Dancing With The Stars Season 9 – The Finals! – VIDEO

Once again, Mya kicked everyone’s ass out on the dance floor tonight. Mya deserves to win, but I think Donny is going to take it all. He dances well enough, he’s got personality, and I’ll bet the older female demo remembers his teen Idol days.

Kelly has come amazingly far, considering the competition, but her score isn’t high enough to compete with Donny or Mya. She’s certainly gone farther than I ever imagined she would.

I’m sticking with my prediction that Donny Osmond is going to win it all.

Tomorrow, the dancers perform one more time for the judges, who will add more points to their score. At the end of the finale tomorrow, the winner will be announced.


Donny received a 30 for his entertaining freestyle, Mya 30 for her impeccable paso doble.

Recap and Videos after the JUMP…

Mya, Donny Osmond and Kelly Osbourne compete in the finals tonight! Each will perform 3 dances. Who will win the coveted mirror ball trophy?

The judges visit each of the contestants in rehearsal

Kelly and Louis – Argentine Tango – Video package includes a retrospective of the stars’ dances over the season. Carrie Ann is Kelly’s mentor. Nice, elegant, very smooth and sophisticated, but she’s watching her feet too much. Nice choreo from Louis. Len says, “You epitomize what this is about… with perseverance you made it to the finals…Very very good.” Bruno says, “You have been the revelation of the season…but your free hand was a bit loose…needed more sensuality…but still very good.” Carrie Ann says, “There is an intimacy and connection…very sophisticated routine.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 8 – 261-800-868-3416VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry – Paso Doble – Ha ha. Len is their mentor. Pushing Mya to dance the paso with more aggression. Wow. Some impressive moves. Mya is awesome. She’s going to get a few 10s for this routine. Bruno says, “The power of mya….fearless” Carrie Ann says, “I dub you the queen of the Paso Doble…very hot”. Len says, “You come out and dance with no stress…it’s right up there [with his favorites]” Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 301-800-868-3411VIDEO

Donny and Kym – Cha cha cha – Bruno is mentoring and and appears to be very helpful! Ugh Donny, still pulling those stupid faces. Dial it back dude. He’s no Mya, that’s for sure. Both Kelly and Mya are better dancers than Donny. Carrie Ann says, “Wow, what a breakthrough…you got those hips going…you missed a hand connection” Len says, “That was a cha cha cha…it’s a tough dance, you coped great.” Bruno says, “This guy is a credit to his profession, that is a star.” – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 271-800-868-3405VIDEO

Next, the mega-mix group challenge – VIDEO

They dance the same choreography side by side. Long camera shots to take in all the action makes it hard to judge how each dancer is doing. Kind of a dumb idea.

Len says it’s difficult, there’s no clear winner. Bruno loves the way Mya sambas. He liked Kelly’s waltz. Carrie Ann says Donny kept up.

3rd place Kelly and Louis26, 2nd place – Donny and Kym28 – 1st place – Mya and Dmitry30

Next is the   Freestyle Round – The stars and their partners create their own dance.

Kelly and Louis – Kelly that sparkle dress? No. She looks like Tammy Faye Baker. OMG she fell on her ass. Erm. Her tango was so much better. She’s laughing at least. She prolly knows she doesn’t have a change to win. Bruno says she looks beautiful. Carrie Ann says she’s definitely a survivor. Len says, you smiled through it, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you. Sharon and Ozzie are in the audience. Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 24 – VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry – Mya doesn’t want to play it safe. “That trophy is mine!” she says. Well, it should be. Her freestyle isn’t as good as her Paso.   The ballroom dances are so much better than this random stuff. Carrie Ann says, “High energy, fun, but not outstanding to me.” Len says, “There was a sameness about it all.” Bruno says, “But you had all the vibrancy of the period….at this stage I was expecting something more spectacular.” No perfect score for Mya tonight! Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27 VIDEO

Donny and Kym – They’ll be performing a Broadway routine. That’s perfect for Donny. The faces and jazz hands will fit right in. This is pretty good, and entertaining. Donny might get a perfect score. Len says, “That was a showstopper.” Bruno says, “Mr. show-business at his best.” Carrie Ann says, “Welcome to the hall of fame of the free-style” Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 – 30 – VIDEO

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  1. I thought Kelly was looking down to much also, but I liked the dance, was very good.

  2. See but there you go, they want more sex on DWTS an early nite show, ya know, ya cant win,

  3. I haven’t watched too much this go-round, but am tuning in tonight. I love Kelly. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Mya is awesome, too. :-)

  4. I still love Mel & Maks’ Paso that the judges referenced best, but Mya & Dmitry’s was awesome too.

    Kelly did well in the Argentine Tango too!

    I’m so happy with this top 3, that I really don’t care who wins. I like all 3 of the stars AND I like all 3 of the pros! I don’t know if that’s ever happened in a season for me. Maybe season 3 (was that the one with Emmitt/Mario/Joey?).

    ETA: The link to Mel & Maks’ awesome, awesome Paso. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_JtM9nfMVc

  5. I still love Mel & Maks’ Paso that the judges referenced best, but Mya & Dmitry’s was awesome too.

    I agree.

    The side by side dancing really shows that Mya is far above Donny and Kelly. It wasn’t difficult to figure out how the ranking should go.

    ETA: Kelly’s Free Style… ummmm… at least she has a sense of humor.

  6. LOL, did she seriously just say it looked like Louis “pooped her out”? I am SO LMAO IRL right now. At least she didn’t use a word that had to be bleeped. Haha.

  7. Nigel – I just found a new Broadway choreographer for you for SYTYCD. Her name’s Kym Johnson. Call her.

    Anything’s better than Tyce, and this routine is really cute!

  8. At least he did a dance to show that he deserves the win we all knew he’d get before the season even started. Heh. :)

  9. That was so transparent. They have to ding Mya just enough and inflate Donny just enough so when he wins tomorrow night, the judges don’t look like idiots. But there were mistakes all over Donny and Kym’s freestyle.

    Sometimes I hate myself for watching this show!

  10. How they should finish if dancing was the primary criteria:

    1- Mya, 2- Donny, 3- Kelly.

    How they will actually finish tomorrow:

    1- Donny, 2- Kelly, 3- Mya.

  11. Yeah Donny!!! He did so well tonight! The Broadway routine was awesome.

  12. How they should finish if dancing was the primary criteria:

    1- Mya, 2- Donny, 3- Kelly.

    How they will actually finish tomorrow:

    1- Donny, 2- Kelly, 3- Mya.

    I agree that Mya is the best dancer and Donny is next, with Kelly last, but we know this isn’t all about being the best dancer.

  13. Throughout the season I thought the judges were sort of tanking Mya. They were scoring her low early on, and I thought they were doing it to make the contest seem closer than it was. But I have to say, tonight they were right on. Mya’s freestyle was like Melissa’s last year: blah. Disappointing!

    Donny was great and as predicted, Kelly was super charming.

    I agree with butte009:
    order of finish – Donny FTW, Kelly a shocking #2, and Mya #3

  14. There was something that just wasn’t right about tonight. Why would Dmitry go with such a safe routine that was rather blah for Mya? I voted for Dmitry tonight. There was just something about Mya’s desire to win that was a bit overboard. Then I am wondering if there is any part of this show that was scripted?

    Well, those are my random thoughts. Donny will win because of his showmanship, fan base, and personality. He has such a lovely partner in Kym. I agree SYTYCD should give her a call.

  15. Well if Donny wins, I’ll look at it as Kym FINALLY winning. She’s done some good work for years and come close a few times, but also put in her time with real duds. Plus she finally came up with a good Freestyle, so I wouldn’t mind her winning…through Donny.

    Plus Mya’s dance experience has always just annoyed me. I know she’s good, but yeah.

  16. The thing that was the most surprising to me was how good Mya is on her latin dances but how mediocre she was on the freestyle. If you go back and watch it, you can see how much Dimitri outdanced her.

    Prior to this, I thought she could keep up with him.

  17. I haven’t been able to watch tonight because I was out and missed voting by phone. I did vote online at least. I’m hoping for Donny and then Kelly before Mya. I don’t care at all if she’s the best technical dancer. I believe she’s a professional and wish they weren’t trying to hide her experience.

  18. Plus Mya’s dance experience has always just annoyed me. I know she’s good, but yeah.

    This annoys me, too. Sure, Mya is the best dancer…because she IS a dancer!

  19. I really like Kelly ‘“ she’s such a delight to watch ‘“ and surprisingly sexy, in an understated kind of way. And of the three – she’s the only one with absolutely no dance training. MÃ ½a and Donny have been singing and dancing most of their lives. MÃ ½a was a featured dancer in several films: Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Shall We Dance, Chicago. Donny began performing at age 4 ‘“ and his stage show has always involved dancing. Kelly hadn’t ever danced outside of a club ‘“ yet here she is ‘“ doing a fabulous job from scratch. My vote was for Kelly. She’ll never win ‘“ but I’d sure like to see it happen!

  20. Kelly is as cute as a button and her dances were very entertaining if less than perfect. Dimitry isn’t a very good choreographer–at least as evidenced by this show. First of all, you have to wow the home viewer, not just the judges. His best choreography (and Mya’s best dances) were the jive and the salsa. Dimitry had great music with “We Will Rock You,” but the moves, while perhaps difficult, didn’t have the flash to match the music. THe freestyle was a big nada. Donny may win because he connects with the viewer, even if he can’t dance as well as Mya. But if Dimitry had provided some dynamite choreography, Donny would be left in the dust.

  21. This annoys me, too. Sure, Mya is the best dancer’ ¦because she IS a dancer!

    But she’s not a ballroom dancer. lol

    anyways, I think Mya should win hands down. It isn’t even a contest to me. I Also think Kelly dances better than Donny. Donny acts too chessey with that grinning all the damn time. It annoys the heck out of me. i do think he will win though, although I don’t think he should….

  22. If we’re gonna call a spade a spade and call out Mya’s (NON BALLROOM) dancing experience, I see no reason to not call out Donny’s years upon YEARS of experience performing – including, yes, dancing. Just because he hasn’t danced in movies doesn’t mean he doesn’t have experience.

    I voted a bunch for Mya/Dmitry tonight because a) I have over the course of the season connected with them as a couple on a more emotional and believable level than either of the other two and b) I believe they deserve to win because they have been so much better than everyone else, all season long (and the girl played down tonight how much she’s put into this – I follow her on twitter and there are some days she posts that she’s finally going to bed at 3 or 4 am because they’ve been practicing at all hours to work on their stuff.).

    But, all that said. I’m positive Donny will win. I predicted it before they ever took a step onto the soundstage for their first dance. And I still believe he will. As I said earlier, I actually do like all of the stars and all of the pros for once, so I won’t really care no matter how it goes. They’re all great and fun and imo, they all deserve to be there.

  23. Dimitry isn’t a very good choreographer’“at least as evidenced by this show.

    We’ll just forget about his Emmy nomination then shall we?

  24. But she’s not a ballroom dancer. lol

    True but she’s a choreographer which makes her a lot like Carrie Ann. I don’t have a problem with a little dance experience like the boybanders, Mario, Donnie, or Melissa have but none of them were professional dancers or had choreography experience.

  25. I do believe Donny has been grinning since the day he was born. I don’t think he can help it. He has fan clubs all over the world, plus the Mormon vote will kick in. I do think he will win.

    Dimitry has been told he was a very good choreographer, and having Louis as a teacher must have helped him along the way. I just sensed some kind of tension between him and Mya. I hope I am wrong.

    Kelly has been one of the most vulnerable contestants to ever appear on the show, and she was encouraged to let it all out. She had so many people cheering her on with that last number. I didn’t want her to fall. I hope this experience really does change her life!

  26. Dimitry may have received an Emmy nomination, but a WIN, much less a nomination, would hardly be the final word on quality–and it certainly is not the final word on creativity. In a competition creativity matters. It looks good on your resume, though.

  27. Mya is too much of a ringer for me to support. Something in me will always root for the underdog, so go Kelly! She’s come the farthest and she started from scratch – which is what I thought the premise of this show was… I know she can’t win, though, so I want to see Donny take it. Mya and her fake, icy personality have bothered me all season.

  28. Re: Maya’s experience
    Go watch her do the Cell Block Tango in Chicago. I that’s not a full out ballroom dance, I don’t know what is.

  29. I do not for the life of me understand how anybody can say that Donnie only has a little dance training. He has been dancing since before everyone else in the competition was born!

    Mya should kick Dimitry’s a$$ for that routine… I think he wanted to play it safe because he can’t keep up with her. He may just have cost her the trophy.

    I don’t want Donny to win and I love Kelly, but if Kelly wins after falling on her a$$ in the finale I will be really disappointed.

  30. The only person whose life could significantly change from winning would be Kelly. She’s remarkably fragile – kinda Marilyn Monroe-ish in a way. I certainly hope she has more strength than that, though. Show business is very difficult for the thin-skinned. It took me years to not take the rejection personally – not until I started directing, actually; though I always made sure to explain why I didn’t cast someone – remembering how hard it had been to be told absolutely nothing. I’m guessing Kelly has been told she was fat and unattractive most of her life. That’s the problem with having parents in the biz. You’re judged from the cradle on ‘“ every misstep ballyhooed from here to Timbuktu. I rather doubt Kelly’s ever won anything on her own – not that I think that should be a factor in DWTS. It’s just frothy entertainment, after all……but then it’s not. MÃ ½a wants to showcase her talent to future casting directors. She wasn’t even considered for a role in ‘9’ – and wants to show she could carry something that big. Donny…..well, there’s that rivalry with Marie – and frankly speaking – his reputation as being difficult to work with needs mending. On DWTS he showed himself to be dedicated, affable and a team player. Kelly? She just wants someone to see she’s capable of being more than Ozzy’s drug addicted daughter. If she wins ‘“ it will go a long way towards changing not only how she’s viewed in the business ‘“ but how she views herself. I wish her luck with both.

  31. BTW, Mya is not fake or icy… she is just shy and soft-spoken… like Beyonce is shy… When they perform, they turn it on… when they stop, they go back to being shy, soft-spoken and quiet! Give the girl a break. She has worked very hard this season and deserves to be where she is.

  32. I understand what you are saying TFLS but if Kelly’s self-esteem depends on whether she wins a Mirror Ball Trophy or not, then she is in for a very hard life. I think just in making the final three she has proven she has capabilities… including getting a part in a Broadway play! All of us who have been watching this season can see the growth and the potential and not winning the trophy isn’t going to take that away from her. I think she is already successful in accomplishing what she set out to accomplish and wish her much success in the future!

  33. Mya’s freestyle was the highlight of the night for me. The synchronization of those complex side-by-side elements were spot on. The energy of that routine was just insane.

    I’ve sort of figured that the “fix” was in for Donny from the time he was “saved by the fan vote” last week but that completely overscored freestyle dance pretty much sealed the deal. The editing of the video packages made Mya seem overconfident, like she thinks the highly coveted Mirror Ball Trophy is in her back pocket.

    Kelly Osborne is very charming on the show and her chemistry with Louis was excellent but I suspect that the real Kelly is far less pleasant. It was a pretty cool show tonight but I’d rather the Megamix go away next cycle.

    Mya should win, based on her excellence and dedication to putting out the best dances every week but I have my doubts that this show really has very much to do with dancing.

    I voted for Mya & Dmitry.

  34. The editing of the video packages made Mya seem overconfident, like she thinks the highly coveted Mirror Ball Trophy is in her back pocket.

    CRB, that is what I was talking about earlier when I asked if any of this show is scripted. It sounds like your belief is that the editing is what caused Mya to come across overconfident.

  35. He may just have cost her the trophy.

    I don’t think that’s the case, I don’t think she’ll win, but I don’t think she would have won even with a snazzy Vegas number. I think Dmitry was correct in assessing that her biggest barrier to winning was that people just haven’t warmed up to her. I think people already know that she is the best dancer, so giving her something to make her likeable made sense, it was just a risk of a different nature. I think it was just too little too late. And I don’t see it as his fault, he can’t make her personality something that it isn’t. She is probably a very nice person and warm to close friends, but either didn’t know how or wasn’t able to make it come across on camera.

    I think that both Kelly and Donny have more of that easy charm, and Donny in particular understood the importance of showing that side of himself, in a way that Mya either didn’t or wasn’t able to. I don’t think Donny is a “fake” though. I thought the little speech that Bruno gave him was really nice, basically acknowledging that Donny was not skating by on his charm and popularity, he was doing the work.

    I’m impressed with Donny, he’s 51, Mya’s 30 and Kelly’s 25. You don’t get handicap points for being older, either you can do it or you can’t, but still. Whew. I’m also impressed with Kelly, she just blossomed right in front of us. Mya is of course a very impressive dancer. Donny is my sentimental favorite, but I think a good case could be made for each of them so I’ll be happy for whoever wins.

  36. I’m fairly confident that the writers/producers of DwtS feed the contestants lines and there could very well be video of Donnie saying, “Out of my way be-otches I’m taking the Mirror Ball for my trophy case!” in the ABC vault right now but just like on American Idol the magic is truly in the editing choices of what goes on the air. I’ve watched parts of a few cycles of this show and some of the past “filler” videos were, more or less, just a bunch of random “art shots” of boasting by contestants, but they are usually done somewhat evenhandedly, meaning everyone looks like an ass.

  37. the magic is truly in the editing choices of what goes on the air

    Excellent point. I thought of that last week when I saw Hugh Hefner in Joanna’s video – I was thinking Hmm, someone has decided it’s time for her to go home.

  38. That was a good show last night! I usually hate the freestyles but thought all three were entertaining this year.

    If she (Kelly) wins ‘“ it will go a long way towards changing not only how she’s viewed in the business ‘“ but how she views herself. I wish her luck with both.

    I just love Kelly. Of all the contestants on the season, she had the lowest confidence and the least experience. I still think she was casted in the comic role – the one we were supposed to laugh at. The laugh is on the casting folks because Kelly’s done very well, in dancing and voting. I am rooting for her in her career, and in her continued sobriety.

    I think Mya is confident in her abilities, and she should be. She’s fantastic. She’s had a lot of dance experience – including that role in themovie “Chicago”, in which she primarily performed as a DANCER! But whatever… I still never saw the “over” confidence nor the “icy” personality, but I didn’t root for her this season.

    Dimitry has been told he was a very good choreographer, and having Louis as a teacher must have helped him along the way. I just sensed some kind of tension between him and Mya.

    I agree! Thought it was just me. And the freestyle routine did not show Mya off as it should have. Even so, I think – and I hope – Mya has caught the attention of some producers who will cast her in bigger and better productions now. She’s very talented.

    Donny is first and foremost, an entertainer. He’s been singing and dancing for 46 years, and performed in musical theater. But he also made some of the biggest mistakes during the competition. He’s just more polished in covering up! I agree with those who’ve noted that he’s done a lot to overcome his “difficult to work with” reputation.

    In terms of dancing ability, there is no question that Mya should win. She’s awesome. But this is not a dancing contest – it’s a TV show / popularity contest. There is no question in my mind that the popularity, the showmanship, and personality all belong to Donny Osmond, and his strong freestyle – to finish the show, no less – will seal the deal. With all due respect to Mya’s fans, I’m actually rooting for Kelly to finish in the #2 spot, despite the fact that Mya is the better dancer. I think Kelly may have enough popularity to pull that out, but who really knows what the voting has been like?

  39. Nice top three, for me. I thought they all did a great job. Impressed with what Kelly and Donny have accomplished, and they’re both fun to watch. Love watching Mya dance — and she doesn’t seem cold to me, just a little reserved when she’s not performing. (maybe she is the cold-as-ice bitch that a lot of people perceive, but to me she just seems like one of those people who come alive on stage but are actually kind of quiet and shy off it … plus being kind of overachievers and perfectionists, which can turn observers off…)

    And Dmitry, Louis, and Kym are three of my favorite pros, so I’ve loved seeing them get into these prominent positions and have a chance to show their stuff.

    Very satisfying show, to me, last night. I expect them to finish Donny, Mya, Kelly. And I expect that finish is enough to do positive things for all their careers, so it’s win win.

  40. Mya having a lot of dance experience really doesn’t bother me. I don’t think I’d enjoy watching the show nearly so much if at least one or two of the “stars” wasn’t a good dancer from early on. I really wouldn’t enjoy evenings where almost every one of them struggles. And while some of the people with no dance experience take to it right away, it’s often the kind-of-ringers who fill that role of showing me some good *dance* from day one, for me. … Plus, while the ringers win sometimes (Kristi, for example), usually they don’t. And won’t this year. I like the mix of stars who know how to dance and those who don’t.

  41. “He dances well enough, he’s got personality, and I’ll bet the older female demo remembers his teen Idol days.”

    Oh, stab me in the heart! I don’t remember I’m older until I read something like this. (and he’s 3 mos. younger than me!)

    Combine that with the fact that I went to deliver a Mary Kay package to a client yesterday, and her little daughter saw me through the storm door (it was after dark) and declared her granny was there!

    Excuse me while I go soak my dentures and put on my orthopedic shoes. ; )

  42. I think he wanted to play it safe because he can’t keep up with her.

    LOL. I guess you didn’t watch him the season he was on SYTYCD (S2) or you’d know how good he is.

    Dmitry is actually very versatile for a ballroom dancer. A quick trip down memory lane for those that didn’t see that season….

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGsntLbcUU (Shane Hip Hop – I hated Joy BTW)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue8o_6eXRJw (Dan K Pop)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjqU6SwgVeU (Soooo disappointed there wasn’t a reveal at the end)

    I could watch him all day. Good thing I’m on vacation this week. Now I want to watch that season again! :)

  43. Interesting – Dial Idol has Kelly on Top!

    I find it hard to pick the “best dancer” when everyone came into the competition with very different starting points – so the contest wasn’t “fair” from the start.

    Oh – and my “favorite” dancer is Dimitry – so I’d love him to have the win!

    Oddly (as a DO fan from Joseph days) I think I’d be happiest if she won.

    Donny pulled the “Marie” card one to many times for me – and Mya is a great dancer – but she never touched my heart.

  44. Dmitry is actually very versatile for a ballroom dancer. A quick trip down memory lane for those that didn’t see that season’ ¦.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGsntLbcUU (Shane Hip Hop ‘“ I hated Joy BTW)

    I think that video pretty much makes the case of why they didn’t do any hip hop dancing last night. Mya could do that simple choreography from that SYTYCD clip in her sleep and Dmitry clearly was struggling there.


    My opinion is that Donny is likely pulling twice as many votes as Mya, he was so far down behind Johanna last week and still passed her, so he is going to win this “competition” come hell or high water, the judges and producers know it, and the concept of laying it on Dmitry’s “lackluster” freestyle choreography is an appealing fiction that seems to resonate with viewers.

    I’m just glad Mya was in the cast until the last show because Kelly’s “journey” and Donny’s shtick really didn’t interest me in the least.

  45. Mya’s personality is one-note. Her dancing is all hips and shoulders and no finesse. She’s doing urban while she waltzing. She’s pretty and nice enough, but I don’t see the star power. She’s definitely got the most experience here, so I expected more out of her freestyle. Really sucked.

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