Dan’s San Jose American Idol Tour Re-Cap

Read Dan’s impressions of the San Jose Idol concert…


This is the second Idol concert for me. Last year I loved the experience and went to this year’s concert with high expectations. Last year I was a big Archie fan. I am quite surprised at who I enjoyed this year.

Mike: Good singer. I don’t know what else to say. I hope he had more stage presence to open the concert. I can’t see him doing music for a career. Hope he enjoy the tour experience.

Megan: Her style of music can be very intriguing and popular. But the same problem with Mike’”she herself is not appealing enough to make a career out of it. I wonder why we heard that she got buzz in the industry during the competition.

Scott: wow! I enjoyed Scott very much, and it surprised me! He picked great concert songs, Bend and Break and 1000 Miles are both my favorites. Obviously amazing piano skills. If he puts out an album or a show like what he sung in the concert, I can actually consider buying it or going to see him.

Lil: Great singer, doesn’t have her own style yet. I don’t know why, Lil gives me a sense of back-up singer even when she’s trying really hard to work the stage. I never get her, on the show or on the concert.

Noop: Noop needs to lose the glasses! And lose the outfit! Noop is young and have great potentials in him. I like him interacting with the audience. Great recording and live voices and very versatile style.

Matt: I wonder why Matt never moved me much during the show. Maybe it’s because of the mole or the hat. But watching his live performances I got to say he can make a good album. His voice and piano skills completely won me over. I hope someone signs Matt. He looks like a really nice person, too.

Allison: It’s not that I don’t get Allison’s appeal. I can totally see that: rock chick, popular style, great stage presence’”a formula for success for young female artist. Maybe it’s her age, she just doesn’t seem convincing to me. Maybe it’s the age inappropriate lyrics. It’s like a kid playing rocker dressing up. But I recognize she has great potentials and hopefully Jive nurture her as much as they does Jordin.

Danny: I can’t believe I am saying this, but Danny has one of the best sets of songs on the whole concert to showcase his voice, which is very beautiful. Very energetic performances. I am impressed that he just came out and gave his all for the show. What Hurts the Most is one of the most moving performances of the night. I could cry. I hope he gets a record deal.

Adam: Adam’s set of song choices are not good. I’d lose Starlight and Bowe Medley and replace them with something like Poker Face. They felt too boring and long, like some numbers strictly out of a musical. By the end of both songs he kind of lost me. The best song is Slow Ride where he’s the most natural and just being himself when he was interacting with Allison. I like Mad World’”great voice. Whole Lotta Love is the worst–oh man, I went to Thailand several years ago and saw a Cabaret show. Adam fits that show perfectly, but it’s not a performance style I can love and respect.

Kris: Together with Danny, one of the best set of songs in the concert. I love that he rocked out on the Killers song, and the guitar solo on Bright Lights is epic. It’s so nice to see him grinning and kicking around during the more rock songs. Good audience interactions during Killers song and Hey Jude. Piano songs are also good–great musician with a great voice. Performances have a very current style to them even though the songs includes both recent or old hits.

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