Dancing with the Stars – Season 16 – Results Show #2

Welcome to the second live result show of the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we have special guest performances by Demi Lovato and Huey Lewis and the News. And when all is said and done, the first couple that had the lowest combined total of audience support and judge scores will be eliminated. Unlike last week’s shocker, this will be the season’s first real boot.

Our poll here at MJ’s once again is in favor of D.L. and Cheryl exiting but the margin is close between them and Wynonna and Tony. Also picking up quite a few votes are Lisa and Gleb. The voting pretty much goes down after that for the remaining couples.

I still think the couples in the most trouble are last week’s bottom two. D.L. could very well be saved again even though he clearly deserves to go. Wynonna, I have to imagine, has the fanbase to keep her in the competition for at least a few more weeks. Andy will get the votes from people who just like to be genuinely entertained. So, for me- that leaves Lisa and Victor. Both improved last night (Victor more than Lisa) but these couples have quite a few things going against them. They aren’t very popular, they don’t have well known partners, and the dancing is rather forgettable instead of being either amazing or horrible. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were the bottom two again. If a shocking couple ends up in danger, it could be Sean and Peta.

Everyone else should be without a doubt, safe. The leading ladies as I like to call them for now (Zendaya, Aly, and Kellie) along with Jacoby are the easiest to predict safety. Unless one of the other couples begins to improve drasitcally with one of those four stinking up the joint, we could be looking at the final four with them. The gap is that obvious, even this early on in the competition. I am never good with predictions, so take all of this as just my personal thoughts and be prepared for the chance that I am totally off. With that, let’s do our segment by segment recap as “Prom Week” comes to a close. :D

Segment 1
The show opens with a recap of the leaderboard from last night and a look back at the routines. Now we are going to see who gets TWO extra bonus points for the Prom King and Queen. And the audience has voted for… Zendaya and Jacoby.

Each will get two extra points added to their scores. No real surprise here although I think the voting for the ladies was a whole lot closer than the men. I imagine it was close between Zendaya and Kellie and Jacoby probably ran away with the vote for the men. Oh, and in addition to that…they are safe.

Zendaya and Val & Jacoby and Karina are SAFE.

Now, the King and Queen will sit on a throne to watch our first quest performance of the evening. Huey Lewis and the News perform as members of the DWTS troupe dance. This is definitely fun for those who remember Huey from the old days. They still got it. And the troupe is having a whole lot of fun.

Segment 2
This is something NOT to miss. It is time for the judges to pick the encore. Len and Carrie Ann couldn’t decide and so Bruno will decide. No, he won’t. He will dance. That’s right. Bruno is dancing with Sean and Peta in an encore of last night’s YMCA number. I am laughing beyond belief. Bruno is stripping off his jacket and going wild. Sean and Peta are basically the same as last night (not great but just okay). You guys need to watch this for Bruno. Damn.

A quick bit of filler airs regarding how Len gets ready before the show. He basically gives himself props and barks orders at others. It is kind of funny.

Time for some more results. A bit of a funny package airs with Kellie making friends with females in the audience and having trouble with addition. But some good news for Kellie because…

Kellie and Derek are safe!

Now we have D.L and Cheryl. OH snap. D.L. is pissed about the judges remarks last night. He feels disrespected, as though they are treating him like a clown. Len responds by saying he watched the footage back and he was actually generous. There’s some real attitude coming from D.L. (reminds me of when Michael Bolton felt the judges were disrespectful a few seasons ago). Len doesn’t back down though and Tom informs D.L that…

D.L. and Cheryl are safe!
Wow. D.L. has people. He has stunk up the joint on 3 consecutive dances and the audience has kept him in. I wonder if things will improve between him and the judges. I am always weary of manufactured drama on reality television but that looked quite legit.

Segment 3
It’s time for all the men of season 16 (pros and troupe members) to perform together. This is like a major Paso Doble inspired routine where the guys are aggressive with one another. Lots of great stuff. The choreography is spot on. It reminds of West Side Story with the gangs. Cool (and hot) stuff!

A look back at last night’s routines from Victor and Lindsay, Lisa and Gleb, Sean and Peta, and Andy and Sharna. So, let’s get some results for those four.

The next couple safe is… Sean and Peta.
The first couple in jeopardy is… Lisa and Gleb.
The next couple safe is… Victor and Lindsay.
The next couple in jeopardy is… Andy and Sharna

So, Victor’s improved dancing helped him out big time. Unfortunately, Andy’s comedic value has already put him jeopardy although with this show, he might not even be in the bottom. We have to see how Tom and/or Brooke word it later on. Sean and Peta being safe isn’t a surprise and neither is Lisa and Gleb being in jeopardy.

Segment 4
Here’s some filler. The pros are discussing who is better between the male and female celebrities. Each one is contradicting the other by stating why the men have it easier and why the females do. Statistically, the females are better dancers according to Len but the men have a lead in mirror ball trophies. A bit of a waste of time but some interesting information for dance experts.

Brooke is talking with Victor and Lindsay. Victor thinks he can keep up his level of dancing and is enjoying the time with everyone. Brooke asks about Lisa being disappointed. Lisa doesn’t want to minimize the fun that she is having but of course, she doesn’t want to be in the bottom.

It’s now time for the Macy’s Stars Of Dance performance. Oh wow. This is awesome. With some interesting camera work and fantastic dancing, we are seeing a routine that looks as though we are watching it backwards. I have never seen anything like this before. I am not even sure what is actually trick photography or video editing (since Tom said this was filmed before the show started) and what is actual dancing. Regardless, this is fabulous. I might need to watch that a few more times. Catch it if you can!

Segment 5
Demi Lovato is out to perform her new single, “Heart Attack.” This is a real catchy song and I can see doing really well on the charts. Of course, Demi has some dancers backing her up but my attention is really on Demi here as she sings her little heart out. Tom plugs her album which comes out May 14th.

Some more highlights from last night courtesy of Ingo and Kym, Wynonna and Tony, and Aly and Mark.

I just want to point out that Wynonna takes criticism from the judges much better than D.L. She even said that the judges were right and she has a long way to go. Take some notes, D.L.

The next couple safe is… Aly and Mark.
The next couple safe is… Ingo and Kym.
The next couple in jeopardy is… Wynonna and Tony.

Interesting. Perhaps Wynonna doesn’t have as much support as I thought. Or maybe she is vote splitting with Kellie. Soap stars do well on this show with votes, so no real surprise Ingo is safe. And of course Aly was safe as well. Now we know the 3 couples in jeopardy and if I had to make a quick guess during this last commercial, I would think Lisa and Gleb are out. But we shall see…

Segment 6
It is time for the final results. Here we go…

One last couple that is definitely safe… Lisa and Gleb. WOW. I am really surprised. And also, the two remaining couples are the legit bottom two. I am really stunned that Wynonna is truly in the bottom and I thought Andy’s funny routine would keep him out of danger for a while longer.

The couple exiting the show in week 3 of season 16 of DWTS is…

Wynonna and Tony.

Dang. I did not see this coming. Sure, the dancing was bad and this is definitely a deserved boot but I really thought Wynonna had a stronger fanbase. I guess it really didn’t help to have another country singer in the competition and now Kellie could potentially benefit.

So, first two exits this season are ladies (Dorothy and Wynonna) yet overall, the ladies are stronger. That’s how it goes. Next week is that old theme “a memorable year in your life” so expect lots of sentimentality and tears. Until then, I hope you all enjoyed the result show with me tonight. Thanks for watching and reading along. :D