Danny Gokey performs for Strike Out Breast Cancer

photo credit - from the Big E via tonicny of iheartdannygokey.com

Danny Gokey performed Sunday at the 3rd Annual Strike Out Breast Cancer Benefit, co-sponsored by country radio station Froggy 101 and South Side Bowl in Scranton PA. All proceeds were dedicated to the American Cancer Society.

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

This was Danny’s second cancer benefit concert this weekend. He performed Friday evening at Pajama Jam 2010 before a sold-out crowd of ~900 in Roanoke VA, with his labelmate Chuck Wicks and fellow new country artist Jaron and the Long Road to Love.

via WSLC- 94.9 Star Country’s Facebook page –

Life was perfect last night during the BEST ever Pajama Jam! Jaron in his onesy p.j’s was funny, Chuck was just HOT and Danny Gokey had everyone in the room on their feet dancing! Even the lady in the wheelchair and me in my cast! So cool to be in a room with 900 of my best friends :) Thanks y’all, for making my night! ~Robynn

Video after the jump!

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Danny Gokey Strike Out Breast Cancer concert – Scranton PA


South Side Bowl posted a full photo gallery – enjoy it here.


all video credits via jpvbowler

Be Somebody

Crazy Not To

I Will Not Say Goodbye

Life on Ya

What Hurts The Most


  1. Comment from radio station personality hosting the event today

    JroFroggy101: @DannyGokey was KILLER today! Thanks to everyone who came out!

  2. The tweet below is from a person who tweeted about Danny for the first time tonight.

    Danny Gokey was and is amazing.<3 I will not say gooodbye. I love and miss you daddy.<3 Goodnight.
    about 1 hour ago via txt

    She is following Kenny Chesney, Kelli Pickler, and Toby Keith. To me, that appears to show someone who is a country fan is liking Danny.

    I like to see new fans who haven’t followed him from AI :)

    Sounds like he has had two fun charity events for Breast Cancer in a row!

    Thanks for helping to save the tatas Danny <3

  3. I love the Danny posts. He’s awesome.

    That’s what I think too! Such a cutie. I loved seeing him talking to those little kids in “Crazy Not To”, that’s sweet. That’s a cool version of “Be Somebody” too. Danny sounds great! Jx223 – I hear the Steve Winwood thing there. He doesn’t always remind me of SW but every once in awhile he does.

  4. It’s the videos like what we saw above, and the positive responses from the organizers & concert goers that proves Danny is making inroads in gaining new country fans. Since after his AI appearance Danny really has no national PR so far, so I am not expecting any significant increase in his album sales at this point, but I think his touring on the road has helped in maintaining his album sales of around 1000 week after week.

    I am glad to find out many of these concerts where Danny either headlined or was the sole performer were sponsored by country radio stations, I think many country radio stations do see the potential of Danny & are impressed by his live performances that they would like to have Danny on their sponsored events.

  5. Oh, gosh, I’m in tears. Danny dedicated “I Will Not Say Goodbye” to the nonsurvivors of breast cancer. My Mom died of breast cancer when I was a teen. Her sister and one of my father’s sisters also died of the disease. I love this beautiful, passionate song. I still remember how I wasn’t allowed to grieve because my tears made the adults around me uncomfortable. I need to take a short break before I watch the rest of the videos.

  6. happyhexer, I’m so sorry that you lost your mother, especially at such a young age. I can understand why that song touches your heart so much, I have heard others express similar thoughts, that it validates how they feel. You’re right, it is a very beautiful and touching song.

  7. Wish I could have been there. Will have to share these videos with a friend from the area who wanted to go but had a conflict with another charity event that her niece was involved in. She is going to love the video of Danny interacting with the children before he started singing “Crazy Not To.” She loves that song anyway.

    I keep getting blown away by Danny. He keeps changing up his songs, so they always sound fresh and different. Even “What Hurts The Most,” which he sang at 50+ concerts on the AI Tour. Loved “Be Somebody.” Danny has so much energy! You could tell he was constrained by the setting, after performing in other settings where he has much more space to move around.

    Ah, well, 27 more days before I get my next Danny fix . . . Hope the venue has a nice large stage for Danny to do his Energizer Bunny routine!

  8. One last post. I want to thank jpvbowler for taking these videos, Steph6449 for putting together this thread, and MJ for hosting it. Thank you! I enjoyed it!

  9. Looks like Danny has been a busy man this weekend. Will have to catch the videos later but I will take your word the are great, cause they always are :)

  10. Happyhexer:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing your mother as a teen must have been extremely difficult. I’m glad the music gives you comfort.

    That CNT video is adorable! He just loves little kids- :lol: at him talking about daughters- plural- he can’t wait to have kids.

    That is not the most dynamic song on his album, but I love it-his voice sounds so smooth.

    Kind of hear Steve Winwood in his voice, but he has that extra rasp that makes it more unique :)

  11. I forgot to say that he looks really hot in these videos- I am sorry that summer (tshirt) weather is over because he is really built and rocks a tshirt/jeans combo. :)

    Ok, extreme fangirl moment over……..

  12. Happyhexer,

    Your post has me in tears as well…I can’t imagine not being able to grieve, especially over something as devastating as the loss of a parent at a young age. Hugs to you…

    As to these videos…wow, wow, wow! He just gets better and better…it doesn’t matter what type of audience he is in front of he makes it feel like he was born to be on a stage making people happy. Thank you Steph for bringing them to us!

    Oh and Indigobunting….you speak for many with your fangirl moment;)

  13. Certainly a very worthy cause. Great job by Danny as always.
    At this point, I have to say that the next single will either be Crazy Not Too or Life At Ya. Both will work fine for me. I was also glad to hear Be Somebody. That actually is one of my favorite songs; it has a youthful, urban grittiness to it.

  14. Happhexer, so sorry you lost your mom to such a devastating disease. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    Danny really walks the walk – all proceeds from both his concerts this weekend went to charity.

    Thanks for posting the videos and info Steph and keeping us up to date on Danny’s fall touring. He really is a great live performer – I’ve seen him several times and he gets better each time.

  15. Great videos, thanks for posting them! So cool to see fans of all ages, groovin’ to danny’s music.

    Yes, he is getting better and better and so with his guns :wink:

  16. Steph thanks for posting this, you are an awesome Danny fan, I think he should hire you as his PR/publicist ;)
    Any update on his 36 city tour? I always check the link you gave in the previous Danny thread but I always get disaapointed :( Last September he only had 8 shows none of which he headlined, this month 10 shows only 3 headlining and for November 5 shows 3 headlining but all in Wisconsin :( I mean I appreaciate that he actively participates in benefits show as well as those fair and radio sponsored shows but nothing beats seeing him in his own concert right? Plus I need to plan this if ever he’ll have a show near me, I’m from Milpitas, CA.
    I just read an article about how much the AI winner and runner up gets as advance for their album, any idea how much Danny were able to get? Is the fact that he was signed by a major label guarantees that he got almost the same as the top 2? I really want the best for him and I hope he got a good and fair deal.
    and I would like to commend all the Danny fans here who relentlessly defend him in the threads here, I just don’t understand why they hate Danny. Season 8 is history already! The contestants are on their own now and they are all doing well. I love Adam and Kris, I wish I can say that to their respective fans as well.

    Is the number of twitter followers important? I just noticed that last year around the time that the AI tour finished Danny already have 100k followers, and as of today it’s around 119k plus, so the increase is 19k. Does this mean he only gained 19k fans after the show? Or are country fans not into twitter? Well at least he has sold more albums than the number of his followers so I guess this answers my stupid question. I’m sorry if my post seems negative I’m a worrier by nature so just ignore my post if you find it annoying.

  17. Bianca;

    Danny actually headlined 3 shows in September, Madison, Vermont and Pennsylvania. The Vermont show was a small fair (he had a small crowd but it was larger than the other acts there) but he had crowds of several thousand at the Madison and Pennsylvania fairs.

    In October he will headline in Kansas at the Boyscout event-tickets are available to the public (for anywhere up to 7k tickets available),headline in NC fair (other headliners are Chris Young, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Easton Corbin, Glorianna so he is in good company),Headline Chameleon Club in PA, headline in NJ, headline in BC Canada (where Adam Lambert performed also). Perhaps the Canada show would be doable? Not sure if you are northern or southern CA.

    I am anxious for him to announce the rest of the venues too. It is frustrating when he doesn’t come close to you. Although between Sugarland and his other spot dates, opening for others like Tim McGraw and LadyA, Blake Shelton, he has been touring non stop since March, so I am glad he is a little lighter in September.

    I like the full out concerts too, but Danny stated from the get go that his charity work is very important to him (when asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t performing he always states non-profit work), so I’m not surprised he does a lot of them. I’m sure he will for the rest of his career :)

    Re Twitter, he’s at 119,880, will go to 120k this week I’m sure. Yes, country fans are not as into the internet and Twitter as pop fans. He is the 6th or 7th most followed Country artist, which includes of course superstars like Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. Blake Shelton, who is now considered in the top tier (just was invited to join the Grand ol Opry and is also followed by many because of his “interesting” tweets) has 129k followers.

    To put it in perspective, Currently S9 winner Lee has almost 53k followers, Crystal has almost 23k and Casey has 16k; so Danny has almost 30k more than all top 3 from S9 combined :)

    Not that Twitter followers are all indication of success or people willing to buy your music, IMO.

    And no, you aren’t annoying- not everyone is completely versed in all things Danny like some of us obsessed fans.

  18. Thank you to everyone who sent condolences over the loss of my mother, but it happened a long time ago. I’ve listened to “I Will Not Say Goodbye” many, many times, but it’s never affected me quite this way before. I know when Danny sings it in concert, he usually makes a dedication — maybe to audience members who have lost loved ones, or to fallen soldiers or law enforcement officers. But when Danny dedicated “I Will Not Say Goodbye” to nonsurvivors of breast cancer, it just really resonated.

    I think sometimes that there is so much emphasis on survivors, that the nonsurvivors get forgotten, even though they presumably are a major reason for fundraising efforts. That may be because there are — thankfully! — so many breast cancer survivors, and they are still around to speak out. I’m hoping for the day when fewer men and women get breast cancer in the first place. (Yes, men get it too, just at a much, much lower rate.) And since this is not a breast cancer thread, back to Danny!

    Bianca19, don’t worry about worrying! I am a worrier by nature, too. Don’t know what part of CA you are from, but last event I remember there was in Napa Valley. As I recall, the event didn’t produce decent quality videos, but there was a nice writeup afterwards about Danny’s part in putting butts in seats! :-)

    As for twitter, many country fans don’t use it, just as many country fans don’t use the Internet. For some it may be a choice, but there are areas of the U.S. where country music is big, that literally don’t have Internet access. I guess that could explain in part why more country fans are not on twitter, LOL! Hard to get on twitter without the Internet, I think. (The penetration rate for the Internet is actually less in the U.S. than in other developed nations.)

    It’s nice to have a large twitter following — and Danny’s is a nice size, especially for a country artist — but I think there are limitations to what you can read into it. For example, I have followed some artists, then later unfollowed them because their tweets are not interesting to me. But I would still buy their music.

    I enjoy Danny’s tweets. He has a great sense of humor. I especially like the one where he overheard a couple of women talking (fangirling?) about him, and they didn’t even realize he was nearby! ;-)

  19. We haven’t seen the bulk of Danny’s fall tour dates announced yet.

    Based on what he’s been saying, if he’s doing 36 dates this fall and we’re now into early October with only a fraction of them apparently revealed, he is going to be very very busy before long :)

    He’s gone quite a few times to California for performances and radio station visits before. Seems to me good chance he will have some dates thereabouts this fall.

  20. Thanks for that chart certain1! That was really interesting. So Danny is actually #13 among Country. Everyone above him is understandable, like Keith Urban, Taylor (4 million, holy cow!), Brad Paisley, Carrie, Kellie, Blake. Except for Julianne Hough (not my favorite, yikes)- suppose it is the DWTS exposure. Jeanette Mc Curdy is up there, but she is a TV star and has tons of teen followers.

    Bianca it shows him on a straight line up, consistently since May, so I don’t think you need to worry about it, if you deem it important.

  21. I just love the video of Danny singing “Be Somebody”! While it may not be the most popular track on his album for some country listeners, Danny’s voice and his ability to connect with the music really works for me on this song. And dang, he looks good in that video!

    And the reality of Danny Gokey performing in front of 900 women in pajamas is something he probably never imagined when he was working as a church music director and truck driver, LOL! Life does take interesting turns. He does get the crowd on their feet so I’m not surprised he had all the ladies dancing with him!

  22. Steph – thanks for bringing us all the latest Danny news. It’s really nice to see him devote so much of his time to worthy causes. He looks and sounds great and I love the way he interacts with the audience. That part with the kids in Crazy Not To is too adorable!

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