Daughtry Opens Arena Tour in Topeka KS – VIDEO

Life must be pretty exciting for Chris Daughtry these days.

After opening for bands like Nickleback and Bon Jovi, Chris and his band Daughtry began their first arena tour as headliners in Topeka, KS, Monday night, October 19.

The band opened the show with “Every Time” from their latest album Leave This Town. The intro sounds more like a sci-fi movie than a rock concert.

Perhaps inspired by that day spent at Comic Con?

Check out “Every Time” in Topeka KS after the JUMP…

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  1. Ohh, love the jacket. Will never listen to him, but digging that jacket and those pants. Excellent choices and very flattering.

    ETA: Was blinded by coat lust, but he’s touring with Nickleback? nuff said.

  2. I had to watch it twice — once to listen to the comments and then once to hear the music. Hee! That’s so cool that he’s out on an arena tour — go, Chris!

  3. ETA: Was blinded by coat lust, but he’s touring with Nickleback? nuff said.

    They opened for Nickelback in the summer of 2007 for some of their dates. They are not touring with them now. Cavo and Theory Of A Deadman are opening up for them.

    I know quite a few people that went last night and loved it!! I’m so happy they get to have a headlining tour, it’s cool to have them do such a long set. Chris performed a cover of Phil Collins In The Air Tonight with Joey on drums…..amazing!!

    Not to be picky but the full name of the song is Every Time You Turn Around. It’s a great time for Daughtry fans right now, we’ve endured quite a drought to get here haha. Thanks for posting mj.

  4. Hey!!! They stole Kris’s curtain!!! Give it back, he will need it.

    Super opening tho!!

  5. Chris has always been a Batman fan. I wish him and the guys a successful tour!

  6. This was beyond awesome! What an entrance! I’m sitting here all pumped up after watching that, wish I could see more of the concert and if they come anywhere near me I am definitely going to see them. :)

    He sounded great too, I wouldn’t have thought of that song as the opener (I just always picture ‘You Don’t Belong To Me’, but it worked fantastically well. Love his voice, love the boys.

    Chris has worked hard for this and built his band up into one of the biggest rock acts around. It’s a great time to be a Daughtry fan, and I’m very happy to see him headlining a major arena tour.

    Daughtry rocks, ’nuff said.

  7. Cool intro. The comments cracked me up. I’m thinking I may have to travel a bit to get to a Daughtry concert. They’re not coming to Dallas which bummed me out. This guy wrote a good review of the concert. If you can’t see the link it’s on Chris’ twitter page.

  8. LMAO Chris is a friggin Batman fanatic. I love it! I heard there were tons of pyros and fireworks all throughout the show too. Can’t wait to see those!

  9. It wasn’t bad….but I lost respect for him as a musican when he dished on Adam’s singing ability…. when a mic was put in his face coming out of some sort of restaurant/bar after he had just done a quest spot on AI….

  10. Daughtry was asked who his favorite for Season 8 was, between Kris and Adam. He said he preferred Kris.

    He did not take any shots at Adam, but due to the fact he didn’t fall down groveling at the awesome splendor of our lord savior and king Adam some feel that he has insulted ‘The Chosen One’.

    I could care less which of the two voices Daughtry prefers, I just gained even more respect for the man because he dared to actually be a man and have an opinion instead of dodging the question. But I can’t get onboard with the idea that Daughtry insulted Adam’s voice in any way by simply expressing a casual opinion that he preferred Kris.

  11. Oh please LOL. How the heck is saying that he prefer Kris Allen a diss to Adam? If that’s the case then you have millions of people “dissing” Adam. I can’t find the link but Chris has gone on record praising the heck out of Adam’s voice and saying that every singer wishes they can sing like Adam or something like that. I’m not sure how that can be a diss. *scratches head*

  12. Not knocking him (Daughtry) on his choice just stating I was disappointed in him as a “musician” that he didn’t give Adam’s singing ability some points… Adam’s vocals are rare, people with his vocal ability don’t come along that often…..hey I like Kris…do I think his vocals are outstanding , no, but his voice is nice!
    Yeahyeahsure…thanks for the info, didn’t know that Daughtry ever gave Adam’s voice some points….thanks!

    jjb.yuku.com/topic/…/Chris-Daughtry-is-rooting-for-Kris-Allen.html –

  13. He should have opened with Supernatural. It fits the opening so much more than Every Time.

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