Chris Colfer – Bonnie Hunt – Cory Monteith – Tonight Show – VIDEO

Chris Colfer on the Bonnie Hunt show–after the jump. He dropped by Bonnie’s show to pimp the new album from the Glee cast. He introduced a clip from Wednesday’s show, that has Kurt challenging Rachel to a sing-off. Such good stuff.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

BONUS: Cory Monteith was a guest on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Friday night.   I was disappointed they didn’t have a dance off, but it’s still good stuff…


Chris Colfer – Bonnie Hunt

Cory Monteith on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

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  1. I hope Adam sings with him when he goes on Glee. I would love to see him sing with Rachel, but I think his voice would sound awesome with Chris’ and it would just be so presh. Can we PLEASE get a ‘hell yeah’ that Adam is going on Glee? Come on FOX!!!

  2. Enjoyed both of those! Curt is adorable and Cory’s got a real leading man’s charm in these interviews.

    I wonder how the cast is dealing with the intensity of the fan reaction. It’s got to be a weird thing to experience.

  3. You guys can have Cory. Chris is the cutie here. So happy to hear he gets the storyline this Wednesday! Can’t wait! I have missed Glee!

  4. Cory’s pretty charming and funny… but omg how did he get this gig? He can’t sing or dance at ALL! Haha. I’m actually kinda shocked he’s a drummer and auditioned by drumming on tupperware, cuz I always assumed he was fake-drumming on the show because he looked so awkward. But then I pretty much think he looks awkward all the time =P.

  5. haha – i’ve been to that restaurant in vancouver, and we had to request forks cuz our cake slices came w/o any silverware, LOL – i guess it must have been cory who waited on us, but honestly i can’t remember…

  6. omg how did he get this gig? He can’t sing or dance at ALL!

    I think that’s a little harsh. He’s not the best singer in the world but he’s not bad at all. His voice is really raw and unprofessional and it works cause his characters voice is suppose to be raw and unprofessional. God I would even say his voice is better then most of the guys of AI this year (Anoop, Scott, Matt, Michael, Adam IMO) I think he’s really good but I hate how he gets all the solo’s. but this is JMO.

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