Daughtry – Life After You – VIDEO Premiere

AOL debuts the music video for Daughtry’s latest single, “Life After You”. Excerpt from the interview with Chris Daughtry:

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

Tell me about the video ‘Life After You.’
“It was different than what we’re use to because we usually just get in there and perform. But I have a role in this particular video. I had to shoot some hopefully convincing scenes. *laughs* It is capturing our life on the road. We deal with having to connect at home and manage that while we’re doing our job on the road — at the same time. The video shows what we do on any given day… moving from place to place and having to get in touch with my wife.”

Is it difficult to balance your home life while on the road touring?
“Yeah. It is so bittersweet. We love being out on the road, but sometimes we feel guilty because we love it so much. There are moments when we are so busy it’s hard to grasp what we’re missing out on at home. Then, there are some days then when you really start to miss home… You try to keep it as connected as possible — it is all about trying to make both worlds work together. We manage to do that, but it doesn’t make it any easier

Chris plays the lead–a character based on himself–in the storyline of this highly personal video. Make sure to check that out.

Daughtry begins their first-ever headlining arena tour, beginning on 10/19 in Topeka, KS. The band is also set to appear on the Country Music Awards on November 11.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. I think this is a fantastic video. I’m really excited for them to be performing on the country awards since “Tennessee Line” is a fantastic song.

  2. This is definitely their best video so far! I love everything about it. Nice to see Chris take the lead role this time around!

  3. I’m so excited about this video!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It wasn’t my favorite choice for a second single but this video convinces me it was a great idea! I love that Chris is the lead and there is no real lead female since they never show her face. It is a very real video for him and the guys….I just love them all!! This is by far my favorite of theirs so far!!

  4. Great video! I love the song too. I think it will do very well.
    As usual Chris does a great job. Nice to see him in the lead role.

    Congrats to Daughtry! I hope they keep selling millions of records. Their music is awesome.
    I am excited to see them at the CMA awards.

  5. So.. Daughtry… he’s a solo artist pretending to be a band… cuz it’s clear to me that the guys behind him are more like props than actual members of a band.

    That said, the song is good but sounds like almost every other song I’ve ever heard from him.

    Chris sounds great as usual. Unlike some past idols, he will endure, IMO.

    which idols would you be referring to? Kelly? season 1, 7 years later and still making top 10 hits? Carrie? season 4, 4 years later and still making top 10 hits?

    Chris is two albums in and he’s got a ways to go before he can be compared to Carrie or Kelly IMO…. and it remains to be seen if he’ll endure past his sophmore album.

  6. Love Daughtry – one of my favorites from his Leave This Town album is Call Your Name.

  7. Just can’t get into the video or the song which sounds just like everything else he’s done. He’s lost steam with sales, and will never catch up with Kelly or Carrie. The ladies have it all.

  8. The band is definitely not props to him regardless of how it seems in this video. They each contributed to the CD and they are all very tight. This is their 7th video and the first one where he took on a lead role and I’m glad he did…..no biggie that the band isn’t as prominent this time. And of course they have a long way to go before they can say they have the same kind of success as Kelly and Carrie but I’ll be supporting them every step of the way.

  9. love the video. i also love the song call your name. i went to the concert tuesday night and he was awesome but they didn’t do the song call your name. i was so sad.

    it’s funny to me to when people compare kelly and carrie to chris daughtry. cause you know chris didn’t win and yet he is the most successfuly male from the show that some people forget he shouldn’t be compared to two winners! it just makes me giddy he is so successful. it’s well earned.

  10. Daughtry begins their first-ever headlining arena tour, beginning on 10/19 in Topeka, KS.

    I am going to be there on Monday night! Can’t wait!

  11. I’m not crazy about the song (which means, no doubt, it will be a HUGE hit!), but I really like this video. I don’t follow Chris that closely, but his band seems like the real deal to me.

    And, yeah, definitely getting a country vibe too. I always liked that “Southern rock” sound. It fits Chris well.

  12. Love. This. Song.

    The video is great, I’m excited to see how this song does when it starts to get out there. The new Daughtry album is fantastic and should continue to sell well. There’s a reason this guy is the best selling male Idol. I don’t think that status is going to change, either.

    “Chris is two albums in and he’s got a ways to go before he can be compared to Carrie or Kelly IMO’ ¦.”

    Well, um… ok. But Chris didn’t win his season, or even come in second… or third. He’s fought his way to the top despite that. And yes, both Kelly and Carrie have sold more albums than him… but no one else from Idol has, on any season. Also he’s had achievements that neither Kelly nor Carrie has been able to do (such as having the #1 best selling album of an entire year – 2007 – according to billboard, and having two back to back albums reach #1). That is not meant to be a slam on Kelly or Carrie, as they have had achievements that Daughtry has not. All of the successful Idols are successful in different genres and in different ways, but by any measure imaginable Daughtry is definitely a massive success, it’s hard to see it any way based on his album sales alone, much less the way he has managed to permeate popular culture.

  13. Slowly but surely rock groups, even rappers, are showing up on the country award shows as presenters and occasionally as performers while huge stars of country music are relegated to sitting in the audience. I guess this is MTV influence since they own CMT but it irks me no end. I don’t know why Daughtry should perform instead of a group nominated in country music is left sitting again. Apparently country music is a bit more stable in this economy since so many other genre singers are headed that way in one way or another. The only songs i ever heard Chris sing that I liked were his cover of Wanted Dead or Alive and his part in the group number on Elvis week on Idol. Just my opinion of course and IM sure Chris does what the label tells him but country fans are turning off the awards shows more and more because of all this. The last CMT video awards was practically a Taylor Swift show with her performing 3 times and having a comedy part at start. Totally ridiculous!

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