Colton Dixon on Saving Sex for Marriage (Angling for a Reality Show?)


You go People magazine. The wedding and honeymoon photos weren’t enough. You had to kick it up a notch and devote an ENTIRE piece on how Colton Dixon and his new wife “saved” themselves for marriage. Can you say “TMI?” I KNEW YOU COULD.

The American Idol season 11 alum married the former Annie Coggeshall on January 8 in Nashville, and of course, People covered it all.

For those of you dying to know exactly when Mr. and Mrs. Dixon allowed themselves to do the big nasty, Here are some fun quotes from the article:

“It was kind of strange: we checked into the room and realized, ‘We actually get to go to sleep side by side! This is so cool! Anywhere we’ve traveled before, we’ve always gotten two hotel rooms. We wanted to remain pure in that area.”

“There were a lot of moments of – ‘Oh, you’re not going back to your room. That means we’re married! It made it really special for us.”

“It was not easy!” he said of the decision to wait. “But I believe sex was designed for marriage and I knew it would be more meaningful to wait. That was something I grew up thinking and feeling, and I believe the Bible backs it up as well.”

Annie is allowed to speak! “It wasn’t because someone was telling me this is what you should do. Deep down in my heart it felt like it was the right thing. And we’re really glad we did. We know God’s hand is on our marriage.”

Congratulations Colton and Annie. God approves. And good job feeding the prurient interest of the gossip maw. Maybe the Christian music star and his wife are angling for their own reality show. The non-stop coverage of the marriage, from wedding, to honeymoon, to revealing details that are typically personal between a couple? Hm…

OK. I get that maybe you believe you are setting an example for other young people who are deciding when to have sex. But, in actuality, you are titillating the Sister Wives and 19 and Counting Crowd more than anything else. Young people don’t need celebrities setting examples for them anyway. Another thing: Intimating God delivered special favor as a result of waiting, or that your union is superior because of it? A big NAW to the holier than thou tone of your comments.

Read more at People magazine.

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