most amazing moment EVER! @SNCmusic @DavidArchie impromptu rendition of bridge over troubled water. #goosebumps

    RT @thedude_nyc(1 of SNC): Yeah folks @DavidArchie killed BOTW w/ @SNCMusic tonight at a casual after partly for Skate for the Heart that we recorded tonight

    RT @thedude_nyc: It was amazing, so fun!! We hope to be fortunate enough to collab w/ @DavidArchie very soon! He’s a very talented and humble young man.


    Also here is a partial SBL:

  2. It’s been quite a day. Joanne is the gal who won the Olympic Bronze medal skating after her mother died unexpectedly @ the Olympics. Skate for the Heart was quite a special event for her needless to say. I’m so glad David got to sing for her performance. Fans say that after her skate today, she ran up on stage and gave David a big hug!! He sang well.

  3. Tears comes to my eyes watching David sing MKOP. It’s so heartfelt you can hear the yearning. He looks very handsome in that picture, growing up to be quite a looker.
    I hope we also get a sneak peek for Ruben’s performances.

  4. Joannie is the gal who won the Olympic Bronze medal skating after her mother died unexpectedly @ the Olympics.

    I’ve never cried during and after watching a skate on TV before.
    That was so unreal, the fact that not only she went on to skate days after her mother died, but she skated so beautifully.
    And watching her father ,who just lost his wife, watching the daughter – I lost it.

    That was in my opinion one of the greatest ladies single skating ever in term of drama and quality.

  5. I think I’m going to go youtube some of Joannie Rochette’s skating after I post this. That’s a nice pic of her and David, very nice. Enjoyed the videos and thanks. Also want to say that I love the song MKOP.

  6. Joannie’s story is heartbreaking. What a beautiful skating performance she did for her mother @ the Olympics. I can’t wait to see her performance to MKOP.

    David is amazing on MKOP. Such a heartfelt song and I love how he makes that last drawn out MAYBE so agonizing. Love that song.

  7. I am so happy for Joannie Rochette being able to skate to such a beautiful performance by Archie. There are no words… Also, thank you for keeping off the Archie criticisms off in this thread. Joannie’s father was so proud and happy for his little girl.

  8. Such a gorgeous performance of a gorgeous song by David. Can’t wait to see the show in January so I can watch Joannie skating (and see the rest of the show!) And I really hope Straight No Chaser and David do a collaboration — that would be very very cool.

  9. Confession – MKOP completely caught me off-guard and I am now completely obsessed with this song. I think its fantastic. I can’t wait to see Joannie skating to it – as if the song isn’t poignant enough, the visual of that beautiful skater personifying his dream girl? Gah! Can.not.wait.

  10. Can’t wait to watch it on TV, David singing My Kind of Perfect (my favorite song) while Joannie is skating. It’s a perfect combination.

  11. RT @RandyStine: @davidarchie It is unusual to meet someone as talented as they are humble; you sounded great last night! http://twitpic.com/2woylv

    ^David, SNC, Michelle Kwan and Peggy Flemming(I think)

  12. It must have been a thrill for David to meet Michelle Kwan. He has said a few times that he learned about one of his favorite singers, Eva Cassidy, through Michelle’s skate to Eva’s rendition of Fields of Gold.

  13. David sounds good on MKOP and SBL. Those are two of my favorite songs from the album. He looks so cute with Joannie in that picture. It is nice to see him looking so tall next to her. It was nice to see Ruben there too.

  14. Okay….I have to say it…David & Joannie Rochette just look soooo adorable together!! David looked and sounded great…MKOP is such a beautiful song for a skating performance.

    ETA…wish someone had video of the end when Joannie went up to David and hugged him?!

  15. I dont know what he sang, I asked a few people and they didnt know the names of the songs.

  16. David did an amazing job at the event last night! I love mkop and sbl. I said it before and i say it again, when it comes to good music and superb live performance….i trust the ARCHULETA! is that a bad thing to say?i don’t think so…,,! Lol!

  17. David’s vocal on MKOP, here and on the album, knocks me OUT. It is so heartfelt. He has become an even better singer, IMO.

  18. David has such a beautiful tone to his voice. Loved the photo with him and Joannie. He’s losing his baby face; such an attractive guy!

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