Dancing With The Stars – Top 5 – Results – VIDEO

Maurice and Cheryl are eliminated.

I got all the pool points this week. Yippie! Well, not yippie, really, because Maurice is gone. I would have liked for him to make the semi-finals. Boo hoo. After he and Cheryl were eliminated, his little girl came out of the audience to dance with him and Cheryl. Aw.

The brother/sister routines tonight were sensational. Both Lacey and Benji and Julianne and Derek were fantastic and entertaining. They really have to dumb down their rountines in order to dance with the “stars” and no, Brooke is not as good as the pros, thank you very much! Although she is good for an amateur and could take the whole thing, although it appears that Warren Sapp is now visible in her rear-view mirror…

Live recap and Video after the JUMP…

Brad Paisley performs tonight. Lacey dances with her brother Benji, and the Design a Dance winners are revealed. Then, Dr. Drew gives the gives the contestants therapy. I used to think Dr. Drew was kinda cool…until celebrity re-hab. But I digress.

Now it’s time for RECAP!!! Didn’t we just have an entire hour of recap at 8 O’Clock?

Tonight’s encore is…Warren and Kym’s Tango

Whoa, what’s up with Samantha’s hippie dress? Girlfriend is rockin’ the patchouli!

Julianne is backstage with Samantha as she interviews the contestants. Julianne wants her 3rd trophy!

Brad Paisley performs “Ticks”. Brother and sister duo, Lacey and Benji Schwimmer dance. OMG, this song is actually about insects. /Simon I don’t get country music. Nevertheless, Lacey and Benji were mighty entertaining.

Now we hear what the regular folk think of Dancing with the Stars. I don’t care.

Next is the the score review. Yada yada Brooke on Top Yada yada Cody and Maurice on the bottom. So much time to waste. We still got 40 minutes to go!

The first two couples who have earned a spot in the semi-finals are: Warren and Kym and Lance and Lacey.

The dancers sit down with fame whore “relationship expert” Dr. Drew. This is pretty contrived and about as fake as can be. That was only Part 1. Oh Goody

Design a Dance winners are next. The pros chosen by the viewers: Derek and Julianne Hough performing a cute Jive, with a piano as a prop. Tom and Samantha introduce the winning costume designers, and they get to dance with the winning pair.

More nonsense from Dr. Drew. This is so lame. OMG Julianne and Cody are crying. Sads.

Samantha interviews the couples who are safe: Warren and Kym and Lance and Lacey

Brad Paisley performs “Let the Good Times Roll”. Group dance! Featuring: Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Kym Johnson, Alec Mazo, Genya Mazo, Karina Smirnoff and Edyta Sliwinska.

Maks is choreographing the upcoming Dancing with the Stars tour. Coming to a city near you! Toni Braxton will be dancing AND singing!

This filler is killing me. An MD explains the anatomy of a dancer. They REALLY REALLY are running out of ideas.

One more couple moves on to the semi-finals: Brooke and Derek are going to the semi-finals.

Finally, the results. Maurice and Cheryl are eliminated.


  • Warren and Kym
  • Lance and Lacey
  • Brooke and Derek
  • Cody (Julianne)
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