Crystal Bowersox Victim of Improper Background Checks

The Toledo Blade reveals that Crystal Bowersox was a victim of unauthorized snooping by Toledo area police and others.  Employees of 5 five police agencies and a municipal court “rummaged” through Crystal’s background without authorization.

There’s the downside of celebrity–strangers digging through your background looking for dirt. I wonder how many of the violators thought they could sell any information they found to tabloids like the National Inquirer?

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In Columbus OH, an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles clerk examined vehicles registered in her name. The home computer of an assistant city prosecutor was used to check on the Idol runner-up.

An Ohio Department of Public Safety official apologized in a July 1 letter to Crystal for the unauthorized breaches of her privacy, and that there was “no evidence she had become an identity-theft victim.”

“I had no idea it happened, ” Crystal told The Blade Wednesday night from her home in Los Angeles. “I’m disgusted by it.”

Crystal says police delivered a certified letter to her father, Bill Bowersox, at work, but he didn’t tell his daughter about the letter until after the American Idols Live tour ended August 31.

“You feel violated … but I guess it comes with the territory, ” Crystal said. “It’s completely disgusting that someone would do that to anyone. Not just a celebrity, but anyone. I’m not really sure what [their] motive was. But as far as I know, disciplinary action was taken.

“Part of this whole American Idol thing and being thrown into a spotlight, people are going to get curious. But I don’t think any of the people who participated in it would have wanted it to happen to them or their family members. That’s disgusting. What if somebody went and did that to their child or sister? It’s really saddening and disappointing.”

Crystal does not plan to file a lawsuit.

“I’m not a sue-happy person, ” she told The Blade. “What would I get out of these people? They already lost a week’s wage. I would not sue somebody for being curious, but it’s not OK for someone to snoop into somebody’s personal files.”

Crystal isn’t worried about any information they might have discovered.

“It would have said that I was poor, was on Medicaid, and I was on welfare with my child, and that my driving record was immaculate. My record has nothing on it. I’m not a criminal, I don’t do things like that, ”

“I’m just a normal human being. My pre-Idol life, I was raised poor and did everything I could to get by in life and that’s all they would find. I’m an honest person.”

The employees of the police department who misused the system to check on Crystal received punishments that ranged from a two-week suspension to written reprimands.

A municipal court employee accused of using the Ohio Courts Network to snoop on Crystal was forced to resign and could face a misdemeanor charge.   And a clerk at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles was fired from his $43, 434-a-year job in June for checking Crystal’s  vehicle registration information back in February. He was indicted last month for unauthorized use of property, a fifth-degree felony carrying up to a year in prison.

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  1. I wanna give her a huge hug for support :(.

    Love ya, Crystal! :) She handled it so well. She’s so great.

  2. “I’m just a normal human being. My pre-Idol life, I was raised poor and did everything I could to get by in life and that’s all they would find. I’m an honest person.”

    Wow,just wow. So freaking real. Like Randy said, she’s the truth. Scumbags, that they would spy on her like that. Clean driving record….she’s adorbs.

  3. That’s just creepy. I was a victim of identity theft and that was bad enough – but impersonal, they didn’t target me the person trying to get dirt about my life, they just were thieves. Love her, she does handle herself very well. I forget sometimes how young she is.

  4. It seems to me that I remember hearing about this, but in a kinda offhand way – and quite a while back. Something to the effect of people trying to dig up dirt and that in fact they HAD found some – nothing illegal or anything like that but that various people had looked into hospital records in the Toledo area and also nearby areas to try to find any reference to the father of Crystal’s baby. Other things of course too – the usual attempting to find dirt on their personal lives and just plain inventing it otherwise, including the rumors that she was a lesbian or that she was pregnant again while on the show. As she said, apparently it comes with the territory, but it’s still pretty screwed up that people will go to that extent.

    Kudos for her for how she handled it. If the quotes of hers aren’t a prepared written statement but rather transcript of the comments she made when asked, it definitely shows just how well-spoken she is. People generally don’t have experience dealing with answering questions like this and she came across very professional, honest, and basically “above it all,” and not in a snotty manner.

    Crystal also seems to me to be the kind that probably would have told them up front just what she said in this interview/statement, as far as her childhood and record. Not that they’d take her word for it, but I really think she’d be up front about all of it regardless, as she was here.

  5. This happens more than you may think. Most instances are never reported and are handled internally. I do find it amazing that the people who did this don’t realize that everything done via a government agency computer system is logged. You won’t get caught right off, but eventually the logs get audited.

  6. Just goes to show what a tabloid society “we” have become. She has done nothing but try to survive as best she can and yet others think they can benefit by snooping in her life. Sucks donkey balls. She isn’t the first, no doubt. I would imagine anyone on AI or a televised show could potentially receive this kind of thing. Most don’t have anything in the shadows..some might. But it doesn’t make it remotely right that they are spied on.

    Good on Crystal for just moving on. There have been a few on Idol that have endured stalkerish moves by fans and those out to make a buck, but as long as they stay true to themselves it’s all good in their personal life; but the intrusion/ridiculousness of invasion of their privacy is pretty hard to forgive. I always wonder what the intruder would think if turn about fairplay was exercised? Thought so.

    I have to say…WTF?? is wrong with these peeps?? Too good to put in the time and effort to fecking earn their life? Got to get off someone else’s either misfortune or fortune, as the case may be? Honestly, it’s been that way from day one; but it DOESN’T make it right. Leeches/assholes.

    Sorry, MJ. These kinda peeps

    Could be rhetorical cuz why would anyone want to be that way and there isn’t really a legit answer?

    Looking forward to Crystal’s future work…her pre-Idol stuff is pretty damned good so I’ll be checking out the after Idol stuff. Go awn with your badself, Mamasox.

  7. Aww, MamaSox, that’s awful! I guess it’s par for the course for new celebs, which is afwul. People need to have standards, geez! It would be really messed up if any snoop/trash “journalists” put any of these workers up to it. One already lost his/her job. Not that I feel sorry for anyone but Crystal’s family.

    Be strong!

    “…people are going to get curious. But I don’t think any of the people who participated in it would have wanted it to happen to them or their family members. That’s disgusting. What if somebody went and did that to their child or sister? It’s really saddening and disappointing.”

    Damn straight and well said Crystal. She certainly has some class. I’m proud of her & delighted I voted often for such a good girl. :)

  8. Having been a multiple stalking victim, this bothers me big time. I found out about my last stalker when they tried to hire an undercover Detective. When I think of how things may have turned out if that Detective was not honest, my heart stops. There are so many corrupt, or just naive, people in our world who have access to our personal information it is frightening.

    Crystal has an amazing attitude and has dealt with this with an uncommon maturity. Nothing but love for the girl.

  9. Crystal tweets: pretty sure he was looking to make a Buck. Good thing I’m a great driver and I never got caught doing anything illegal. Lol

    Lol indeed Mamasox!

  10. …I never got caught doing anything illegal. Lol

    What’s the old saying…it’s not illegal unless you get caught? Lol. Nah, not suggesting there was something to that, but the wording of it just fit perfectly.

  11. I am glad these dirt balls have been punished or are gone from their jobs. How stupid in a time when people fear the unemployment line. I hope any little “detail” they found prior to their release was worth the pink slip. Crystal is so above these people. I wish nothing but the best for her and her son.

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