Dancing With The Stars – Top 9 – Performance – VIDEO

All the judges scores and votes from last week, will be added to this week for tomorrow night’s elimination.

Tonight, Lance and Lacy break out with a fabulously edgy tango danced to “Disturbia”. Even Len liked it. They’re tied for 1st place with Brooke and Derek who continue to bring it this week, dancing an impressive samba. Definitely, my two favorite dances tonight, followed by Toni and Alec’s slinky samba. The judges called Toni out on some mistakes, but she still brought the heat this week.

Time to go home: Rocco and Karina. Rocco would have gone home if Misty May-Treanor hadn’t withdrawn last week. His performance didn’t improve tonight, and his score is even worse–a measly 18 points. Bye bye Rocco!. Not going home is Cloris and Corky, who are so beloved, at this point, Cloris could probably drop a giant turd out on the dance floor and still make it to the next week. Come to think of it, that would probably get her even more votes. Her fans can’t wait to see what outrageous thing she’s going to do next. That and the generous 22 points the judges inexplicably awarded her tonight means she’s not going anywhere yet.

Combining the two-week scores, Brooke and Derek are in the lead with 54 points, while Cloris and Corky and Rocco and Karina tie for last place with 38 points a piece.

Tomorrow, Ne-Yo performs his single “Closer” and Los Vivancos dance flamenco. There will also be a mini ballroom competition featuring kids. Next week, some new dances will be introduced to the competition: The West Coast Swing, The Hustle, The Jitterbug and The Salsa.

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Maurice and Cheryl – The Samba – Samba is the party dance, says Cheryl. Partying ain’t never been this hard, says Maurice. Maurice s daughter visits the studio to “lighten up the mood”. Holy crap with the 70’s disco ensemble. Disco dancing = Samba? I would have never known if I hadn’t been told. Len says, “You got the fun element of the dance…but you have to work on refining everything.” Bruno says, “It’s Mr. and Mrs Jackie Brown..but the samba is not so fabulous…you have to get tight.” Carrie Ann says, “This week you fell a little too much into free form…I know you have it.” Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 7, Bruno – 7 20 44.1-800-868-3404.

Cody and Julianne – The Tango – The Tango is all about being passionate and aggressive, says Julianne during their video package. Cody’s high school principal intervenes when his ADD kicks in. As if Cody goes to high school. I dunno, this dance seems a little stiff and awkward. But, the judges love it. Bruno says, “Confident, focused, masculine…this was the proper direction to take.” Carrie Ann agrees. Wow, am I tripping? Len says, “Sharp, aggressive, you had attitude throughout, your best dance so far.” Carrie Ann 7 Len 8 Bruno 8 23 44 1-800-868-3401.

Toni and Alec – The Samba – Toni says her heart condition is doing very well. Bring on the samba! I’m liking this, the dance is very slinky and very sexy–such ease on the dance floor. Toni and Alec are definitely back after last week’s costume mishap. Carrie Ann says they “ooze sensuality, ” but that Toni needs to work on her shoulders. Len says, “It all went a little bit funny for awhile, but then you recovered.” Bruno calls the dance, “a tasty morsel of sugar and spice, ” despite a few mistakes in the middle. Len – 7, Carrie Ann – 7 Bruno – 8, 23 441-800-868-3403.

Cloris and Corky – The Tango – Cloris’s grandchildren visit her in the studio. Not as amusing as last week. I like funny Clorky. Corky swings Cloris around like a limp rag doll, she manages to keep her dignity this week. Unfortunately. The crowd gives them a standing O, but I think they just all love Cloris, regardless. The judges are impressed, for some reason I can’t fathom. Len says, “It had musicality, it was absolutely fabulous, and I loved it.” Bruno compares Cloris to a silent movie star. Carrie Ann apologizes to Cloris for underestimating her. Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 7, Bruno – 7 22 38 Oh hell, that was just a gimme. – 1-800-868-3408

Rocco and Karina – The Samba – Rocco is determined to work extra hard, despite nearly being eliminated last week. Keeping with the family theme, Rocco’s mom visits him. Holy cow…the pink ruffles. He looks like a big pink nightmare Oh dear, Rocco’s got no rhythm, not at all. That was worse than amateur. Well, nice knowin’ ya Rocco! I can’t see him surviving again this week. Bruno says, “I like you very much…but you haven’t got a musical bone in your body.” Carrie Ann says, “The dancing is still lacking.” Len says, “You did what you mom told you, you came out and had fun.” Carrie Ann – 6 Len – 6 Bruno – 6 18 381-800-868-3402

Susan and Tony – The Tango – Susan says that she’s never been called “timid” before–until last week after her performance. She plans to bring her Soap character Erica Kane into her dance this week. Probably not a bad idea, at this point. Susan’s performance is a big improvement over last week, where here foot injury probably contributed to the suckage. I think too, that she’s better at some dances than some others. Carrie Ann says, “That’s what I was waiting for…that was moving art.” Len says, “It had drama, it had passion…best dance so far.” Bruno says, “Way to go!” Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 24 451-800-868-3411

Brooke and Derek – The Samba – Brooke turns into Carmen Miranda on the club floor in the video package. The dance? Another sensational performance from Brooke! The pair are sexy, sensual and have tons of charisma. Len says, “It was slightly too erotic as a dance.” Huh? “I didn’t like all that nonsense…” Bruno says, “A sex bomb has hit this building…raunchy…the sexiest samba..” Carrie Ann says, “A blend of athleticism and grace makes you a perfect candidate to maybe go all the way with this thing.” – 1-800-868-34 Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, Bruno 9 26 541-800-868-3405

Lance and Lacy – The Tango – Lance has crappy “frame” but he’s working on it. He’s in the middle of the pack, and he doesn’t want to stay there. Oh Len is gonna hate this! It’s very modern–dark and edgy, and I love it. Awesome. Definitely their best performance so far. Bruno says, “Quirky with a gothic twist, yet always a tango.” Carrie Ann says, “I expected a lot from you…but tonight was amazing.” Len says, “You are…sir dance a lot!” Eep! Len liked it! He really liked it! Bruno calls Carrie Ann “Paula” and she’s insulted. Heh. Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 8, Bruno – 9 26 481-800-868-3407

Warren and Kym – The Samba – Warren learns some new martial arts moves in the video package. And this has got what to do with the samba? I swear, these video packages are so random. Another nice job from the big man Warren, but the judges are a little disappointed this week. Carrie Ann says, “I felt like it was lacking a hair of content.” Len says, “There was too much gyrating.” Bruno says, “You really are the crowd pleaser…you took it a little bit too easy.” Whoa, a little de-pimping going on here? They still got decent scores, though. Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 7, Bruno – 7 – 22 471-800-868-3413

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