Dancing with the Stars 22 – Week Two Power List


Dancing with the Stars – Season 22 – Week Two Power List

Time for the second power list of the season! I want to note that these power lists are not just based on how a couple danced this week. It will also take into account previous dances, judges scores, who ended up in safety and who ended up in jeopardy, as well as social media buzz surrounding the couples. It would be easy if it was just about who danced best but as we all know, many factors are coupled together to determine how everyone is doing. Here’s my take on how the eleven remaining couples are faring as we quickly approach week three…

11th – Mischa & Artem (Previously 10th)
I feel as confident about Mischa leaving this coming week as I did about Geraldo last week. Mischa is clearly having difficulty with the dances and on top of that, she looks miserable. I don’t know if this partnership is the problem or if she just regrets doing the show. Regardless, there is nothing fun about watching these two. The rehearsals are a drag, the dancing is weak, and I feel like she would be thrilled to leave. I heard rumblings that she was thinking about quitting. If she is that upset being on the show, she should. And if she decides to stick it out, I don’t think she will have to deal with it much longer- Monday is looking more and more like the end of the road.

10th – Doug & Karina (Previously 11th)
Doug moves up a step this week. Honestly, he moved up even more when you consider the night and day between his dancing last week and this past week. But I just can’t move him too far up the rankings just yet. I still think, to the producers, he is the fodder of the three football players. He is trying very hard though, and you have to applaud his work ethic and pleasant personality. His paso doble, though very simplistic, was done well enough where he I think he not only saved himself from elimination, but may actually last a little longer than I had anticipated. Underdogs are fun to root for, so let’s see if Doug can keep it up.

9th – Marla & Tony (No change)
Marla stays in the 9th spot with another decent routine. I thought her week one dance was better, but the argentine tango wasn’t bad by any means. It just wasn’t anything to write home about. I want Tony to challenge her more with the choreography. I think she can do it. Tony has been paired with so many partners who could only do so much that I think he is programmed to choreograph safely. He should put a little more trust that Marla can rise to the occasion. She has a jive this week, so we are really going to see if she can nail a somewhat intricate routine. I am really hopeful she can.

8th – Antonio & Sharna (Previously 7th)
Antonio continues to underwhelm, as does Sharna with her choreography for him. The dude can clearly dance, but everything isn’t coming together into a full package as it should. I also don’t know what to make of Antonio’s personality. At times, he seems funny and charming while other times, cocky and overly confident. His rehearsal packages always leave me feeling confused about him. He hasn’t delivered a solid routine yet but you can see from the skills he has that he has the potential to do so. It just seems like he is one dance away from breaking through and becoming a force this season.

7th – Kim & Sasha (Previously 8th)
Kim takes a step up this week. She had another fun routine and continues to be one of this season’s shining personalities. I love her partnership with Sasha and the absolute joy she has for being on the show. I don’t think she is ever going to reach a level that moves her to the front, but consistency counts for something on this show and so far, she is that in spades. She moves into week three promising something related to the show everyone knows her for, “The Facts Of Life.” That alone makes her one of the most must-see celebrities going into this week. If she nails it, she’s gold for a good amount of time.

6th – Jodie & Keo (No Change)
Jodie keeps her placement this week. She danced well. Keo remains the question mark of this partnership. Can this guy make her a real finale contender? I don’t know. Jodie is his best shot at going really deep in this competition, but it isn’t going to happen unless he can work hard on those routines for her. Basic steps are just not going to cut it, regardless of how well Jodie does them. They need to be memorable and he needs to highlight her and make their performances stand out. If you asked me pre-season if I thought she was a guaranteed finalist, I would have said yes. After two weeks, I am not so sure.

5th – Von & Witney (Previously 4th)
Von takes one step down this week. I still think he is doing better than Antonio (in this manufactured competition the producers keep pushing) but his dance on Monday was just okay. He didn’t have any glaring mistakes but nothing about it was amazing either. In fact, it was quite forgettable. His saving grace right now in terms of people voting is his personality. He is fun and those rehearsals with Witney are hysterical. Similar to Antonio, he is another dancer who is one brilliant routine away from breaking through. Does this show, with all the really solid dancers, have room for both Von and Antonio to go all the way? I don’t think so. But for now, he remains a capable contestant.

4th – Ginger & Val (Previously 5th)
Ginger’s moves up this week but it has less to do with her dancing and more to do with who she is. I personally watch Good Morning America daily, and Ginger has a huge platform to earn support on the show. She gets to discuss her routines, do behind the scenes packages, and have Val on as a guest. That’s exposure that none of the other contestants have. It will help, especially in the long run. Her routine was good this week, but again, I have to point to the choreography as a bit of a letdown. Come on, Val. Like Tony with Marla, have more faith in Ginger’s abilities. You don’t need to begin the routine with six to seven seconds of no dancing. You can get right into it and Ginger can shine from beginning to end.

3rd – Nyle & Peta (Previously 1st)
Nyle goes from 1st to 3rd but it isn’t as extreme as it looks. The top three in my rankings this week are very close together. So why two steps down for Nyle? For one, I think Len is extra tough on him for some reason. This is the second week in a row that I have felt this way. Granted, they did do that major lift, so okay, a point reduction was fair. But to critique the rumba? It was a perfectly fine rumba, and Nyle was graceful with some great lines. Len found it too fast and hectic. I thought Peta choreographed perfectly to match the music. And while I still think the audience loves him and is probably voting like crazy for him, two other routines stood out for me a little more.

2nd – Paige & Mark (Alan) – (Previously 3rd)
Paige had to deal with a partner change and that’s never easy. She not only had to perfect the routine, but she had to find a way to convince us all she has chemistry with Alan. She accomplished both in my eyes. The dance was really good and if I didn’t know better, I would think the two of them were partners from the beginning. I feel for Mark because I know he can see a possible winner in Paige and he wants to choreograph some winning routines for her. I hope he gets to do that. Like I said last week, Paige’s biggest obstacle on this show is just getting people to know her well enough to want to vote for her. Having to dance with a stand-in last minute and still pulling it off is one definite way of doing that.

1st – Wanya & Lindsay (Previously 2nd)
Wanya takes the top spot this week. Again, he crushed the competition with a great routine and his awesome personality. I continue to be impressed by Lindsay and these two together are going to go very far this season. I would dare say, despite only two weeks in, Wanya is pretty much a lock for the finale. I want to see him tackle a slow dance just to see his posture, his footwork, and how he is in hold. But I can’t imagine the wheels are going to fall off the wagon. The dude is clearly (excuse the American Idol expression) in it to win it.

What do you guys think of this week’s rank? Do you agree that Wanya sits comfortably in first? Is the threesome of Wanya, Paige, and Nyle your top three as well? Are you as underwhelmed as me with the two football stars who haven’t really delivered just yet? And what about those toward the bottom? Is Mischa toast? Should Doug have been higher considering his comeback? Lots of questions. Sound off in the comments if you like and remember, Dancing with the Stars is live this coming Monday, April 4th, @8 Eastern with “Most Memorable Year,” which will include the second elimination of the season! See you then!