Dancing With The Stars – Season 18 – Week 8

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Hey guys!!! Amanda (Celebrity Bug) is back in action and here to recap another exciting week of Dancing With the Stars. Last week, the contestants danced to Latin Night and NeNe Leakes had a tearful goodbye from the competition.

Tonight, the contestants will amp it up with two dances including the Celebrity Dual. Abby Lee Miller, the outspoken star of ‘Dance Moms’, will serve as a guest judge and I’m really hoping she brings it, because so far Julianne Hough has been the only guest judge that actually had something to say and wasn’t full of comments as sweet and fluffy as cotton candy.

The kicks off with Mark Ballas showing off his singing ability by performing his new single, “Get My Name”, with some assistance on the dance floor from his fellow pros. Tom and Erin welcome us and tonight’s guest judge to the show, before introducing the remaining six pros.

Opening Group Number – Entire Pro Cast – DWTS… by IdolxMuzic

Now, results. Charlie and Sharna are SAFE and dancing first.

Charlie & Sharna (QUICK STEP)

They are still pondering exactly what they have to do to get a perfect score and Charlie realizes he is losing his confidence a bit. He gets a visit from him mom, which he says helps, but the dancing will tell the full story. He is doing a good job, but I’m not wowed. I would rate this dance a 9 out of 10

Len is still pondering whether this was special enough, Abby gives him some pointers, Bruno compares him to a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby and Carrie Ann tells him tonight maybe his lucky night.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10 & Abby-10 = 40/40
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Charlie White ‏& Sharna – Quickstep – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

More results… Meryl and Maks are SAFE, while Danica and Val are IN JEOPARDY.

Danica & Val (QUICK STEP)

Val believes that her best now is enough to make the finals and notes that she wants to earn everything she gets (Don’t they all?). The dance is intense and Danica gets into the character right away. Her injury has affected her lines a bit. I would also rate this a 9 out of 10, but in my opinion, this is more worthy of a 10 than Charlie’s dance.

Abby Lee loved the concept, but she has some critique. Bruno calls it her most powerful performance, Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful and Len thought it was terrific.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10 & Abby-9 = 38/40
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Danica McKellar & Val – Tango – DWTS 18 (Week 8) by IdolxMuzic

Meryl & Maks (RUMBA)

Their routine will depict a dysfunctional relationship and Meryl says his bad boy reputation is just a front. His long list of exes would beg to differ. The dance begins with a dramatic plate smashing scene and then, the choreography kicks in. The emotion is so palpable. This is worthy of a 10, especially since they are passing them out like popsicles tonight.

Bruno said it was like watching a play without works (‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, is a perfect comparison Bruno), Carrie Ann would have liked to see more content, Len thought the move and the feeling was fantastic, and Abby goes in big time on her feet. Ouch! Maks isn’t holding back either and says he doesn’t care to hear anything she has to say. Wow! That was rude and totally uncalled for.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10 & Abby-8 = 36/40
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Meryl Davis & Maks – Rumba – DWTS 18 (Week 8) by IdolxMuzic

Candace & Mark (Fox Trot)

She was so surprised that they were not in the bottom last week and they view this as a turtle race. Okay… Not the best approach to take, but they are still here. She loves the support that she has from her family, and dancing is a little too lazy for my liking and she’s goes wrong, but she recovers quickly.

Carrie Ann says has made her breakout and found her confidence. Len thought it was fun to watch, while Abby makes a joke that no one gets. Rolls eyes. Bruno says she needs to work on extending her arms, but that she did well.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9 & Abby-9 = 36/40
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Candace Cameron Bure ‏& Mark – Foxtrot – DWTS… by IdolxMuzic

James & Peta (Viennese Waltz)

He is a bit discouraged, given he is at the bottom of the leader board, but he is prepared to work hard. His Big Time Rush band-mates pay him a visit and even they are curious as to whether this magical chemistry goes beyond the dance floor. Here it is off the charts and the dancing is good too.

Len thinks he needs to work on his moves in hold, Abby thought he made her look better, Bruno thinks he is overdressed and Carrie Ann calls out a lift.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-9 & Abby-10 = 36/40
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James Maslow & Peta – Viennese Waltz – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Amy & Derek (Argentine Tango)

We get to see a little detail about Amy’s injury last week, but like Danica, she has chosen to continue in the competition. Derek has always been fantastic at working around his partner’s injury (Remember Amber Riley’s desk dance last year), so I do not expect this to cause a lot of problems for him. He utilizes a stool to make it easier on her and I honestly do not know what else I can say about this guy. Fantastic!

Abby says that the choreography was brilliant, Bruno calls it spellbinding, Carrie Ann says it is fascinating to watch and Len calls it terrific. I expect 10’s across the board and rightfully so.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10 & Abby-10 = 40/40
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Amy Purdy & Derek – Argentine Tango – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Celebrity Dance Dual is up next. This should be interesting

Meryl, Danica, Maks & Val (Samba)

Danica thought that having two teachers made it hard to relax. She and Maks kind of clash and he tells her not to be condescending. They are dancing to Jennifer Lopez’s “I Luh Ya Papi”, and either Meryl is a step ahead or Danica is a step behind. Maybe I just expected more.

Len thought as a performance it was fabulous, Abby would have preferred to see the girls in heels and now, it is Val’s turn to go at Abby. Carrie Ann and Bruno both thought they were out of sync.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-9 & Abby-8 = 34/40

Meryl~Maks & Danica~Val – Samba – DWTS 18 (Week 8) by IdolxMuzic

Candace, Charlie, Mark & Sharna (Contemporary)

Charlie is excited about working with Candace and even more excited that they have a contemporary number. They are doing a good job and when it becomes just the two celebrities, the intensity and surprisingly, the difficulty goes up.

Abby thought it was beautiful and her humor still needs some work. Bruno says they were made for each other, Carrie Ann thought it was spectacular and Len thought it was incredibly in sync. Both of the latter note Sharna’s slip up.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10 & Abby-10 = 38/40

Charlie~Sharna & Candace~Mark – Contempoary… by IdolxMuzic

Amy, James, Derek & Peta (Jive)

This is obviously a big challenge for James and they take a fall. Fortunately, everyone is okay, but the pressure of holding the team back is weighing on Amy. He makes it through their duo part of the routine and this is undoubtedly, the most in-sync dance of all the teams.

Bruno calls it extraordinary, Carie Ann said they dance at the same level as they do with their normal partners, Len said it had everything he wanted and Abby says she wanted to get up and dance.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Bruno-10 & Abby-10 = 39/40

Amy~Derek & James~Peta – Jive – DWTS 18 (Week 8) by IdolxMuzic

Either James, Candace or Danica will be eliminated after the break. Candace and Mark are SAFE! Wow! James and Peta are SAFE! Danica and Val are ELIMINATED!

Final Results & Elimination – DWTS 18 (Week 8) by IdolxMuzic

Amy & Derek – 79/80
Charlie & Sharna – 78/80
James & Peta – 75/80
Candace & Mark – 74/80
Danica & Val – 72/80
Meryl & Maks – 70/80

This ends week eight of the competition…

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