Danny Gokey Single “It’s Only” Available For Digital Download December 15

Check out the official label announcement of Danny Gokey’s new single, “It’s Only”.   The release is dated Friday, the day Danny visited his hometown station:

Nashville, TN ‘ American Idol Season Eight finalist and new 19 Recordings/RCA Nashville recording artist Danny Gokey made a surprise call to his Milwaukee hometown this morning as WMIL / FM 106.1 offered the world premiere airing of Danny’s debut single, ‘It’s Only.’ 

Officially shipping to country radio in mid-November, the gorgeous and inspiring ballad brought waves of listener feedback cheering, ‘I love the song, ‘  and declaring ‘It’s Only’  as ‘touching’  and ‘awesome, ‘  while another listener proclaimed, ‘That song gave me goose bumps!’ 

Fans everywhere can hear the song right now on dannygokey.com, with a digital single set for release on December 15 and a full album arriving next year.

Note that the single will be available for digital download December 15. Per Danny’s tweet, “It’s Only” will be available on dannygokey.com on December 8

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  1. I will be buying this single. I am also glad that his label is shipping this song out to country music stations this month. Hopefully that will help boost his sales.

    Danny is going to the CMA’s tomorrow and got to talk with at least one radio station today. I believe that there were a lot of radio stations wherever he was at today, because the person who talked to him mentioned on Twitter other country artists that she met.

    She called Danny the “sweetest thing ever” and mentioned talking with other country artists. I saw that another country artist Jimmy Wayne has pictures of him and people from radio stations who interviewed him today. I hope that Danny got a chance to talk to mulitiple radio stations as well.

    And get his name out there more as well as mention his single. There’s a lot of radio stations in Nashville this week for the CMA’s, Danny should definitely take advantage of that if he can.

  2. This new single is to serve 2 purposes, to consolidate the fanbase and to introduce Danny to the country music world. From what I read in the past few days since the single debuted, most Danny fans seem to be happy about the song, and the comments on country music blogs are mostly positive. I like that fact that this song debuted more than a month before it’s officially go on sale, and in the meantime Danny will be busy attending different promotional activities to build up the buzz and support for this single, it seems to me this single is positioned to do well in sales and on charts.

  3. So far I think Danny’s fans have been quite happy with the way Danny’s label has rolled out his single and very happy with the song. Although it was quite a surprise. Glad to see RCA/Nashville released an official statement on his single. As Brian Mansfield from USA Today mentioned on his blog at USA Today, TPTB for Danny are totally different than TPTB for Kirs, Adam and Allison. Country music has a different way of doing things when promoting an artist. Don’t think we can compare what is going on with Danny to what is happening with Kris, Adam and Allison.

  4. Wow, hawt picture on that press release!
    I wonder how you can buy the single through his website? I suppose just as an mp3 vs. buying through Itunes.
    I am so excited for the rest of the album, and really excited to hear him sing Its Only live.
    Hope he sings it at some of the upcoming appearances this month- in Detroit and Wisconsin.
    The more I listen to Its Only the more I love it.

  5. PJG

    I think that this is a nice picture of Danny too. :) And I can’t wait to hear “It’s Only” live. I think that Danny could make the song sound really good live, especially if he lets loose on the song more. I also wonder if he will be singing it at any upcoming events, including the Wedding Event with Ryan Seacrest.

  6. The more I listen to Its Only the more I love it.

    I love it, too. It suits him. And yes, the pic is hot, :-D. I don’t know if he will be shown on the red carpet at the CMA’s. I knew of Phil only from pictures posted when he was at the CMA’s, so we need to look out for pics.

  7. Yay for the new picture! So much better than that old AI one.

    Things seem to be going really well so far, knock on wood. I too hope that Danny gets some good exposure this week with the activity around the CMA awards.

  8. “world premiere”… Pfffft! Like the rest of the world has ANY interest in country music. Puh-lease.

    Good luck Danny, it’s much better than I expected. Good for you.

  9. Yay! I’m finally connected to the Internet (at home) again!

    Love the new picture of Danny!:) Jx223, I was interested in the tweets that you mentioned. Who interviewed Danny today? Do you remember her twitter name?

    I really like Danny’s song, and the two people that I have played it for were both very impressed, too. I was thinking about the lady saying that Danny “was the sweetest thing ever.” I think that, besides Danny’s vocal talents, his personality will be a real bonus for him as he networks with others in the music industry. People who meet and know Danny, ALWAYS seem to say very positive things about him as a person. He really seems to be a very likable and personable guy, and that can only help him in his career.

    I am really looking forward to the rest of the album. I hate that we have to wait until March. That seems so far away.

    I also hope we will get to see Danny back on AI for an appearance this season.

  10. Hi aek. I am glad that you got your internet back working. :)

    Here is the tweet where someone who works at a radio station talked about meeting Danny and some other country artists.

    ToniFoxx: Thoughts on todays 1st broadcast day for chevy cma week: chris young is smokin HOT!!!! Danny gokey from am idol is sweetest thing ever!

    Here is the site for her radio station and there is a video up of some of the country artists that she interviewed today, but Danny isn’t in the video. I think that it’s possible that he might be featured in another video posted on that site later, the site does mention to check back for more videos.


    There are a lot of radio stations in Nashville for the CMA’s and they are interviewing many country artists. I have seen Twitters, mentioning this and a couple have mentioned Danny.

    I hope that Danny got interviewed by a lot of radio stations, I think that this could end up really benefiting him once it comes time for his single to be released.

  11. The CMA’s is a great opportunity for Danny, and I hope he gets to have a lot of interviews. He’s worked very hard to get his career going, and I wish only the best for him.

  12. Great new picture of Danny ~ and that song is a WINNER! I’m SO happy for him! I’m sure he will do well, and he’s probably getting more excited by the minute!

  13. Danny’s official version “it’s Only” is better than the one MJ posted.


    Does anyone know if you buy the single from the official website, do the sales count towards the first week sales. I ask because I think a lot of Adam’s fans bought the single from his website before it went on sale on Itunes. Wonder why the label does that. Guess the total single sales is what matters anyway.

  14. Interesting tweet from a country music journalist:

    “Listening to “It’s Only” via Test Track right now. Sounds good through radio speakers…I don’t see how the song isn’t a hit.”

  15. Lady Antebellum have just mentioned on Twitter that Danny is singing the song that two of their members wrote. I think that’s cool. Maybe some of their followers will check out Danny’s song. :)

    Here is their Tweet mentioning Danny

    American Idol’s Danny Gokey debuts his new single written by Lady A’s very own Charles and Dave. Read more here: http://bit.ly/3zbpT9

  16. Those are great new photos of Danny :)

    I’m also still loving Danny’s song. It really holds up on repeated listening. I’ve been giving that a thorough test ;)

  17. Perfect marketing plan they have for Danny. Introduce the single the week before the CMA’s. Then send him to the the show, where just about every country station with a decent audience has one or more of their on-air personalities doing a remote broadcast. That is an invaluable promotion opportunity.

  18. “Perfect marketing plan they have for Danny”

    Agree with you Chessguy99. Prob. why they rushed out the single, although still a little odd it was such a surprise, although that seems to have been their strategy throughout; news blackout, then bigger news, instead of little dribbles.
    I hope Danny gets some good networking out of it; its not quite the opportunity that Adam has received, actually singing at the AMA’s, but its a good strategy nonetheless.
    Did I say I like the new publicity photos….. =)

  19. Thanks for the info., Jx223. I hope we see/hear more interviews soon.

    Does anyone remember when Def Santiago, Danny’s guitar player, tweeted about an acoustic session that he and Danny did for the Sony people. I wonder what that was all about? I would love to hear an acoustic set from Danny.

  20. I honestly cannot decide what is more beautiful, the single or all these smoking hot photos of Danny circulating on the internet lately.

    What on earth happened to this man? He is gorgeous.

  21. I read a report that Def Santiago may be in LA next week.

    Possibly joining Danny for something we haven’t heard about?
    Danny is due in LA to perform on the 14th in relation to Ryan Seacrest’s radio station contest, and I saw a mention that he could be staying over for interviews into the following week.

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