Dancing With The Stars 15 – Week 5 Pt 2 – Recap and Videos

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It’s Guilty Pleasures Part 2!

Melissa and Tony – Tango – Toxic by Britney Spears – Melissa begins to cry when she has trouble with the Tango. Well, I can hardly tell that Melissa has an injury. Len says, “I thought you came out and performed that excellently. You could have snapped it a little more.” Len tells Tom to keep his witty comments to himself after Tom reminds Len that Melissa is injured. Bruno says, “That was intoxicating. Your character came to life beautifully.” Carrie Ann says, “Tonight you were absolutely grittier, you were in character.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 2756.51-800-868-3406

Shawn and Derek – Rumba – “My Heart Will Go On” By Celine Dion – Shawn feels a little intimidated by the actors Gilles and Kelly. She’s spent her career NOT showing her emotions. She’s afraid to show her vulnerability. The routine is VERY romantic. The pair glide around the stage and finish as Derek disappears off of the platform. SOB. THE CROWD GOES INSANE. The judges are standing. Bruno says, “That was awesome. It was like waves in the ocean. Emotionally connected. Touching and romantic.” Carrie Ann says, “You have grown so much. That lift was fantastic.” OOPS CARRIE ANN IS THE LIFT POLICE. “Carrie Ann plays the ice berg,” says Tom. Len says, “There was no hip action. I loved the number, but it wasn’t a Rumba.” Oh boy. It was a very pretty dance, but had contemporary flourishes. I get Len’s point. – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 8, Bruno – 10 – 2756.51-800-868-3402

Apolo and Karina – Samba – “Give it To Me Baby” by Rick James – That was absolutely fabulous, but unfortunately I could not take my eyes off of Karina. Apolo disappeared. That was almost like a disco! Carrie Ann says, “Your legwork was fantastic. But something isn’t quite right. You need to work on your chemistry.” Len says, “I thought that was terrific. I saw rhythm, clean, sharp precise movements.” Bruno says, “I thought you were terribly sexy. A really good job. – Carrie Ann 8.5, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 9 – 27 – 56.51-800-868-3407

Sabrina and Louis – Waltz – “So This Is Love” from Cinderella – Sabrina is finding it tough to slow down and be vulnerable in the waltz. It was danced well, but I was not moved by that.  Len says, “I loved the story, I loved the flow of it all. Cinderella, I think you’re going to the ball.” Bruno, “Darling, it was like a magical ride. Cartoonish and delish. I loved IT.” Carrie Ann says, “YOu didn’t quite get to vulnerability, but it was light and elegant and I think you are headed to a happy ending. Carrie Ann – 10 Len – 9.5 Bruno – 9.5 – 2958.5. – 1-800-868-3403

Team Gangnam StyleGilles and Peta – 1-800-868-3410, Emmett and Cheryl – 1-800-868-3413, Kirstie and Max – 1-800-868-3412 and  Kelly and Val – 1-800-868-3411 –  Gilles is team leader, but MAKS TAKES OVER.  OMG. Kudos to Kristie for going for a lift, but that was not pretty. This is OK and kind of amusing, but it can’t compare, not even the least little bit, to Team Call Me Maybe’s incredible technical prowess.  But there is STRIPPING!  Gilles in a tiny towel? YES PLZ.  I would give the team points for that. Len says, “That was the craziest number I’ve ever seen. It was fun.” Bruno says, “Gilles give me that towel, I’m wetting myself.” Carrie Ann says, “You guys are a hot mess.”  Yeah, that was a total mess. Carrie Ann –  9 Len – 9 Bruno – 9 – 27.

Sabrina and Louis – 58.5
Shawn and Derek – 56.5
Melissa and Tony – 56.5
Gilles and Peta – 56.5
Apolo and Karina – 56.5
Emmett and Cheryl – 56
Kirstie and Maks – 53.5
Kelly and Val – 51.5

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