Concert Schedule 9/3/14 – Adam Lambert in New Zealand

The Queen + Adam Lambert tour will end down under with two shows in Auckland New Zealand, beginning today! Plus Alex & Sierra perform on another quiet night of concerts.

Wednesday September 3 2014 Concert Schedule

Adam Lambert + Queen – Vector Arena – Auckland New Zealand
Alex & Sierra w Colbie Caillat – The Paramount – Huntington WV

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  1. Got up at 4am to see the penultimate concert of the QAL tour. The live feed was as clear as a bell and they sounded amazing. No videos yet but lots of tweets and pics. My favourites so far:

    Ciara Walsh ?@KiwiGlamPirate · 9m
    Apparently this guy wants to tie my mother down. Should I let him?

    A great view of the crowd:

    A kiwi fan is on her way home with videos and promises to upload them soon.

  2. Can hardly wait for videos. I heard he got a standing O for Who Wants to Live Forever and really long applause. Also was mentioned that lots of teens there and raved and raved about Adam after the concert.

    Only one more concert :(

  3. Martel is also busy touring Great Britain as part of the tribute group “Queen extravaganza”

  4. wow such dedication… it was around 3 pm at my place… so no sleep deprivation for me, only some work deprivation.

  5. This tour has been so full of win! Although I’m sorry to see it end, I’m more excited to see what’s coming next for Adam. Exciting times ahead for sure.

  6. Kris is playing a free show at the University of Akron as I type this. Another tight turnaround for the band, driving from Utica, NY to Akron, OH after their show last night to play this morning concert. They have the next couple days off — I’m sure they will appreciate the opportunity to get a little sleep :)

  7. If there is a song that Adam put his biggest stamp on, this is it to me. A chill up and down the spine, every time.

  8. Jessica Meuse will be performing at Bar 31, Vestavia Hills, Al at 8pm tonight.

  9. Kris & the band have no days off until after the Norfolk show and traveling to the next show in VA on the 10th.

    9/4 Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
    9/5 Saint Anselm College, Manchester
    9/6 Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry
    9/7 Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT

  10. QAL only one more show! This has been an exceptional summer for Queen and Adam fan. No one thought this would work as grandly as it has. We would like the Show To Go On forever, but alas not to be. Perhaps they will reprise here and there in 2015. Waiting for Adams new music now!

  11. Dare I say it? Yes, Adam sings WWTLF better than Freddie. Ok start the stone throwing..”lol

  12. oh those next 2 shows weren’t on the Fleming Artists site. That’s why I thought they had days off.

    Never mind — no rest for the weary musicians :)

  13. Adam is a superb vocalist and performer. It is just so gratifying that he, and some others, proved the naysayers wrong on the world stage when they claim idol does not discover artists of any quality and talent. Idol has a lot to be proud of.

  14. I had no idea who Marc Martel was until I clicked on this link. But that’s a nice compliment he gives to Adam.

    Is the last show tomorrow night?

  15. People are speculating that is why QAL didn’t end their tour there. They didn’t want to take away from Queen Extravaganza.

  16. Marc is good and sounds and looks like Freddie. That is why Ellen had him on her show.

  17. More important from this HUGE gig, he won over many thousands of Queen AND Freddie fans (that is, those who attended).

    I really do think these gigs will help his solo career in Asia, Oz, NZ, and Canada. The jury is still out for U.S.

  18. Some Queen traditionalists want Brian and Roger to have Marc Martel front the band for this tour. He sounds very much like Freddie. It was very nice that he was so complimentary of Adam.

  19. I was up this morning very early to see Adam on LiveStream over early breakfast — then saw Kris’ concert for lunch. Wonder if I can find another Idol to watch during dinner! :)

    Actually, next Idol for me will be Crystal Bowersox in Cleveland on Oct 10. She is booked in NE Ohio a lot.


    Kris performed at The University of Akron (UA) today. I believe that this is his first time performing in Akron. I saw most of the concert which was actually better than his lunchtime concert at Cleveland State University last week. UA is a large, research university that is part of the Ohio State University System with 27,000 students. Kris performed as part of a weekly lunchtime concert series that will be outside until the snow starts.

    For starters the weather was perfect — and in Northeast Ohio that is not a given. They set up the stage under a tent in the plaza in front of the UA performing arts center. There was also a pizza tent and a free giveaway tent. And this one had chairs set up on the plaza and a lot of space to dance. They did a really nice job setting it up and the sound was excellent. [At CSU last week, you had to stand or sit on the grass which was damp.]

    The “Rock the Roo” concert series (about 50 lunch and evening concerts) is promoted in general but there was little or no promotion that Kris was coming to campus — and no promotion off campus. This was intended to be a student event. Honestly, although I work for UA, I would not have know he was coming here except that I saw it on Kris’ website.

    There were about 70 people there at any given time — with some coming for part of the concert* — so maybe 150-200 total people over the time Kris performed. There was a core enthusiastic crowd — almost all students — including a group of 18-21 year old girls who danced the whole time. Similar setlist to CSU — but I did not keep track of the songs. [I was sort of asleep from my 3:00AM breakfast].

    * The concert went from 11:30AM – apx.1:15PM and people had to get to classes. I left at 1:10PM and could hear them playing until 1:15PM which I think was the end of the concert.

    Once again, I was really impressed with Kris and his band. And the new music is excellent. He has some excellent musicians in the band — at least two of them can actually dance, hopefully they will teach Kris who did seem to enjoy the crowd smiling at his attempts to dance.

    Most important, Kris seemed like he was having a great time. Considering he was in Utica, NY last night (probably a 7 hour drive with their van and trailer) and they had a sound check here before the concert started, I am doubly impressed. I bet they sleep tonight!

    My only knock on the whole thing was where it was located on campus — he would have gotten a much larger crowd if it was over by the Student Union in the center of campus.

  20. Yes, there was a standing O for WWTLF — there are video clips. They also had the whole arena on their feet for WWRY — up to the rafters. There are also videos of this.

    Of course, at several concerts I attended, people were already standing for WWTLF so that a SO was impossible. ;)

  21. Why is the jury still out for the U.S.? I attended a lot of the NA concerts and US Queen fans were just as enthusiastic as the Canadian fans.

  22. Great that Kris is performing a lot. He seems to be having a good time.

  23. He was on WZIP just now. I guess that’s the student station? It was a fun interview and they played several bunch of songs off the new album — Young Love (Paul Simon), PITY, Parachute (In Time, maybe?) plus LLWD. The DJ was super enthusiastic and really loves the album, encouraging people to buy it (he also either wants to marry or be Ryan Seacrest — maybe both?). Kris was on the station for about an hour, so that’s nice promo (I assume a lot of students listen to the student radio station; I know they did when I was in college)

  24. Another sold out concert QAL! This one in Perth. Wish the US venues would report faster!!

    20 Queen + Adam Lambert Perth Arena Perth, Australia Aug. 22, 2014 $2,008,590 13,285 /
    13,285 1 / 1 $188.07, $95.27 Dainty Group

  25. Because of what I’ve seen happen to Phillip. HUGE singles from A1, as well as platinum album. A2 is barely chugging along even with all the promotion and radio presence. I’m not going to assume anything yet for Adam’s A3 in the U.S.

  26. It is The University of Akron station — but you can get it all over central Akron — about a 4 mile radius of campus — and it is a good station that plays mostly pop and alt rock, plus polka music (we are in the polka belt!) Many people who have nothing to do with UA listen to it.

  27. One more Adam/Queen show and on to the next chapter in Adam’s career. New label, new team and no more ties to Idol. I’m ready.

  28. Marc Martel had great things to say about Adam in the past. Nice and classy guy.

  29. It’s pretty packed with the college concerts intersecting with Kris’ direct bookings. No rest at all. And lots of 7 – 9 hours drives.

  30. I believe the tour geography was selected to promote their upcoming releases. First up is Live at the Rainbow ’74 which will release on September 9th. (Only took 40 years!) The tour raised their profile in North American (US #1 music market for Queen sales in dollars and units)) and Asia-Pacific (Japan is #3 market for Queen sales, rest of Asia, AU and NZ are important),

    They have a big presence in the UK and that is their #2 sales market.

    I expect that Q+AL will play London again eventually — but looks like that will be after Adam finishes A3.

  31. While I prefer Adam’s take on this song and agree he has really done something amazing, breath-taking with that song, Freddie’s is pretty great too.

    They have such different approaches to the song — and many others in the Queen catalog — that I now have two versions of many Queen songs to listen to. :)

    Freddie only performed it 25 times all in 1986. Here is the Live at Wembley ’86 version.

  32. Nothing like going out when you are on top, leaving fans begging for more. Ah, what a fabulous ride QAL, Thank You Boys of Summer!

  33. Just read where No 1 album by A Grande only sold 169 copies. Record business in the doldrums. We will really have to get behind Adams new album.

  34. I’m glad Adam now has the ability to make the album he wants without a lot of outside pressure. i hope album sales are not the only consideration for touring. Nobody is selling big numbers these days.

  35. Could not agree more! Apples and Oranges as are their performance styles. I have seen both live, showing my age here, Freddie left one trying to catch ones breath, Adam far more subdued! Both showman to the hilt. I have room in my heart for both.

  36. I saw that it has polka podcasts and a weekly polka music show on Saturdays! :)

  37. I’m not sure how much he’ll make from this tour, but if he made enough, he might be able to pay for it out of his own funds. It might be worth it.

  38. I hope Adam has more opportunities. He did such a great job with Queen. I hope he isn’t too old to find mainstream success.

  39. Hi girly girl! Yep it is, sorry for the delay in responding. Marc Martel is a nice guy

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