Dancing With The Stars Season 30 Disney Heroes Night Recap: Live Blog and Videos

(ABC/Dancing With The Stars) Mickey Mouse-shaped mirrorballs

We’re back again for another night of dancing, and it’s DISNEY NIGHT!

Little fun fact about me: I used to be a Disney cast member! I also, as I’ve mentioned before, used to be a professional ballroom dancer, and of course I’m a writer, so… getting to WRITE about DANCING to DISNEY songs is the coolest gig I could ever imagine, and I appreciate y’all following along with these live blogs every week! :)

Back in the ballroom this week are Cody and Cheryl, after dancing from home last week due to positive COVID-19 tests.

It’s also been announced that Derek Hough will be returning to the judges’ table tonight after being absent last week due to a possible exposure to COVID-19. It also happens to be Derek’s girlfriend and fellow DWTS dancer Hayley Ebert’s birthday today (anyone else secretly hoping for a birthday ballroom proposal?).

Anyway, last week’s elimination left us with the loss of Christine and Pasha. It seemed like a tough call for the judges, choosing between Christine and Pasha and Kenya and Brandon, but ultimately, Christine was sent packing. I personally felt bad for Christine. She wasn’t the best dancer in the competition, but she made it clear she’s always been a huge fan of the show, so only lasting three weeks in the ballroom must have been disappointing.

Keep your favorite couples in the competition by voting throughout the show! Below is voting information for each contestant if you’re voting by text, or you can vote at ABC.com.

Text AMANDA to 21523
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Tonight kicks off the first of two Disney-themed nights on DWTS! Watch the stars dance as Disney heroes tonight, then come back tomorrow night when the stars reveal their wicked sides during Villains Night!

Make your guesses now, what ridiculous, Disney-themed costume will Tyra come walking out wearing? I’m guessing all 101 dalmatians…

Oh, I guess Tyra’s weekly catwalk was a literal cat-walk to the Lion King theme song… not the worst outfit I’ve seen her wear though.

Every couple tonight also must include the steps to Mickey’s Dance Challenge in their routines, no matter what style of dance they’re doing!

JoJo Siwa & Jenna – Viennese Waltz

Finally, we’ve dropped the matching outfits… and replaced them with a gorgeous Cinderella gown on Jenna and full-on Prince Charming attire on JoJo! This was a beautifully danced Viennese Waltz that perfectly included the Mickey Dance Challenge! This is also the first time we’ve really seen JoJo tackle a slow ballroom dance, and she performed it just as well as she does the faster dances. This girl may not be a trained ballroom dancer, but she can certainly dance!

Len starts off the judging by copying my exact words: “beautifully danced.” Derek compliments their use of the Mickey Dance and calls this performance a “breath of fresh air.” Bruno calls the couple a dream come true and says it was a Viennese Waltz for the 21st Century. Carrie Ann says JoJo just showed the whole world that girls can do anything guys can do… maybe even better!

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 8, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 35/40

Melanie C & Gleb – Jazz

That wasn’t exactly… supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. How’d I do with that spelling? Anyway, like I said last week, it’s hard to screw up a Jazz… but unfortunately, Melanie managed to. It wasn’t horrible by any means, but Melanie was just out of sync a few times. She was a bit sporadic, flailing around rather than putting focus into each step.

Derek says well done, but the transitions were hectic at times. Bruno starts screaming the Supercali word and mentions how they lost sync. Carrie Ann also says it was out of sync. Len says it was “just like Disneyland.”

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 31/40

Matt James & Lindsay – Quickstep

I am in love with Matt as Frozone!! So fun!! I find it interesting that, if my memory serves me, Lindsay performed a Quickstep during Disney Week to this exact Incredibles song with Jordan Fisher a few seasons back… I wonder how she changed up the steps this time. But I digress. Matt took on this dance INCREDIBLY well… see what I did there?

Bruno says Matt is defrosting nicely… Carrie Ann says he still needs to work on his technique, but liked the way they incorporated the Mickey Dance. Len says he admires his tenacity, but his technique wasn’t great. Derek says he loves the commitment and that it was well done.

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 26/40

Jimmie Allen & Emma – Paso Doble

I’ve got to say, the way Emma included the Mickey Dance into this a Paso was awesome!! I think this was the best incorporation yet… I also think this was Jimmie’s best dance yet!! He’s getting better and better each week (to my surprise, not gonna lie). He nailed those signature Paso moves!

Carrie Ann says everything about the dance made her feel… delicious? Len says he really liked the Mickey Dance in this one. Derek says he was impressed by he texture in his movements, and it was his favorite Mickey Dance so far. Bruno asks Jimmie if he’s auditioning for the live version of Mulan on Broadway, because if he continues like this, he’ll get it!

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 7, Derek- 8, Bruno- 7 = 30/40

Amanda Kloots & Alan – Rumba

I knew the second I found out the dance and song that this would be beautiful. Amanda has proven to be such a great ballroom dancer, and this was no exception. I don’t think it was the best incorporation of the Mickey Dance, however… it was a little too quick for a Rumba. But the worst part of the whole thing had to be Alan’s wig…

Len says they missed the Mickey Dance Challenge, but it was otherwise brilliant. Derek disagrees with Len on the Mickey Dance, but that he loves the way Amanda’s moves. Bruno thanks them both for the eye candy (someone is being extra tonight?), but that the Mickey Dance was off sync. Carrie Ann says Amanda seemed cautious, but she loved the way she attempted a proper Rumba.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len-8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 32/40

Olivia Jade & Val – Samba

Aww, I’ve been so impressed by Mini Aunt Becky until tonight. I was surprised, honestly, to see a usually good dancer do that poorly in a Samba. She was lacking some serious bounce in this, and honestly, I’m surprised Val allowed it. She did a great Samba roll, but there jut wasn’t enough bounce, in my opinion. It was also not the best rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.”

Derek says Olivia is becoming one of his favorite performers. Bruno makes cat noises then compliments their Mickey Dance. Carrie Ann says she loved almost everything about it, and likes the trust Olivia and Val share. Len says Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da… lots of Zip and no Doo-Da anywhere. (okay, but, what dance were they watching??)

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 35/40

The Miz & Witney – Quickstep

The Miz is unrecognizable as a Blue Man Group wannabe. I’m kidding, of course, enough about the costumes. Witney’s clever inclusion of the Mickey Dance was cool, but I know at least one judge will complain about the break in hold… It’s also become clear that The Miz does well freestyling, but not so much when it comes to actual ballroom technique.

Bruno says even Mickey Mouse was dazzled by their interpretation of the Mickey Dance. Carrie Ann says he’s so much fun to watch. Len says he danced it with control, and he did a terrific job. Derek says he would have liked more body contact if it wouldn’t have gotten blue on Witney.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 7, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 31/40

Kenya Moore & Brandon – Contemporary

I love me a Contemporary, and what a great song to do it to! Contemporary is another one that’s hard to screw up as long as you capture the fluidity… Kenya didn’t quite capture it in my opinion, but I’ve certainly seen worse. I loved Brandon’s hula-esque arm moves he incorporated into this dance though, and Kenya’s Moana costume is beautiful!

Carrie Ann critiques the few mishaps during the lift, but says it was the most joyous and open-hearted she’s seen Kenya. Len compliments the way she performed it and their Mickey Dance. Derek says he loved the hula moment and blames Brandon for the lift mishap. Bruno says he felt it all and it was lovely until Brandon “hit the rock” (ha!).

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Derek- 8, Bruno- 7 = 29/40

Brian Austin Green & Sharna – Waltz

Look at Sharna and Brian looking like a real-life Snow White and Prince! Their sort-of in-hold interpretation of the Mickey Dance was one of my faves! Shows what an incredible choreographer Sharna is. There wasn’t a whole lot of proper Waltz there, but maybe the Mickey Dance will make up for it? And Brian’s googly eyes still haven’t gone away, but in this lovey-dovey performance, they worked!

Len says he never thought the Waltz was going to come… Derek says it looked like a screen shot taken right out of the film and that Brian has fantastic frame. Bruno says Sharna has her prince out of control, but too much sweetness can give you a toothache. Carrie Ann complains about an apparent lift, blah blah, what else is new…

Carrie Ann- 6, Len- 6, Derek- 7, Bruno- 6 = 25/40

Suni Lee & Sasha – Salsa

I loved that Latin interpretation of the Mickey Dance! And Suni is already starting to come out of her shell, I see! I think it could have used some more Latin motion on her end, but for a first-timer, it was great! Not their fault the entire dance was an ad…

Derek says he loved seeing her open up. Bruno says it was a fiesta of a Salsa. Carrie Ann says every move she does looks perfect. Len says it was the most expressive that he’s seen Suni.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Derek- 9, Bruno- 8 = 33/40

Melora Hardin & Artem – Quickstep

My first thoughts were her dress is very Baloo-like, and then… did he just step on her?? lol He didn’t, but it looked like a close call. Melora is so much fun to watch because she really expresses every single dance on her face. Their incorporation of the Mickey Dance wasn’t too unique, and some of those ops at the end were a bit aggressive for a Quickstep, but overall, I thought it was good!

Bruno says it was the best Quickstep he’s seen so far this season. Carrie Ann says Melora always brings something unexpected to the dance floor. Len says it was her best dance so far. Derek says he loved those hops I thought wee aggressive (lol), and that it was the best dance of the night. 

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 36/40

Cody Rigsby & Cheryl – Jive

Cody’s costume wins! And who knew Peloton guy could moonwalk! Cheryl, on the other hand, has honestly never been the best Jive choreographer, in my opinion. She makes it a bit too sexual for my liking… Also, what was that Mickey Dance?? Yes, it was the steps, but not even an attempt to give them a Jive feel.

Carrie Ann says her favorite part was the Mickey Dance, and Cody could work on finishing his moves more. Len says there wasn’t enough Jive. Derek says Cody has great energy, but agrees with Len when it comes to the partner work. Bruno compliments their Mickey Dance and critiques their kicks and flicks. 

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 6, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 27/40

Tyra teases the next dance by saying it’s to a song we all love… “Let It Go” from Frozen, and she must be joking, right?? Maybe it’s a former cast member thing, but you get tired of hearing “Let It Go” when it plays once an hour! haha

Iman Shumpert & Daniella – Foxtrot

Look at Danielsa go! lol I kid. Anyway, eh, it wasn’t my favorite. It may be the picky dancer in me, but I saw n heel leads from Iman. But if I’m not being picky, he did pretty well for someone who isn’t a trained ballroom dancer. Their Mickey Dance Challenge, however, was unexpected and fit really well into the flow of the dance.

Len says Iman delivered a really elegant Foxtrot. Derek says you can see Iman’s improvement and compliments their Mickey Dance. Bruno says Iman’s got it, and Carrie Ann says you could see and feel the love in every movement. 

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 6, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 30/40

The judges give their Mickey Dance Challenge bonus points before we get to the voting and some Disney music starts interrupting Tyra as she talks (lol).

The winners of the extra 2 points are Jimmie and Emma (most deserving!).

For Heroes Night, everyone is safe and no one is going home! We’ll see all the couples back in the ballroom tomorrow night for Villains Night!

Judges’ Scores

Melora- 36

JoJo- 35

Olivia- 35

Suni- 33

Amanda- 32

Jimmie- 32

Melanie- 31

The Miz- 31

Iman- 30

Kenya- 29

Cody- 27


Brian- 25

I hope everyone had as much fun reading and watching as I did writing tonight! This has got to be my favorite recap so far! Join me tomorrow night for Disney Night 2!

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