Dancing With the Stars – Top 11 Pairs Part 1 – Recap

Nicole and Derek had the high scores of the night, with a combined score (last week and this week) of 53Buzz and Ashly had the lowest with 26.

I’d say Nicole is the front-runner at this point. With her dance experience (dancing with the Pussycat Dolls) it’s really not a surprise that’s she’s good. I don’t understand allowing professional dancers to compete with amateurs, but whatevs.

Kate Gosselin was really really terrible tonight, her low score (15), craptastic dancing, and the fact the people generally HATE her, she might be going home tomorrow night.

One goes home tomorrow night, the first results show of the season.

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Live Blog and Videos after the JUMP…

Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas – Jive – Mark won’t let Shannen dumb down the jive… Well, that was a lot of fun! Lots of energy. Len says, “Amongst all that energy there has to be control…work on the finesse great start.” Bruno says, “I’m liking the mean girl who does a mean jive…kicks and flicks could have been sharper…you really engaged the audience.” Carrie Ann says, “Mark was right to boisterous, energetic…a little more musicality.” Carrie Ann – 7, Len -6, Bruno -7 – 20 – Total – 381-800-868-3402. – VIDEO

Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska – Foxtrot – Aiden sucked last week, he and Edyta feel the heat. Well, he’s a little better this week, but still kind of stiff. Bruno says, “I can see a glimmer of hope for Aiden…paid attention to your footwork…keep focused.” Carrie Ann says, “Nice job…last week you were trying to hard…solid.” Len says, “It was a little economic in the movement, your footwork was very good. There is an improvement.” – Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 6 Bruno – 6 – 20 – Total – 351-800-868-3409VIDEO

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya – Jive – Ok, this is pretty awesome. Tons of energy, Evan is a ball of gangly fun. Good stuff. Audience loves it. Carrie Ann says, “Such great energy…it was totally in control. Connection was completely there.” Len says, “I was happy. Tall guys struggle with it, but you overcame. There was some really good Jive there. Work on those feet. Well done.” Bruno says, “Your greased lightning, partner work was spot on…point the feet.” Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 24 – Total – 471-800-868-3406VIDEO

Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel – Foxtrot – She’s a bit clunky out there, but she’s playing the part nicely. A downtown Ginger Rogers. Heh. She said she wasn’t graceful. She wasnt – “A little sassy twist, compared to last week, you are a revelation” “Nicely done, you were light and frothy, ” Carrie Ann, “Your feet were on the ground the whole time, you are spectacular, you understand why you are moving, just do it a little bit bigger next week.” – Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, Bruno – 7 – 21 – Total – 391-800-868-3405VIDEO

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower – Jive – Jake is all fiftied out in hounds-tooth. Why am I getting a douchbag vibe off him? He’s a pretty good dancer. Bruno says, “You want this really badly, your energy and determination are great, you really have to work on technique” Carrie Ann said, “I think you did a lift, great start, love the energy, you are a joy to watch.” Len says, “I think overall you coped very well, you needed to be light on your feet, I hope you aren’t the one to go next week.” Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 7, Bruno – 7 – 20 – Total – 40 – Same score as last week-they were hoping to improve, but they’ll take it – 1-800-868-3404. – VIDEO

Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa – Foxtrot – Buzz’s wife comes to visit. Her face is very very frozen. – Well, yeah. He still sucks. But he’s in his 80’s and never danced before, so what do you expect? Ashly does all the dancing while Buzz totters around. Carrie Ann says, “Very tender, charming, tugged at everyone’s heartstrings, but the dancing was a little trepedatios” Len says, “I think you inspire people, anyone can dance.” Bruno says, “you looked like you were booting craters, but…nice to have you.” Jeez, they shouldn’t be afraid to criticize him. I don’t care who he is. Carrie Ann – 4, Len – 4, Bruno – 4 – 12 – Total – 26 – (EEP!) But they aren’t afraid to give him crappy scores! – 1-800-868-3407VIDEO

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough – Jive – After the producers gave them a contemporary song, they had to change their routine. Ha ha…Derek flirting with Pamela, before he runs on to the dance floor. Nicole is such a ringer! She’s been dancing all of her life, of course, she’s really good. Lenn says, “I’m ambivalent, parts of it were good, the traditional part was really good, I think you are a talented dancer.” Bruno says, “It was phenomenal…I have never seen a jive that good on week 2, reinvented for the 21st century.” Carrie says, “Perfection…ridiculous, I loved it.” Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 8, Bruno 10 – 28 – Total – 531-800-868-3408 VIDEO

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Foxtrot – Erin is a tomboy, but she’s so excited to be Maksim’s princess. – Erin begins the routine with a pretty solo. she’s got some nice, fluid movements. She’s either had dance lessons, or lots of athletic experience. She is a natural. Bruno says, “Erin you’re a natural, such ease of movement, arms are stunning, finish all the movements.” Carrie Ann says, “You are a beautiful lyrical dancer, great flexibility, death grip on the hold.” Len says, “The moment was good, the footwork wasn’t good, get on with the dancing, trust in your pro.” Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 7, Bruno – 8 – 23 – Total – 44. Erin says Len is right. She needs to start trusting her partner. – 1-800-868-3403VIDEO

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood – Pamela is doing a Marilyn Monroe thing. How original! But charming. Not bad. Carrie Ann says, “What you do so well, you go from character to character. Bring your shoulder down.” Len says, “You’ve been titty??? (what?) It had a an elegance about it, it had cheeky charm, you have to work on her center now, not on your bust.” Bruno says, “Delicious tribute to Marilyn Monroe, and the dancing was good too.” Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 7, Bruno – 8 – 22 – Total – 43. I think Bruno is in love. – 1-800-868-3411VIDEO

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke – Fox Trot – Chad says being elegant and graceful isn’t his thing. Chad is a great big flirt! When Chad does good, Cheryl gives him a kiss! Wow. That was awkward! Very clunky. Len says, “It was terrible posture, clumsy, like the snow, glad when it’s over.” Bruno says, “You looked uncomfortable, going backwards, ungainly, no musicality.” Carrie Ann says, “You have great potential, but you have got to start understanding your movement, you’ve got to be in the moment.” Chad didn’t look like he was having much fun. Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 5, Bruno – 5 – 15 – Total – 331-800-868-3401VIDEO

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani – Jive – Kate is dissing his teaching methods and Tony is insulted and (fake) quits…oh we find out what happens after the break! And of course, Tony takes a walk and comes back! Kate says, “I wouldn’t want to teach me.” She’s looking at Tony like she’s waiting for her next step. She’s stiff and awkward. Fail! Easily the worst of the night, except for Buzz, maybe. But, he’s got an excuse. Bruno says, “You’ve turned it into a nightmare! You go through the motions, like a stepford wife.” Carrie said, “You made it through the whole routine, your feet came off the floor a couple of times.” Len said, “Nerves are breaking you at the moment, come out and really go for it.” Carrie Ann – 5, Len – 5, Bruno – 5 – 15 – Total – 311-800-868-3410VIDEO

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  1. Geez, no comments? Coming out of lurkdom to let you know I’m here and I appreciate you, MJ!

  2. I’m just starting to watch but did read your recap, Mj. Looking forward to a couple of them.

  3. The scoring is interesting but it’s still early in the season too.

  4. I’m glad Len made that comment last week “Sorry but I can’t give marks for bravery”, because it is just that a playing field.

  5. Thanks for the scores and recaps mj. If I have to leave the room and happen to miss something, you always manage to have everything up when I get back. Thanks! :)

  6. God love Buzz. It can’t be easy for Ashly either. I thought the judges handled it well. So Sweet at 80!

  7. I don’t get home until 21:30 tonight (PT), so I have to watch it DVR’d. i am always happy for your recaps, they keep me going. THANKS MJ!!

  8. Who do you suppose would have been the surprise boot if they’d had an elimination last week?

  9. Yep, that score for Buzz and Ashly is indeed bad. I’m very curious to know who would have been the surprise boot last week.

  10. I think it would be interesting if Idol showed the scores from one week to the next like Dancing did tonight.

  11. Hard to guess about the boot. Buzz was awful but he’s a true American hero. I’d guess Kate because so many folks think she should be home with her kids.

  12. I adore Bruno! You don’t see 10s this early in the competition, do you? Bravo.

  13. I’m thinking Buzz will probably be leaving, after all, it is a dance competition and would it be totally fair to keep him just because he’s a legend. You have to draw the line somewhere.

  14. That was a good jive routine. Great scores. This season is shaping up to be very exciting and interesting too.

  15. I’m starting to hope that Nicole will be a surprise early boot. I’m getting tired of ringers.

  16. As for everyone ganging up on Kate, I don’t recall people saying that Maries Osmond should be home with her brood when she was on the show. Fair is fair here people. She deserves her chance as much as anyone else.

  17. I didn’t realize they were assigned songs too, I thought they were only assigned the dance for the night. That’s interesting.

  18. Evan and Nicole have the advantage b/c of their backgrounds, and that is somewhat annoying.

    Love Brooke Burke replaced Samantha. She had the personality of a doorknob.

  19. I agree with Len’s comment “and shut up and trust in your partner”. Too much drama in the rehearsals that I could do without.

  20. Just for clarification, I don’t think Kate should go home (unless she’s bad) but I have heard horrid things from people who should know better (at work NOT from you all).

    Regading Buzz, we have seen in past seasons that some of the truly awful dancers stay for a while. (Hello, Cloris) In this sense it is similar to AI (about more than just the singing.) Popularity counts here, too.

  21. @Miss Chaos: I saw what looked like bruises too. I thought it may have come from holding too tightly??? Love her or hate her, Pamela is always entertaining and brings a smile to people’s faces. Loved her answer too “I think everyone’s already seen all the sides of Pamela”.I hope she stays around for a while.

  22. @connie 1028: I agree with your “popularity comment”. Simon Cowell also alluded to that with American Idol that a lot of times it begins to become a popularity contest moreso than the actual talent.

    This sure is a “drama” night in the rehearsals! Does anyone have a favorite judge?

  23. Mj, I don’t watch the show but I read your recaps so I can know whats going on. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, so I don’t have to ;)

  24. If Kate goes home, it isn’t because of popularity. It’s because she performed worse than an 80 year old man. At least Buzz sold the dance.

  25. Oh lord please put Tony out of his misery and send Kate home. I love Tony and it is so unfair for him to be saddled with that witch. Ugh……

  26. Kate was pretty bad, she may go home, I have never seen someone so nervous, alto I thought Chad was pretty bad too.

  27. I read that Kate (and whomever her partner is) actually rehearse at the house in PA, or wherever “J & K +8” was filmed, and then fly out to LA to be on the show.

  28. Nicole definitely has an advantage, just like all the dancers/performers before her (Willa Ford, Sabrina Bryan, Mel B, Toni Braxton, Mya, etc).

    Evan has “performing experience,” as far as performing for an audience and judges goes, but I wouldn’t say that just because he’s a figure skater that he has an advantage in dancing. He does have natural (or learned) grace, and he has experience with choreography, yes. But it’s not like he’s an ice dancer who does actual ballroom routines on ice. If Ben Agosto or Tanith Belbin or Meryl Davis or Charlie White were competing on DWTS, THEN I might call shenanigans. So, I’d say he has a lesser advantage. Not NEARLY the advantage that Nicole has.

    And I’m sorry, Carrie Ann & Bruno, but really? 10’s? IMO, that was not “perfection.” It was good, but not perfection. This scoring tonight was majorly f*cked, in general, though. I always forget why I hate this show, until the judges start giving their scores.

  29. Sarah, we’ve had this discussion before, but figure skaters have dance training and that’s huge. They train everyday. They understand lines and posture. They’re athletic. All this adds up to an advantage, even if it’s not ballroom dance. Evan has a double advantage in that he just got a gold medal and he’s America’s current darling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I’m just saying the field isn’t level. Not that it ever has been, but that doesn’t mean one can’t complain. ;-)

    ETA: Although I don’t know why Nicole has more of an advantage than Evan. Does she have ballroom experience?

    As for Nicole, I don’t think she was the main singer was she? I always thought of the PCDs as a dancing group with one singer. I’d prefer Evan to her, for sure.

  30. I’m gonna stick up for Kate Gosselin here. I know they edit this stuff to a fare thee well – but I get needing to be taught in a way you can learn. I worked as an acting teacher and personal coach for most of my professional career. Everyone responds to different stimuli. I’d have been a piss-poor teacher not to understand that. It sure made group classes interesting. Some actors learn from the outside in – other need to understand the characters emotional core. It just isn’t one size fits all. I get that she’s abrupt and demanding…..but why try and fit her into a box? Tony’s gotten used to working with professional entertainers; if not specifically dancers. Kate really hasn’t a clue. Give her a chance. She might surprise people.

    Who I absolutely cannot stand is Aiden. Did you all notice how Edyta kept turning her head every time he tried to plant one on her? Talk about skeevy! There’s your douchbag vibe, MJ. Guy doesn’t seem to respect borders. If they come back I expect to be seeing hubby turn up at rehearsals. My favorite is Niecy Nash. I thought she was quite graceful – and fun to watch. Bet she makes it to the final 4.

  31. Yay, finally another season with fun couples to root for….I am diggin Erin and Maks for the dancing and Cheryl and Chad for the chemistry. Kate Goselin, meanwhile, didn’t do a single flick kick.

    Every couple with the manufactured draaahma though was a bit much. I mean, reeallly?

  32. Who is Aiden? I forgot. Hmm. The soap guy. I bet he goes. LOL.

    As for Kate, she did get a bad edit, but her dancing also sucked moosecock. Buzz’s dancing sucked too, but at least he was in character.

  33. Kate needs to go home and stay with her +8. Of course the rehearsal footage is edited for drama and entertainment, but she’s equally horrible live. She’s painful to watch, and she’s got a bad attitude; she can’t handle the criticism. I’m already tired of her sourpuss face.

    On another topic, there has never been, and will never be, an equal playing field on this show. I don’t understand why people complain about that so much. Yes, Nicole and Evan are naturally going to be better right from the start, but it gives those in the middle something to aim for. It also means the first several shows aren’t completely boring or painful with everyone being mediocre. If it were all ‘fair’ we wouldn’t have the older contestants. That would be a shame, because there have been great TV moments from some of the older stars.

    Lastly, of course it’s a popularity contest, just like AI. Whenever you have the general public vote on something, it’s going to be about popularity. How many people are going to vote for someone who’s a great dancer or fantastic singer that also seems like a completely asshole? It’s all about what we like, who we like, and if we enjoy what they’re doing. That’s part of what makes it fun, because we’re all going to like different things for different reasons.

  34. The producers must not like Shanon Doherty. She dances 2nd last week, and first this week, easy to be forgotten.

    On the flip side they LOVE the grusome twosome Pam & Kate. They were 10 & 11 last week and 11& 10 this week. Holy pimpage!!!

  35. Kate, Buzz, or Aiden can go. I know Shannen’s a better dancer than those three, but, I just don’t care for her (though, I do feel for her Dad). My faves are Nicole, Erin, Chad, & Niecy, in no particular order.

  36. musikken, I know it’s all for fun. That’s why I don’t vote. These are all celebs and not earnest singer/musicians trying to catch a break like on AI. I can’t waste my time voting, but I can enjoy the spectacle. I think I’m rooting for Pam and Chad right now. I hope Chad can improve. He’s dreamy. LOL.

  37. I know I am undecided about the three of them…Aiden, Buzz, and Kate. I think the professional dancer brings in a portion of the votes. Although Pamela seems quite content with Damian Whitewood, I am not. He does nothing for me. He has none of the charm Dmitry has, and he should not have been her partner. There were other professional males not brought back; any of them would have been better. I don’t dig the new guy.

    Buzz may be given a chance. I am curious which couple would have been the SURPRISE exit if they had eliminated someone last week.

  38. PJ – Evan has not had formal dance training. He did some training with a ballerina to improve his artistic score in his skating, but it was not extensive training. He’s had experience with ice choreography, obviously, but no dance training. He originally started skating to play hockey, NOT to figure skate. He continued with figure skating after he realized the thrill of the jumps. Until Plushenko went all bittercakes on him for winning the gold without a quad jump and made a comment about it being “dancing” and not “skating” without a quad, Evan had ALWAYS been known as an “athletic” skater and not an “artistic” skater. From what I understand, he modified his programs for the Olympics to even take advantage of the scoring process with his spins and footwork and some artistic elements because he wasn’t doing a quad, and that’s what got him the win. His other technical elements (and the placement of them in the long program) were more difficult and better executed. Anyway, this is not the place for a discussion of the technical merits of figure skating. Just saying that he has not had dance training. I’m sure female figure skaters take somewhat extensive dance training, and some of the males have too probably, but from everything I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot), Evan does NOT have prior dance training.

    (ETA: Now that I think about it, I don’t think his programs were modified *just* for the Olympics, but I can’t remember for sure. I just know that he hurt the same foot landing a quad that he’d fractured prior to this past skating season. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter. :))

    Sure, he’s got the advantage of being a recent gold medallist and a favorite of Olympic fans (even though even some of those aren’t necessarily fans if they don’t believe he deserved the gold, but that’s another story entirely). But I don’t consider him having any sort of real advantage over the competition with some sort of prior dancing experience. Ability in picking up choreography, yes. Dance training, no. He may not be Kate Gosselin level of bad or inexperienced, but he’s not a ringer in the TRUE sense of the word as it pertains to this show.

    And yes, Nicole was the “lead” singer (aka only REAL singer) in the PCD.

    And if we’re being technical here, Erin has an advantage too, as I believe she took several years of ballet as a young girl.

  39. I would count any sort of choreography as an advantage, and I think if you could do it on ice, it would be easier on land. Plus the athleticism, etc. I would say training with a ballerina is dance training.

    I like Evan and don’t like Nicole, but I don’t see how she has a huge advantage over him if the criteria is ballroom experience. I think the rigor and artistry of his sport equals what she did in the PCDs.

    I actually think people in sports have an edge, because they understand competition.

  40. Okay, pj. We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree here, I think. Figure skating does combine choregraphic elements with skating, but imo, having experience with actual dance choreography off of an ice rink is much more advantageous, regardless of whether or not it’s ballroom training. Just look at the critiques the judges have given Evan about pointing his toes and feet, something he doesn’t have to do (and can’t do) in skates. A more trained dancer like Nicole doesn’t get that critique because she already does it and doesn’t have to be told.

    And I also think there’s a difference in training with a ballerina on the ice to learn to be more graceful and artistic and actually taking ballet lessons and LEARNING the dance form.

    I don’t think athletes have an advantage because of understanding competition as much as I think they have an advantage because they’re used to constant training and are incredibly conditioned. Those are things the Olympic announcers harped on so much about him, and I do think that serves the athletes well. So Chad benefits in that as well, as have other past football players and Olympic athletes.

    In the end, I think on this show, everything usually tends to equal out. You have the HUGE names who aren’t necessarily trained dancers. You have the athletes. You have the boybanders/girlbanders/singers/whatever. You have the lesser known names who have a lot of natural ability and/or some prior training. Then, of course, as with all shows, you have your fodder. For instance, Pamela Anderson is a HUGE name. She’s probably the most well known of this cast, regardless of whether she can dance. At least at first, that name recognition equals dance training. Sure, she’ll have to improve to stick around to the finals, but doesn’t everyone? But that name recognition alone will get her past the first couple of weeks.

    Anyway, as far as my opinions on this season, I’m not even going to pretend to feign interest in anyone except Evan/Anna, Erin/Maks (who would make the most beautiful babies ever), Niecy/Louis, and Chad/Cheryl. Pam has potential, but her partner is nothing special, and I like Mark Ballas, but am completely ambivalent about Shannen.

  41. I really, really hope that Nicole and Derek will NOT win this thing. And please, don’t tell me that she does not do ballroom dance. She is a dancer. It is easier for her to do it, she performs already, etc,etc. Anyway, I don’t hate her at all, but it is completely unfair. JMO.

    Erin and Maks – chemistry, chemistry !. And I don’t even like Maks, but I watched their interview with Bonnie Hunt. Those two will be a couple, I think.
    I like celebrity like Erin, Apollo, that car racing guy. Those are the kind of people that should be competing.

  42. ‘Pussycat Dolls’ started out as a burlesque/dance troupe founded by Christina Applegate and Robin Antin. Singing came later. Nicole is being quite disingenuous in saying she’s not a dancer. I remember her audition for the ‘Dolls’. It was televised as part of Jonathan Antin’s reality show (he did all the ‘Dolls’ hair). It was a dance audition. Singing ability came after all the non-dancers were weeded out. Now – I’ve no problem with that for entertainments sake. It’s fun watching everyone’s differing abilities. Problem will be if she wins (for me, anyway). That would be two professionals winning in a row (Donny then Nicole). That kinda removes the audience participation bit, in a way – being able to identify the winner week one. I mean – why bother?

  43. As far as the whether or not Evan has an advantage because of his ice-skating goes, I think he definitely does, whether or not his ice-skating training counts as dance training or not. He’s athletic enough to handle the dancing (and has a lot more flexibility than most of the other stars), and being able to learn any sort of choreography makes it easier to learn a different sort.

    Additionally, ice-skating is a performing sport in that it has an artistic component. This is what gives him an advantage over, say, a football athlete. He knows how to present and to perform. So even if his technical dancing skills (such as the lack of pointed toes) are not as stellar as other competitors, he at least looks like he knows what he’s doing, and looks good doing it. It gives him an advantage at not looking awkward. It is far more difficult than it would seem to do something that is extremely mentally and physically challenging and make it look easy and fascinating to watch. It is the ability to do that that gives ice skaters and former dancers and the like an advantage. They already know how to perform in this way. (The actors on the show don’t have this advantage. Think about it: would your favourite actor be able to act their best part while running a marathon, in character, and make it look effortless and ‘pretty’? Probably not.)

  44. I read a comment from Evan Lysacek after last week’s show, where he said that while skating, all his rotations are in the opposite direction from ballroom dance turns/spins/etc.. He said something along the lines of having a hard time overcoming his training (and I guess, his muscle memory) that instinctively wants to go in one direction but now needs to go in the other. That’s an interesting handicap for him to have, and probably not one that he’ll easily overcome. I definitely agree he has an advantage over some other competitors because of his athleticism and trained musicality, but he’s being forced to do an awful lot of thinking to overcome years of skating training. Some of the dancers who are athletic, but are blank slates in terms of dance experience, may have an easier time learning so many new movements.

    All that said, Olympians have a pretty awesome legacy of doing well on this show (I think Natalie Coughlin left too soon), so that bodes well for him.

  45. I think you are quite right ptnyc34. both Evan and Nicole have a huge advantage, just in the basic discipline of learning new routines of different choreography frequently. In Evans case he has the added advantage of athletic endurance training, and know how, to get the most out of the skillset he already uses almost daily.
    Nicole will be very similar as far as choreograpy and frequent
    practice go and she has the advantage of learning, as well, as having a natural talent of how to show herself at her best in a universally appealing way.

    I read or heard recently ? that Evan and Mark have become good
    friends and that Evan has asked him to come, and professionally help him from a dance angle with his ongoing Choreography needs. If this is not precisely correct, feel free to throw pebbles!

  46. I think Cheryl is smitten with Chad!

    Can’t say I blame her. I know I am :). Whenever he says something completely off the wall, then flashes that magnificent smile, I get a little more smitten each time. And, his t-shirts make me LOL.

    I like Evan and don’t like Nicole, but I don’t see how she has a huge advantage over him if the criteria is ballroom experience. I think the rigor and artistry of his sport equals what she did in the PCDs.

    I think they’re both ringers. And, the 10’s for Nicole were bullshit this early in the game. Now, she’s got nowhwere to go. I think Evan has the greater advantage in the popularity aspect. American viewers love them some gold medal winners. But, on a show where a young athlete competes against an 80 year old man, what’s the point of even talking about fairness LOL.

    I hope Chad can improve. He’s dreamy. LOL.

    Welcome to Team Ochocinco, glad to have you aboard :). Although Chad’s posture was abysmal last night, and the standard dances are most definitely not his thing, I still want him to win.

    I feel bad for Shannon. She’s trying so hard, yet they stuck her at the beginning both nights. I doubt she’s getting a ton of votes.

    I thought Pam was extremely well behaved in rehearsal compared to some others. And, I thought her dancing was fine. What’s super weird about her, is the way she preens and poses during judging – constantly moving and making “sexy faces”, like she’s doing a Playboy shoot. Strange.

    Tony is my favorite of the pros. I adore him. I want him to be free of that delusional, wretched woman ASAP.

  47. And, the 10’s for Nicole were bullshit this early in the game. Now, she’s got nowhwere to go.

    When I heard Bergeron say early in the show that, had there been an ejection last week it would have been an upset, and then saw these 10s, which, while I thought she was good, I didn’t think she really deserved, I wondered whether last week’s upset ejection would have been Nicole, and they had told the judges to mark her really really high to avoid that.

    Frankly, I’d just as soon she go. There have been lots of semi-ringers on the show before — and now — of course, but it always seemed to me that at least they were singers or skaters who danced, whereas, to me, Nicole is a dancer who sings a little. To me, she’s the first full-time professional dancer they’ve had on the show. And I’m getting tired of hearing every editorial package on her being all about how extremely hard this is for her. (if it’s hard for her, imagine how hard it is for Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin!) … Plus, I’m really really tired of Derek.

    With those judges’ scores, however, I suppose she’s safe.

  48. Ptnyc34:
    03/30/2010 at 4:43 am
    Sarah, you don’t seem to be grasping the fact that ice skaters actually attend dance classes in a dance studio!!! They don’t just learn their choreography on the ice while the are skating. Don’t be such an airhead. Evan has probably had more dance training in a studio than any of the celebrities on the show this season. He and the pussycat doll have a huge advantage over the other celebrities!!

    Whoa Nellie. You do realize that lots of people have taken some sort of dance lessons in a studio at some point in their lives, right? It doesn’t make every person who has taken dance lessons professional dancers, though, or even close to professional caliber. (If it did, I’d have been on Broadway by now.) I think the show would be hard pressed to find an entire cast of celebrities who have never stepped foot in a dance studio. Plus, an entire line up of celebrities with absolutely no dance experience ever would be BORRRRING. Who would bring the more difficult choreography then? I think you need a little bit of pretty awesome every week mixed with pretty horrible every week and slowly improving every week to make a season interesting. I don’t see the point in getting my panties in a bunch about who can actually learn difficult choreo coming into the competition and who can’t because the ones who can’t get catered to with pros who know how to dance around them and make it look like they are participating, and if they are decent, they also get the benefit of the lovely growth arcs over the course of the season. It all evens out. Plus, it’s a mirror ball trophy. Whatever.

  49. What’s all the arguing about dance training, ice skating, being in front of a camera? This show is for fun. I like to be able to watch Evan and Nicole doing a good job while the others are getting their bearings.
    It’s nice to win, but winning doesn’t really get you much besides a mirror ball trophy. Did Emmitt Smith, Shawn Johnson, Apolo Ohno or Kristy Yamuchi get even more endorsements because of the show? Is Kelly Monaco still acting? Will Donny Osmond make much more money? I think Helio got in trouble with the law. Drew Lachey – what’s he doing? Ok, Brooke Burke got Samantha Harris’ job.

  50. Plus, it’s a mirror ball trophy. Whatever.

    Hah – while I was typing you were typing the same thing.

  51. Yeah, I didn’t think Nicole’s dance was anywhere close to a 10. They are totally underrating the a-hole soap star guy too and Edyta looks like she wants to kill somebody.

  52. Wow, I read this morning via the Linda Holmes MSNBC article that Nicole minored in dance in college? Seriously, show? Talk about a freaking ringer.

    ETA: I realize that the show is “supposed” to be fun. However, even though the winners or other contestants who participate don’t get anything other than the ugly disco ball trophy and a nice paycheck, it ceases to be fun for me when the level of pimping overtakes everything else. And yes, it bothers me on every other “judged” reality show I watch and it’s bothered me on DWTS every season, too.

    The two main things I got out of last night’s show were: a) Nicole must be polling a lot lower than TPTB expected, as that dance was good, but not “perfection.” And b) Chad must be polling a lot higher than TPTB expected because he was not good, but really, judges? One point higher than Kate, who was truly abysmal, and a full 4 points lower than Shannen, who was also horrible?

    Ptnyc – let’s not call names? :) Kthx. I realize that figure skaters do train in dance studios. However, I also still hold my position that figure skating IS NOT dancing. There’s a reason that figure skating and ice dancing are separate sports. And from what I’ve read, Evan does not have formal dance training. While my points WERE exaggerated, they’re not invalid.

    Lastly, yes Mark Ballas did choreograph a piece for Evan’s SOI program, apparently to “Man In The Mirror.” From what I understand, Mark has choreographed for other ice skaters before, as well.

  53. I am happy to see Ashly back on the show. She is truly a beautiful woman both inside and out. I love the interaction between her and Buzz. I hope he doesn’t go home this week.

    Kate needs to leave…now.

  54. However, even though the winners or other contestants who participate don’t get anything other than the ugly disco ball trophy and a nice paycheck, it ceases to be fun for me when the level of pimping overtakes everything else.

    Okay, well the pimping is annoying. It’s hard not to feel bad for the ones who are trying really hard but don’t seem to be already scripted into the finale and don’t have the fanbase to rewrite the script. But that kind of thing doesn’t always coincide with the dance experience. I think Helio, for example, was one of the most undeserving overpimped celebs, but Helio was pulling in the votes so whatya gonna do?

  55. Plus, I’m really really tired of Derek.


    Plus, it’s a mirror ball trophy. Whatever.

    LOL – too true. This show is pure entertainment. I wouldnt’ be surprised if the winners are actually decided by only 1,000 people who are willing to go to the trouble of voting. (Not to say of course, that I haven’t been part of that small pool of voters before :)).

    They are totally underrating the a-hole soap star guy too and Edyta looks like she wants to kill somebody.

    I’ve seen Edyta have the patience of a saint in season’s past. Therefore, I have only to assume that soap star guy is a huge dick.

    Just so you know: Namecalling = instant banning.

    This only applies to the namecalling of other posters, right? Not to soap star guy (who I just called a huge dick). :)

  56. Chad will cry.. I love football, and Chad’s one of my fav’s.. the dude is REAL emotional, I’ve seen him cry on several Sport shows, he’ll do it… I’m suprised he didn’t on this one. The dude can dance, but it’s club/salsa type stuff, even though he doesn’t drink or anything.. the guy needs to stear clear of the “Fox trot” thang.

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